Dudley-Smith Alumni Game Tonight at Dudley with admission just $5.00

Dudley vs Smith Alumni game at Dudley’s gym tonight at 7:00pm. You will get to see some of the best players that came out of Dudley and Smith to ever play a game.

Admission is $5.00.

There are all kinds of people and players you might see….Who knows who could end up out there??? Josh Chavis, Quinton Goods, Derrick Partee, Sammy Grooms, Clarence Waddell, Brian Seagraves, Vincent Whitt, Clavon Ingram, Kenny Ferguson, Kenny Belton, RJ Peace, Willam Graves, Damien Price, Prince Bowden, Ricky Lewis, Steven Sanya, Dominique Brown and that is just rattling off a few names that might show, then again, they might not….But let all of the speculation begin about who all might show up this evening over at Dudley…..

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