Timco Invitational Game Report – Northwest Guilford vs Page Girls

Northwest Guilford vs Page
12/28/13 4:00 pm at Greensboro Coliseum Special Events Ctr.
At Greensboro Coliseum Special Events Ctr.

PAGE – 54

NORTHWEST GUILFORD (6-7): Morgan Pointer 7-15 1-2 15; Hayley Barber 6-10 0-0 14; Savannah Neas 3-13 0-0 6; Toni Tucker 2-5 0-0 5; Hunter Newman 0-1 0-0 0; Leah Wallace 0-0 0-0 0; Catherine Moore 0-3 0-0 0. Totals 18-47 1-2 40.

PAGE (9-3): Paris Kea 10-15 7-9 30; Tiana Sherman 4-7 3-4 12; Campbell Kargo 3-12 0-0 6; Emily Casper 1-6 1-2 4; Vivian Polite 1-3 0-0 2; Tierra Scott 0-1 0-0 0; Amari Jackson 0-0 0-0 0; Carrie Ganim 0-0 0-0 0; Chardae Carter 0-3 0-0 0. Totals 19-47 11-15 54.

   Northwest Guilford............   11   12    5   12  -   40
   Page..........................   17    8   18   11  -   54

3-point goals–Northwest Guilford 3-13 (Hayley Barber 2-5; Toni Tucker 1-2; Catherine Moore 0-1; Savannah Neas 0-5), Page 5-18 (Paris Kea 3-4; Tiana Sherman 1-2; Emily Casper 1-4; Campbell Kargo 0-8).
Fouled out–Northwest Guilford-Morgan Pointer, Page-None.
Rebounds–Northwest Guilford 29 (Morgan Pointer 7), Page 30 (Vivian Polite 10).
Assists–Northwest Guilford 11 (Morgan Pointer 3; Hayley Barber 3; Savannah Neas 3), Page 4 (Campbell Kargo 2).
Total fouls–Northwest Guilford 12, Page 4.
Technical fouls–Northwest Guilford-None, Page-None.

2013 TIMCO Invitational – Women’s Championship Game

Jim Pritchett Sportsmanship Award – Caroline Spurr – Greensboro Day School

All-Tournament Team
Hayley Barber- NW Guilford
Morgan Pointer- NW Guilford
Toni Tucker- NW Guilford
Campbell Kargo- Page
Vivian Polite- Page

First 3 – Time MVP in Tournament History – Paris Kea (Page)


  1. Andy,
    Didn’t Page girls suffer a 4 game losing streak to SW, North Davidson, Home School and Riverside when Paris was out injured. Is their correct record 8-5 or 9-4. Congrats Paris on 3 MVP’s.

  2. I hope Ms. Kea is this lucky in college because Page was not the better team in this tournament. Congratulations. I would not bask in this glory too long because the truth is right around the corner…about 2-3 more weeks. GDS girls play defense very similar to the GDS boys and no way could the supporting cast of Page have withstood that pressure.

  3. Awesome playing by the NW sophomores. Only getting to the foul line once in the entire game makes a huge difference, and it certainly wasn’t because they weren’t being fouled. These sophomores are tough, smart and very talented. I have no doubt we’ll hear more about them over the next few years.

  4. @Vikingmama all I have to say is that Karma is a BEAST! Enjoy your 2nd place. Better than 3rd….lol.

  5. Paris Kea tweaked her knee and she missed minutes in most of the Page losses, but she didn’t even play against Davie County and Page still won…

    Here is the four-game stretch from MaxPrpes:

    6:00p Southwest Guilford (High Point, NC)Location: Page High SchoolBox Score 46 – 37

    TBA @ Riverside (Durham, NC)Game Details: Endowment Game, JV and Varsity Girls for Page AwayBox Score 57 – 48

    6:00p @ North Davidson (Lexington, NC)Game Details: North Davidson GymBox Score 64 – 45

    6:00p @ TBA Location: TBA High School:Guilford Home Builders…

    When Page wins Paris Kea is not trying to take anything away from the oppsing teams, she is just trying to help her teammates win out…I think that is why fans respect her for her efforts and her team’s efforts, the want team results and Paris told us that today…She respects the game and you have to respect her for that….Like many of us, I bet she would play basketball or soccer all day, every day if she had the time……

  6. Andy,
    I was just wondering why they kept post their record as 9-3, when we were just reading on here that they could possible lose 5 straight going into the tournament. Just trying to clarify area records as we enter conference openers for most teams in the metro, piedmont and other local leagues. Than for the correction and posting of Paris value to her team.

  7. @lucky.. I am a GDS supporter and let me be clear. There is nothing that anyone from GDS or a supporter of GDS should be saying or doing to try to take anything away from the Page girls winning. Woulda, Coulda, Shoulda does not work in the real world. It does not matter what the ref’s did, what coaches did or did not, which players were there or not or even if this play or that play would have went a different direction. When you fail to get pass teams such as Smith ’12 or NW ’13 – there is something wrong within the system. GDS’s first 7 girls can play against any team in this state. The fact that they have not won this TIMCO, the state tournament or any other tournament has nothing to go with faith, a few lucky plays or the lack of the players not trying. Players have to be put in the right situation to win against good teams with good coaches on the other side. Wins and losses against “good” teams start in practice, how you handle problems, and are carried out during the game. When you are not prepared to deal with a situation – well that is how you end up with 3 years of 3rd place instead of what the Page girls now have 3 years of 1st place Champs. The GDS boys have an army of good coaches, training and support. The GDS girls don’t have the same supporting cast. The coach needs better support and training for the girls program. It’s frustrating to see the different in the boys program compared to the girls at all levels. The GDS fans do support the team but the program can do better. Great job once again to the Lady Page Pirates. You have all the bragging rights for another year.

  8. Good chance PAGE girls were coming in at (6-4) and after three wins would now be (9-4)….

    If the Guilford Home Educators game was a scrimmage, then Page would be (9-3)…Not sure about that call, but we are probabaly looking at that one game as the game changer….And they a lot of ribbing for that loss, but the fought back and got better when they got healthy….

  9. Thanks Andy,
    It wasn’t a scrimmage game with the Home Schoolers who improved to 14-0 with the victory. Thanks for the clarification and we will post their overall record as 9-4.

  10. You throw your school system and coach under a bus and complain because a supporter stated that another team couldn’t take your girls’ pressure. That was a compliment to your team. What team do you want to be on? @Lucky was right. I have watched Page play many times and they can’t take much of anytype of pressure. If Paris score 25+ points most games Page can’t win.

  11. Andy,
    Do endowment games count in the teams record? The Page girls played an endowment game against Riverside High on 12/13 and recorded a
    57-48 loss as mentioned above. This may help to clarify the 9-3 record that is floating around.

  12. If a game is on your schedule other than a Scrimmage and you win or lose, it’s a game on your record.

  13. Congratulations to the Lady Pirates Of Page!!!!! Great win over a good team that I feel will have a good season. What can you say about the only 3time MVP EVER!!! Players like Paris don’t come along that often but when they do it is a thrill to watch. I have enjoyed watching Paris play since Middle school. Wow, she makes the game look really easy. I like to call her “D1”. Just image if the other Kargo sister was health. Can you say Wowww!!! Now the one that she is playing with is only a freshman. The Page vs Northwest game will be a very good one in the future with all the talent on both teams.

  14. I saw both the GDS girls and boys play this week. The biggest difference from my view is the boys are clearly playing for their coach but the girls coach does not seem to connect with his players. During the game and timeouts, the boys coaches are interacting like they are pushing a hot stock tip or in a prize championship fight. However the girls coaches are mostly sitting separate from each other with very little interaction with the head coach or each other. They don’t even seem to want to be on the bench. Any other coaching staff in this city would love to have many of the GDS players. Why is this coaching group not excited? It does not surprise me to learn this group cannot win the big game if this is your coaching staff. Just look at the energy and excitement expressed this week by the Page and NW girl coaches. Don’t say that this coach cares about his players because everyone cares about their players. Coaching is coaching and that GDS team is missing something on its bench. If players don’t produce, they are benched. Too bad you can’t do anything with coaches not producing in big games.

  15. I totally disagree with what you said about GDS girls coach. If you want to give kuddos to Page coaches and NW tell me how many State Titles Page has won with the talent they have had since Paris has arrived? Has NW coach won any or conference titles? This is clearly someone who has it out for GDS coach. How many players from Page in the last four years have gone on to play D1 anywhere or D2? Don’t get caught in the hype of TIMCO. It’s a holiday tournament for LOCAL bragging rights. If you tell someone you won TIMCO outside of the area they would probably ask you what was that but if you say we won our state champonship they would say wow that’s great. TIMCO is a great tournament and I enjoyed every moment of it but to compare GDS coach to Page/NW coach is so unfair.

  16. Endowment games do count on the football team’s record, so you would think that the basketball endowment games would too….

    One of the most improved players on that Page girls team, has to Vivian Polite….Last year she might see two or three minutes a-game playing time…Now she has become a rebounding force for the Pirates…

  17. D1 and D2 players are developed and made in AAU not high school basketball unless you are at New Hope in Thomasville. None of the high school coaches local appear to be doing anything for their players. Paris made it to the SEC based on summer AAU not Page. She was ready to leave Page last year mid season so don’t give this coach too much credit. I doubt if the NW girls coach has ever talked to a college coach. Most of her past players don’t like her and many of her current players don’t respect her. The Rogers player got to Winthorp and the Wilkerson player to Appl/Coastal Carolina all from spring AAU not the GDS coach.

  18. Sometimes what you hear out there is just talk about players not liking coaches and you have to remember that you are dealing with kids and one day they may like one thing and the next day not and it works that way with people too….

    Coach Tuggle from Greensboro College is at many of the Page and Northwest Guilford girls games….I know that is DIII, but it is still a chance to play college ball…Coach Randy Tuggle NWG grad and he will give local kids a chance…

    In the end you hope they all have a shot to get a college education somewhere….

    New Hope is going to send girls to DI programs, because they are a high level high school program and if the parents want to go that route, then might want to give New Hope a try…Not for everyone and I’m sure Delaney will be the first one to tell you that…Delaney knows his stuff and he is in the unique position to call his own shots in his own setting…

    Most public or private school coaches don’t have that luxury…They have to teach all day and do a few odd jobs on the side at the school, but hey it is what it is and we will see how it all turns out….

    Wes Moore, at N.C. State is looking at a lot of Delaney’s girls and who knows, maybe we will see Lucky Rudd there at State one day….

    This can work for everyone, but you really have to dig in and not get in a hurry with this college process, or might end up committing and then having to re-commit….

  19. Players get their exposure in the AAU arena, but they are not developed. AAU has a couple of practices a week and they play tournaments on the weekend. It is basically a showcase for individual basketball skills. There is little or no concern for defensive development or teamwork. If they lose a game, they go onto the loser’s bracket and play just about the same amount of games. The high school coaches have them everyday and they have the time to work on the fundamentals. I have no affiliation with GDS, but if I had a son and I wanted him to learn how to play this great game, I would send him to Freddy. Everybody has different requirements from a coach, but I would like my child learn all of the aspects of the game. Andy, it would be great to have a topic regarding the benefits and the problems of the AAU system.

  20. Agreed many AAU programs don’t focus as much on defense but help me understand what boys or girls programs in Greensboro are focused on good quality defense in high school (exceeding Freddy Johnson’s boys program). I would be shocked if anyone can name more than 1 or 2 programs worth listing.

  21. This is a topic that can get out of control but alot of these coaches are not coaching. We only name these coaches because they have talent. Out of the high schools in our area who is really a good coach? Maybe 6 out of 13 high schools on the girls side. I saw some things at the Timco that baffled me. We need basketball coaches at our schools. Every situation will not be like the northern boys situation a few years ago. It is killing our kids delvelopement. If you are practicing 3-4 days a week and your players are not getting better then their is a problem somewhere. AAU can not be the crunch for high school coaches these days anymore. How many high school head coaches support their players by going to AAU games. If your a high school coach and you are reading this and you answered no then you can not complain about your kids going to New Hope.

  22. We have some good girls basketball players around here, but we don’t really have that many superstars…Paris is the closest thing to right now and she is going DI, but as for many of the others they are good, but they are not superstars…

    No disrespect to any of then or their families…

    Many of the talents joined Delaney over at Hew Hope and even Maize is not a superstar yet, she has a lot left to do with her game….

    Morgan Pointer at Northwest Guilford is a true diamond-in-the-rough and if she keeps on working, she could be really good…..Decent height and have you seen here shoot? Perfection rotation from the foul line and from any other spot on the court…She can hit the three…..

    Lots of diamonds in the rough out there, but your local high school coaches can only do so much with what they have to work with….

    You have two differnet styles with the AAU and the high school style and when the hs coaches get the get the kids they have to try and change them over to their style….

    That Spicer kid over at NWG is future star if he keeps on imroving and we know already what Graves and Eaves can do, but both of those young men still have a lot of improving to do….

    Where is it going to come from, time to get at it and keep working and let us know who all of the stars are…

    Paris Kea was good early and she did keep on getting better, but you have to be good early to have a chance to hit the Major DI scene////

  23. And another thing, don’t listen to what everyone is telling you and all of the ideas that they are filling you head with….Team up with your kid and work together to get it done…If you can move/walk, you can rebound…

    You are going to need your high school coach one day, especially when the recruiting processes begis and hopefully for you, they will begin….

  24. It’s a shame that the local AAU coaches and the local HS coaches have so little to do with each other, because if they worked together more some of these teams would be awesome! In some cases, many of the girls from an AAU team play for the same HS team, and the style of play is so different between AAU and HS! The talent seen during AAU doesn’t always show in HS play. The girls get more looks during AAU, but don’t count out scouting during HS ball too. I know of one young lady who is being recruited by DI and DII having been seen playing both AAU and HS. The next few years are going to be exciting as these diamonds in the rough begin to shine.

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