All Metro 4-A Football Team for 2013

Took a little while to type all of these names in, but here you go with All-Metro for 2013 football…Thanks to Coach Resignalo for the scan send…..

Coach of the Year-Steven Davis(Dudley)
Offensive Player of the Year-Emmanuel Moseley(Dudley)
Defensive Player of the Year-Albert McLean(Dudley)

Malik Stimpson(Grimsley)
Johnathan Lloyd(Southern Alamance)

Lamarc Watlington(Dudley)
Scott Johnston(Grimsley)
Shakir Turner(Southeast Guilford)
Jalen Gavin(Page)

Yuau Shol(Dudley)
Jarrett Smith(Grimsley)
TJ Wharton(Page)
Dairyon Matkins(Southern Alamance)
Tre Lennon(Smith)

O’ Line:
Isaiah Thompson(Dudley)
Caleb Hooks(Dudley)
Clark Yow(Grimsley)
Lauren Bible(Grimsley)
Dustin Richardson(SEG)
Cam Gardner(SEG)
TJ Williams(SEG)
Michael Branch(SEG)
Cameron Clark(Smith)
Will Kumberger(Page)

Axel Easter(Southern Alamance)
Janon Cooper(Smith)
Chance Maness9Page)
Travis Williams(SEG)
Will Edwards(Grimsley)
Chris Register(Dudley)
Tnog Majek(Dudley)
Elijay Harris(Dudley)

Chris Moseley(Page)
Jamarcus Johson(Smith)
Desmond Rucker(Smith)
Trey Meadows(Dudley)
Mychal Martin(Dudley)
Darius Williams(Dudley)
JT Smith(Grimsley)

D’ Line:
Desmond Sturdivant(Smith)
Victor Barnes(SEG)
Julius Hooks(SEG)
Khalil Vance(Dudley)
Nizaire Cormartie(Dudley)
Madison McCotter(Grimsley)

Devon Billingsly(SEG)
Darius Graves(Dudley)
Connell Young(Dudley)

Harrison Kiser from Page comes in as the ‘Top Kicker’ and Julio Roman from Smith as the ‘Top Punter’…….


  1. I know all Conference awards are jokes but, Grinsley and Smith getting more kids on the Page is crazy. If I were a parent I’d ask “if Grimsley and Smith have more All conference players than Page, how come they can’t beat Page?”
    Page beat Grimsley 43-14 and Smith 39-7.

  2. “I’m Confused”, just because a team loses to another team does not necessarily gauge the talent on the team. There are a lot of other factors that one has to look at when it comes to wins and loses. “Coaching–(experience, play-calling, positive motivation of players, game-planning,knowing the right position for players etc..); Weight Training; and Strategical Film Study–(making the appropriate changes to counter your opponents strengths and exploit their weaknesses. Prime example, who had Auburn playing for the National Championship at the beginning of the year…NOBODY!!!! Did they have the talent that Alabama had, no, but they were well coached, well motivated and strategically prepared to win.

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