Dudley ‘D’ means a number of “Different” things/’Baby Bull Back’ in the backfield will not go down(Lamarc Watlington)

*****CLICK HERE for the Dudley-Scotland County story from Nick Stevens at WRALSportsFan.com and it’s a good one….*****
There are a number of different determiners that bring that Dudley ‘D’ into focus….And the ‘Baby Bull’ runningback that refused to go down was Lamarc Watlington….Watlington would not go down, he carried the defensive pile down the field for extra yards time after time, on Saturday afternoon….I bet you the ‘Baby Bull Back’/Lamarc Watlington gained at 50 yards in the 4-A Championship Game, by extra effort alone and he would not go down….#21 got the job ‘Done’…..

Watlington just kept on carrying the defenders from Scotland County on down the field….Have not seen anything like this before while covering these State Football Title games and this was #12 for me today….This was also the first time in 12 big Title Tilts that I had seen rain coming down like we did today…

The ‘Baby Bull Back’ that could not and would not be corraled and a Dudley ‘D’ that would not be denied…

Lots of ‘Different’ D’s when you begin to analyze this ‘Dudley D’….

Dudley’s ‘D’ had:

They made a ‘Difference’
They were ‘Different’
They came to ‘Destroy’
They had plenty of ‘Decoys’
They kicked the ‘Door Down’
They would not be ‘Denied
They stopped the ‘Drives’
They left ‘No Doubt’ on who was the Champ….
We say this in a very postitive way, their ‘Daddy’ was ‘Davis’, Coach Steven ‘Davis’…..

When the ‘Defense’ was ‘Done’ the end result was ‘Destruction’ and ‘Devastation’ for the opposition…
They were ‘Dead-set’ that they would end their ‘Dudley’ season at (15-0) and they ‘Did’……
And ‘Did’ we mention Randall ‘Diabe’……And what about ‘Darius’ Williams in that ‘defensive’ backfield???

And I guess you could say that the ‘Dudley Defense’ was ready to ‘Dominate’ on this ‘Day’ with their convincing 24-7 win over Scotland County and Dudley assistant coach ‘Denorris’ Best would probably be ready to tell you, that this was one of the best days of his life…..

Plus please keep in mind that the Dudley Panthers would not have been able to do any of this with their effort at a fever pitch that came from their head coach, Steven ‘Davis’…..

*****I ‘Do’ plan on adding some more ‘Dudley’ D’s before I hit my ‘Deadline’ and this is ‘Durham’ and that ‘does’ it for now…*****

Ready to add more?????
+++++’Don’t’ let me stop you!!!!!

$$$$$And while we are at it, why don’t you folks call this the best ‘Dadburn’ sports report that you have ever seen.$$$$$


  1. I watched that Dudley “D” win the Champtionship and they are by far the best that has played in years…anywhere. Your description could not have been any better. Lamarc Watlington was a phenom with so much heart…never have I seen such desire in high school ball. Dudley is a gem in athletics and academics and I feel they are severely underrated.

  2. I wish the 4aa champ and 4a could play..mallard creek and Dudley would be a great game ,I want to see how good they are with how they beat catholic 52-7

  3. Another good ‘D’ to add to the list from Saturday would be that of ‘Driving’ rain….Dudley was not only able to defeat Scotland County, they also overcame the ‘Driving’ rain at Carter-Finley Stadium….

    I have never seen two days that appeared so ‘Different’….You look at Saturday and now look outside today….Two totally ‘different days’….

    Today is one of the most beautiful outdoor days of the year…What a difference 24 hours can make…

    But Dudley would never want to ‘turn back the clock’….

    What they gained/accomplished on Saturday can never be ‘Duplicated’…….

  4. Still another ‘D’ we can add to this list is ‘Drenched’….Dudley got ‘Drenched’ by that ‘Driving’ rain, but they were still able to win the game….

    As we look back at that game from Saturday, I do believe that the pass that Chris Register caught for the 29 yards up the right Dudley sideline, was the first pass that Register has caught all season long…

    I don’t remember him catching one before this one, that he caught on Saturday….How he was able to stay in bounds, one will never know, but what a huge time for the senior LB to step up….Also I am pretty sure that it was the only pass that Dudley completed all afternoon….

    They didn’t attempt many passes, maybe four on the day and that want to with the wet ball in the rain, and they didn’t have to with the power running game behind Watlington working so well…

    But that one catch by Register was one for the books….


    Best defense in the history of Guilford County.

    Might be the best overall high school football team ever from Guilford County!

  6. Congrats from the NW Guilford Football family to the Dudley Panthers and the HP Andrews Red Raiders! You guys had an amazing run and represented Guilford County with class! Great job! GO VIKINGS!!!

  7. Congrats to a awesome dudley defense especially at end of game with Charlotte catholic. My only question would be how does this defense compare to the four horseman from a few years past?

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