P.J.Hairston Gone:If you are P.J., what do you do now and what can you do now?? Where does the kid from Greensboro end up at next???

Breaking: UNC-CH will not ask the NCAA to reinstate P.J. Hairston. More details to come.
from Greg Barnes at www.insidecarolina.com:
CHAPEL HILL, N.C. – P.J. Hairston’s fate was sealed nearly two months ago when North Carolina and the NCAA discovered alleged inconsistencies in his statements, according to sources close to the situation.
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from GreensboroSports.com:

P.J. is gone and his days at North Carolina are done….Many of you didn’t think it would end this way, but quite a few of you did…

Where does P.J. go from here???

Many of us here locally have been following this kid for many years, and where does he end up at next…..

I’m not so worried now about what happened in the past, it won’t do any good to sit around stewing about that, but what will P.J.’s next move be and I hope it is good one and that it turns out to be a positive move….

Mamy might just say that the P.J. Hairston days are over at the University of North Carolina and they could care less what happens next, but you know, I still hold out hope that P.J. Hairston will find his way and make it good way, doing something positive with his basketball skills…

Only time will tell, and we have time on our hands, so we will wait and see….Still looking for some good signs from P.J. Hairston….He is a young man that still has future, where he can make something bad turn into something good….

from North Carolina basketball coach Rpy Williams at www.news-record.com…..
“I am extremely disappointed for P.J., his family and our team as he will no longer be playing basketball at North Carolina,” says head coach Roy Williams. “P.J. made mistakes and I was very disappointed by his actions and now he is suffering the very difficult consequences. He is not a bad kid; he just made some mistakes.

“Since summer, P.J. has been outstanding with our basketball program and with his schoolwork. He went through an extremely intense conditioning program with flying colors. He has been called a ‘perfect teammate’ by one of our other players. He has dominated our practices and at times has been as good as any perimeter player I have ever coached, giving great effort to help our team. He cares deeply about Carolina and the basketball program.

“P.J. has learned from this experience and will continue to grow as a player and adult. I will support him and help him as much as I possibly can as he enters this next phase of his life and basketball career.”


  1. Is there some kind of strange requirement that star basketball players from dudley have to get arrested and / or kicked off the team once they get to college?
    Pj Hairston – see today’s news
    Wil Graves – kicked off unc and recent issues at Roy’s rental house
    Eric Hicks – arrested / legal issues at Cincy a few years ago
    Vincent Whitt – suspended / kicked off Clemson even further back

    At least B. Haywood seemed to escape this.

  2. PJ,

    You only have yourself to blame here. Loads of athletic talent just flushed down the toilet and I’m really disapppointed in your off court activities. Atleast now maybe Andy can devote more time reporting on actual sports activities. Oh well………….Smh!

  3. There’s LOTS of pro leagues that will take him right now. Probably end up on a European team soon and in the NBA next season.

    Heck, maybe this season on the Bobcats bench. What are the rules about that?

  4. Don’t forget Kevin Swinton. He did bounce back, however. Be interesting to see what Hairston makes of a 2nd chance in the NBA.

  5. I am just mad at those packpride posters for ratting him out. I don’t care if he drives cars provided by Fats Thomas.

  6. Not a bit surprised. I had a chance to interview and attend press conferences with the teams at the ACC Men’s Tourney last year. There is no classier man than Roy Williams. He is top notch. He simply was in agreement with the NCAA ruling for him to take out the trash.

  7. P J fan, so you don’t care if he cheats? Win at all costs eh? NCSTATE fans did not rat him out. What kind of idiot carries a gun and dope in a rental car from a booster? He did this too himself.,no way unc could bring him back, not with the mess over there. That is why they did not even bother applying for his reinstatement. Best for unc to cut their losses.

    P J needs to prepare for the NBA draft, go to school and if not that, Europe.

  8. I remember Roy coming to see PJ when he was a sophmore in high school…I mean a kid with his future set at a top notch college program. I hope he gets the message…humbles himself to understand everything and everyone is not a friend or in his best interest….surround yourself with positive people, expect more from yourself…I’ll b waiting to see if he learns his lesson…

  9. PJ has a chance to recover. Bottom line is he is still a good player. Always a home for talent. This has to be humbling for him but he can recover.

    But there was no way he was coming back to unc. There is now an investigation going on back over a decade looking at vehicle violations in cars driven by unc players. It keeps coming up that these kids did not own these cars. It could get much worse. Unc had to cut their losses. They have to keep attention away from the basketball program.

  10. Just a little food for thought—- These behaviors start long before young people arrive in places like Chapel Hill, Raleigh, etc.. They begin when AAU coaches buy them expensive shoes, pay for trips to tournaments, and are allowed to play for better high school teams while living out of district. Just examine the history, folks.
    The first step toward redemption is for those involved to take stock, recover from the embarrassment, move on to hopefully a good career as a citizen and player.

  11. Statement from PJ’s family by way of ESPN.com;

    “We are displeased with the University of North Carolina’s decision not to submit the necessary paperwork to the NCAA requesting to have P.J. reinstated,” the statement said. “This process has been long, and for (it) to end without having a final decision from the governing body is a shame. Ultimately this affects P.J., and his eligibility to play Division 1 colligate (sic) basketball for the remainder of this season, as well as next season.”

    from http://www.espn.com

  12. Letter to PJ’s Parents:
    One major brain fart would be a “shame”. Three is a disgrace to a university that is just coming out of the NCAA wood shed.

    Your son has some growing up to do. Quit making excuses for him and allow him to step up and take this like a man and grow from this. You are only making it worse.

  13. Good question, Panther Pride. Did PJ play for him and Coach Price? I cannot believe his parents’ comment!!! Don’t they realize he could n’t play D1 basketball anywhere this year even if this had happened in the summer?

  14. Several things here. evidence had to be over-whelming for unc not to even apply for reinstatement. However unc basketball was in trouble on their APR numbers due to drop outs and grades so they needed PJ to stay in school and finish the semester as well. Thus the decision just now comes out. While PJ did wrong, he was the fall guy. Unc is cutting their losses. They cannot afford more investigations in their basketball program. The internet has made everything very transparent.

  15. Yes, it has. As the saying goes, however> “Character is what you do when no one is watching.”

  16. Was working on ‘The Ballad of P.J. Hairston’ this morning, before I headed out to church…Goes along like the ‘Ballad of Jed Clampett’, theme song from the Beverly Hillbillies…

    Come and listen to my story about a kid named Sam,
    changed his name to P.J. and got caught up in a scam…

    You see one day he was shooting up some hoops,
    and up through the ground came a bubblin’ poop…

    Tar that is, Fools Gold, UNC, Fast Cars…Sticks to your Heels….

    Well the next thing you know ‘ole Sam is thinking about being a millionare, and his kin folk say P.J. move away from here(Greensboro)….

    They said Orange County is the place you ought to be, so they loaded up the van and Sam went to UNC….

    Dean Domes, Coach Roy, Fats Thomas, and Fast Cars…

    It’s the Chapel Hill Sillies….Not the Beverly Hillbillies…The Chapel Hill Sillies…

    Now it’s three years later and PJ wants to play, but in steps trouble and the NCAA….

    You’re outta here says Bubba and you’ll have to move away…

    Now our man PJ will look toward the NBA, and you just gotta hope it will all work out OK….

    What do you say???

    Is it the Chapel Hill Sillies or what???

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