Graham Sporting Goods High School Basketball Polls are back and we do have some catching up to do!

High School Basketball Polls are rolling in again and we will keep on adjusting/adding over the next couple of days….

Boys Public School Top Ten:
1) Page(11-1)
2) Northwest Guilford(12-1)
3) Ragsdale(10-3)
4) Southwest Guilford(8-3)
5) High Point Central(7-3)
6) Eastern Guilford(8-4)
7) Northern Guilford(7-6)
8) Grimsley(6-6)
9) Smith(6-7)
10) Western Guilford(6-5)/Northeast Guilford(6-7)

Looking to get in:High Point Andrews(3-5)…Dudley(1-6)…Southeast Guilford(3-8)…Southern Guilford(1-9)….

Girls Public School Top Ten:
1) Page(9-4)/Southwest Guilford(9-2)…..Both teams 4-A Holiday Tournament Champions…
3) Southeast Guilford(9-3)
4) Northern Guilford(9-4)
5) Ragsdale(8-4)
6) Dudley(4-5)
7) Eastern Guilford(6-4)
8) Northwest Guilford(6-7)
9) High Point Andrews(5-4))
10) Southern Guilford(5-6)

Looking to get in the girl’s poll:Northeast Guilford(4-6)…Smith(3-6)…Grimsley(2-7)…Western Guilford(1-7)…High Point Central(0-9)….Southern Alamance(10-0)…SA Patriots outside our area, but still looking to get in…Got to give Southern Alamance an honorable mention or something like that….Or they may just come take one….At Dudley next Friday night….

Private School Boys Top Ten:
1 )Wesleyan(11-2)
2) Greensboro Day School(13-2)/High Point Christian Academy(12-2)
4) Bishop McGuinness(11-2)
5) Forsyth Country Day(14-4)
6) New Garden Friends School(9-3)
7) New Hope Christian Academy(5-6)
8) Westchester Country Day(6-6)
9) Caldwell Academy(5-9)
10) Vandalia Christian School(5-7)

Private School Girls Top Ten:
1) New Hope Christian Academy(14-0)
2) Bishop McGuinness(10-1)
3) Greensboro Day School(15-2)
4) Wesleyan(8-6)
5) Guilford Home Educators(14-0)…..Bring these ladies in, in the middle, and let them work their way up…..Defeated Page Pirates earlier this season….
6) New Garden Friends(3-4)
7) Caldwell Academy(5-7)
8) Vandalia Christian(3-7)
9) Forsyth Country Day(3-8)
10) High Point Christian(1-3)

Boys Combined Top Ten Public and Private School Poll:
1) Wesleyan(11-1)
2) Greensboro Day School(13-2)/High Point Christian Academy(12-2)
4) Page(11-1)
3) Northwest Guilford(12-1)
6) Bishop McGuinness(11-2)
7) Forsyth Cuontry Day(14-4)
8) Ragsdale(10-3)
9) Southwest Guilford/(8-3)
10) New Garden Friends(9-3)


  1. Why does the Public schools have to be within Guilford county but the private schools do not?

  2. I was starting to get that feeling about them from my MaxPreps research and it helps to make another point for us….

    On the polls we have to go outside Guilford County for the Private School Polls to make sure we have enough schools to put a poll up here….

    More than enough publics to choose from in Guilford with 15 on the list…

    What we do in baseball is do an outside the area poll and we may try and add one of those in future for our public schools outside the area…

    As you can imagine, it does take some time on these….

    Looking for a new school for Westchester girls…

    Any sugggestions???? First thought would be to just add in Southern Alamance, but they are public….

    Might have to go back and look at Calvary Baptist or how about my new idea…Let’s add in the Guilford Home Educators…..

    Go for it BRO…..I say a good call…

  3. Andy,

    Southwest beat Page and Southeast. How can they be tied with page? High Point gets no respect.

  4. Hey Andy,

    I’ve seen a lot of good basketball thus far. Lots of talent and pretty good games. What do you base your polls off of? What makes Ragsdale higher than Central and Southwest? I also wonder why Western is tied with Northeast and when they beat them convincingly.They have also defeated Northern as well and are pretty high. Can you shed some light?

  5. On one side Ragsdale is (10-3) boys and SWG is (8-3)….Both teams with the same lossses and Ragsdale the two more wins since they have played two more games…SWG took out HP Central last Saturday night and that is why SWG would have the edge there….Got to have some variables to look at a good one to use is how the team is currently playing…I saw Ragsdale play last week and the Tigers are much improved…SWG is still good too, but they are no where near the team they were last year, with Terrell Leach and that is not a shock…They really can’t think of themsleves in last year’s terms, they are a different team and they are losing some games…SWG didn’t lose games last year and that is why we had them up at the top most all of last season…They can’t be placed up in the area this year..Just not the same siuation….

    Page girls are not the team they were last year, but they did battle back after losing four games in a-row to claim the TIMCO Tournament…When SWG topped Page, they did not top the same team we saw at the TIMCO….

    You’ve got to remember, I am at almost all of these games…Saw Page-SWG, saw Grimsley-SWG, saw Page at the TIMCO….SWG girls are on the way and they have jumped up in this poll since last time out…Good work, but don’t get in a hurry…Young team and Monk is one of the leaders and she is a freshman…Like what she is doing…

    St. Pius can’t be in here they are a Middle School team…The Guilford Home Educators are a high school squad and have a chance to put them on the map and I guess they put themselves on the map with their win over the Page girls….

    Western Guilford boys are doing much better, but they need more big wins and the record will go better to climb ahead of those other teams…I have seen most of the other teams and they are doing good too…Eastern Guilford boys took Page to OT….Northern Guilford boys have some decent wins too….NEG had to get a bump from me to stay in the poll….Almost had them out of here…NEG lost three games at the TIMCO and I think that puts them at 4 straight losses, but they are still a good team, when Todd Withers shows up and they get their game going…..Withers is the key to that team…They need his height and play around the basket…Bad news if they don’t get…Ellis has to stay big too….

    Western has to get some people talking about this team…Got to create some buzz and get that interest level up for your boys….

    Could Western beat NWG…Haven’t see WG play this year, but have seen NWG play and those guys are good…NG played NWG to three-point game, I think it was back early in the season and like I said, NWG can play…

    Anybody other than GDS and Page will have trouble staying with NWG….Gore and Spicer are one of the best backcourts around….SWG may still give NWG a run, but it won’t be like it was last year…Without Leach, it will be a different ball game….Spicer and Gore are a handdful……With Powell on the wing, that makes it tough too…Don’t think HP Central has the stops for NWG….SWG has Langley and Rick Mack back there…Langley is super, but last year he could do more because Leach was there…Mack will give them some good ‘D’ and Ferguson can hit the three, but NWG might be your team to look out for on the boys side this year in the Piedmont Triad….SWG girls proven tough, but young NWG squad will give them a challenge….We have to wait and see ecactly where Ragsale will be in this thing….

    Metro boys has to Page…Girls it could be Dudley, Southern Alamance, Page or SEG….Going to be another battle tested season…

    I think I have given everybody a pretty good shake and we have said and talked a lot about the teams and the kids and we will have another post looking at the key games for the next week coming up here later on today….

    It is just about time to start beating and bouncing people….

  6. Andy,
    We all know that you love the Page girls.. SW BEAT PAGE in a match when Paris was 100%. I just hate how Page is always place on top for winning the Timco. In the last 3 years they have played 2 teams with a better than .500 record. They have beaten a sub .500 NW Guilford the last couple of years. Why reward a team that just lost 4 straight then won a weak field Timco tournament. Rated one of the weakest women’s tournaments in the state. SW is a solid choice to run the table again in conference play.

  7. My Top 10

    1. Southwest Guilford
    2. Southeast Guilford
    3. Dudley
    4. Page
    5. Northern Guilford
    6. Northwest Guilford
    7. Andrews
    8. Ragsdale
    9. Eastern Guilford
    10. Northeast Guilford

    Dudley, Southwest, and Andrews has played the toughest schedules. Dudley may have played the toughest non-conference schedule in the state. Per maxpreps they have a 16.9759 strength of schedule. Coaches had to make a choice to either schedule soft to get a high seed in the playoffs or schedule hard to prepare for winning championships.

  8. Page girls are not the team they were last year, but they did battle back after losing four games in a-row to claim the TIMCO Tournament…When SWG topped Page, they did not top the same team we saw at the TIMCO….

    Did they have new players at TIMCO then they had at SW? Come on Andy….you can’t be that biased towards Page. Don’t disrespect SW like that. It’s not a good look for the integrity of the game or this site.

  9. My Mid-Season All-Guilford County

    First Team

    Kara Shutt – SE
    Kennedy Currie – Dudley
    Alliyah Grinage – Northern
    Paris Kea – Page
    Imani Watkins – Andrews

    Second Team

    Makayla Rouse – Dudley
    Lashonda Monk – Southwest
    Morgan Pointer – Northwest
    Kayla Phifer – Southeast
    Briana Burgins – Southwest

    Third Team

    Dajah Rudison – Smith
    Hailey Chandler – Southern
    Makeyla Pettyjohn – Ragsdale
    Callie Patterson – Eastern
    Dinah Neal – Northeast

  10. Imani Watkins first team? Great player but hasnt produced much this year. If you are picking a Andrews player, I would go with October Campbell

  11. It’s very obvious this is an anti high point site. If you play for ragsdale, Andrews, central, or southwest you get no love here. Nobody on this site goes to games in high point. First southwest is not rated no.1 because of politics and now the Watkins kid can’t produce?

  12. This site snubs schools/players all the time. I know one player that gets snubbed year after year. This site is very political. I give Andy credit for keeping us informed but he is very partial to certain players and schools.

  13. We plan on being in High Point tonight for Eastern Guilford at Southwest Guilford…

    Everybody wants it so quick, slow down and take a little time….The SWG boys were ranked at the top or near the top in our polls all last season and the High Point Christian boys were up there too….

    We attended the Imani Watkins college signing back in November and the only other media person I saw there was from the High Point Enterprise….I have been trying to rank the HPA girls on up there all season, but they have to go out and get more wins….SWG girls are coming along sooner that expected and they are still coming off of the State Title honeymoom from 2-3 years ago when they won it all….

    One thing is for certain, we sure talk a lot about these teams….

    Could give some examples, but good to let the paint dry and move on…

  14. I dont think Andy is doing this on purpose. Andy ranked the high point schools very high in the boys poll. I do think Andy loves the pirates like a cowboy fan loves the cowboys. The News and Record is a totally different story. They are very biased towards certain schools. The end of the year all-area and all-conference teams will be interesting. If Page girls end up 3rd or 4th in the metro does Paris still get conference POY or will Shay, Shutt, Currie or Rouse get it? Will Paris win news and record POY no matter what happens the rest of the season? I feel like POY and Coach of the year was pre-determined before the season started. The awards are Pages to lose and no one else can earn them. I would like for Dudley , Southern Alamance, Southeast, Southwest, and Andrews coaches and players to have a fair shot. The truth is that Southwest and Andrews will win their conference championships. Burgins and Watkins will be conference POY again. If Southwest runs the table the rest of the regular season then southwest coach should be Coach of the Year. If southwest doesnt run the table then Coach Jones will get it by default even if southeast or dudley places higher than them in the Metro. Only Shutt, Currie, Watkins, and Rouse have the star power to beat Paris for Area POY. They are all D1 signees.

  15. Well we all know what happened to those Cowboys. If you put lipstick on a pig, it’s still a pig, Page is not that good and all the talking up is not going to make them better, just gives them a false sense of identity. I think Burnett has the best chance of POY. She has the goods. Burnett may not put up as many points as Kea, but she doesn’t have too. We teach our kids growing up that it’s not all about scoring, so why are we giving kids accolades just because they are scoring high numbers? Kea HAS to score or PAGE DOES NOT WIN, they just do not have the best supporting cast. But Burnette is winning with team effort and she can score in bunches. The sad thing about Page getting POY and COY and they don’t run the tables during conference play, they will still believe they deserved it. Shameless

  16. There is only one player over the past few years that took a team that was young, inexperience and non talented further than anyone could have expected expected and produced at a very high level in all categories that I can recall.

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