Can you believe that game Sunday by the Carolina Panthers’ Luke Kuechly and the Panthers win without Steve Smith

The Panthers’ Luke Kuechly had 24 tackles on Sunday and the breakdown showed 9 solo tackles and 15 assists, plus he had an interception and a pass deflection….

That was some kind of game for Kuechly and it was a team record for total tackles….

Another key point for the Panthers on Sunday was that they proved that they could win without Steve Smith in the lineup…The Panthers have always looked so much in the direction of Smith and Sunday afternoon they showed that they can still win with Smith not on the field….

It was time for LaFell, Hixon, Olsen and Ginn Jr. to step and they did, as Cam Newton got them the ball just in the nick of time, to pull out the game and get the team into the playoffs….

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  1. with no injuries luke may turn out to be the best defensive player anywhere-this guy is everywhere

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