Graham Sporting Goods High School Basketball Polls

Graham Sporting Goods High School Basketball Polls

High School Basketball Polls are rolling in again and we will keep on adjusting/adding over the next couple of days….Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday…

Boys Public School Top Ten:
1) Page(12-1)
2) Northwest Guilford(13-1)
3) Southwest Guilford(11-3)
4) Ragsdale(10-3)
5) High Point Central(9-3)
6) Smith(7-6)
7) Western Guilford(8-5)
8) Eastern Guilford(8-6)
9) Northern Guilford(8-7)
10) Grimsley(7-7)

Girls Public School Top Ten:
1)Southwest Guilford(10-2)
2) Page(10-4)
3) Southeast Guilford(9-4)
4) Dudley(6-5)
5) Northern Guilford(11-4)
6) Ragsdale(9-4)
7) Eastern Guilford(7-6)
8) Northwest Guilford(7-7)
9) High Point Andrews(6-5))
10) Southern Guilford(6-7)/Northeast Guilford(6-7)

Around the area, Southern Alamance(12-0)…Dudley at SA this Friday night….

Private School Boys Top Ten:
1 )Wesleyan(13-4)/Greensboro Day School(18-2)
3) High Point Christian Academy(12-3)
4) Bishop McGuinness(13-3)
5) Forsyth Country Day(17-4)
6) New Garden Friends School(9-4)
7) New Hope Christian Academy(6-6)
8) Westchester Country Day(7-7)
9) Caldwell Academy(6-10)
10) Vandalia Christian School(6-7)

Private School Girls Top Ten:
1) New Hope Christian Academy(18-0)
2) Bishop McGuinness(12-1)
3) Greensboro Day School(18-2)
4) Wesleyan(8-7)
5) Guilford Home Educators(15-0)
6) New Garden Friends(3-5)
7) Caldwell Academy(6-7)
8) Vandalia Christian(4-7)
9) Forsyth Country Day(3-8)
10) High Point Christian(1-4)

Boys Combined Top Ten Public and Private School Poll:
1) Wesleyan(13-4)/Greensboro Day School(18-2)
3) High Point Christian Academy(12-3)
4) Page(12-1)
3) Northwest Guilford(13-1)
6) Bishop McGuinness(13-3)
7) Forsyth Cuontry Day(17-4)
8) Southwest Guilford/(11-3)
9) Ragsdale(10-3)
10) High Point Central(9-3)


  1. This poll only does not reflect the quality of the teams each school plays. It is based more on their record. Obviously the quality of the teams played makes a BIG difference. Just saying!!!!

  2. There is no exact science, but we have looked at quite a few things and quite a few teams…The Dudley girls at (6-5) received very high considerations and much of that had to do with their strength of schedule, as opposed to their overall record…There are a lot of head-to-head matchups you have to look at too…And some of those are so frequent that they can make your head spin…

    We will see what happens on Friday and see if we need to make any moves….Always open to suggestions, so fire away…

  3. I have seen 80% of these teams play, know their coaches and players. While you can argue 1 team or another should be 1 step above or below another, I think these polls (both boys and girls) is a fair argument about their rankings.
    Public boys – Page, NW and SW are the clear top 3 teams in the area. Public girls – SW, SA, Page and Northern are the clear top 4 teams in the area. Private boys – WES, GDS, HPC and Page are the clear top 4 teams in the area. Private girls – New Hope, Bishop and GDS are the clear top 3 teams in the area.
    When you consider the records, wins/losses (upsets or not) and who each team played (regardless of the outcome) the teams listed are the best of the best and would win 9 out of 10 games against any of the remaining teams not listed in my top 3-5 teams.

  4. My Poll

    1. SW Guilford
    2. Dudley
    3. Page
    4. SE Guilford
    5. Northern Guilford
    6. Andrews
    7. Eastern Guiford
    8. Ragsdale
    9. Northwest Guilford
    10. Northeast Guilford

  5. Guilford Home Educator Girls are for Real and I think they should be listed higher than 5th. Of course no one is in NEW HOPE’s league.

  6. Dont understand how SE is ranked higher than NG girls when they beat them head to head.

  7. The truth is all of the local conferences are weak for girls. The only reason the metro is worth anything is because of a few players. Take Shay off of southern Alamance and they are below average, take Paris off Page and they are average, SE has good young talent but overall just an average team, and Dudley has good players but no clear leadership on the floor thus trying some “L’s” early. The rest of the metro is terrible. The mid state conference sucks with the exception of Northern, Eastern Guilford and Williams. The piedmont has been all about SW for nearly 5 years. NW has talent that only shows up 1 out of 4 games. The rest of the piedmont such as Glenn, HP Central, and E.Forysth don’t have any future college type of players like most of the metro and mid state conferences.

  8. LET’S SEE SA JUST DEMOLISHED BURLINGTON WILLIAMS BY 20, SHOULD HAVE BEEN WORSE. Their more to southern alamance then just shay, april kelly , is a double-double every night, then other three guards will light you up for threes if you cheat on shay–just a observation–thanks

  9. Funny to me that “WEAK TOP TO BOTTOM” thinks the Metro is so weak, yet they had 2 teams in the final 4 in the state last year (SE and Page) and Page won it all. That seems odd to me that you think the conference is weak Top to Bottom. If thats the case I guess the whole state is weak.

  10. You say NG plays a weak schedule but is still a top program. They hung in with and could have won against the so-called big programs of Page/GDS. They have no control of who they play in conference but they were29-2 last year. Elite 8 in playoffs. Only lost to Chapel Hill by 2 in double overtime by a buzzer beater. You say what you want, NG is a good program and deserves more props than what they are given.

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