Elon Men’s Tennis Completes Second Day of Wolfpack Invite

RALEIGH, N.C. – In the first doubles action of the spring season for the Elon University men’s tennis team, Cameron Silverman and Stefan Fortmann picked up a big win in the first round of doubles against 35th-ranked NC State at the Wolfpack Invite by topping Robbie Mudge and Sean Weber, the 54th-ranked pairing in the country.

Silverman and Fortmann were the only Elon duo to come away with a win in round one against the Wolfpack at the J.W. Isenhour Tennis Center, but Robert Lindgren and Brian Kowalski forced a tiebreaker at No. 2 doubles against Thomas Weigel and Simon Norenius before falling 6-5(5).

The Phoenix then took on William & Mary in doubles after completing the singles portion of the match yesterday. Elon pairings came away 1-3 in the first round and 2-2 in the second round against the Tribe.

Juan Madrid and Jordan Kaufman picked up the only win for the Phoenix in the first round of doubles against William & Mary, topping John Banks and Ben Hoogland by a score of 6-4 on court No. 3. The pairings of Silverman and Fortmann and Lindgren and Kowalski both fell in tiebreakers on courts No. 1 and 2, respectively, by scores of 6-5(2).

On court No. 1 in round two against William & Mary, the pairing of Silverman and Kowalski topped Will Juggins and Scott Huang, 6-4, while Dan Sablik and Christopher Geaslen breezed by Zach Braig and Austin Davidow on court No. 4, 6-1. The pairing of Fortmann and Lindgren battled Banks and Hoogland to a tiebreaker, but ultimately fell 6-5(5).

In the second round of doubles action against NC State, the Wolfpack had it’s way with the Phoenix going 4-0 in the session. Elon’s best chance at a win came on court No. 3 as Geaslen and Madrid battled Beck Bond and Austin Powell to a tiebreaker, but ultimately fell 6-5(4).

The Phoenix finishes the Wolfpack Invite tomorrow morning at 9:30 a.m. when they take on NC State in singles.

Results vs. NC State
Round 1
Silverman/Fortmann (Elon) def. No. 54 Weber/Mudge (NCSU), 6-5(4)
Weigel/Norenius (NCSU) def. Lindgren/Kowalski (Elon), 6-5(5)
Powell/Horton (NCSU) def. Madrid/Kaufman (Elon), 6-1
Dempster/Bond (NCSU) def. Geaslen/Humphreys (Elon), 6-3

Round 2
No. 19 Weber/Horton (NCSU) def. Silverman/Fortmann (Elon), 6-3
Mudge/Dempster (NCSU) def. Lindgren/Kowalski (Elon), 6-4
Bond/Powell (NCSU) def. Madrid/Geaslen (Elon), 6-5(4)
Norenius/Weigel (NCSU) def. Humphreys/Sanchez Delfin (Elon), 6-2

Results vs. William & Mary
Round 1
Guthrie/Niquet (W&M) def. Silverman/Fortmann (Elon), 6-5 (2)
Juggins/Huang (W&M) def. Lindgren/Kowalski (Elon), 6-5 (2)
Madrid/Kaufman (Elon) def. Banks/Hoogland (W&M), 6-4
Braig Davidow (W&M) def. Sablik/Sanchez Delfin (Elon), 6-3

Round 2
Silverman/Kowalski (Elon) def. Juggins/Huang (W&M), 6-4
Banks/Hoogland (W&M) def. Fortmann/Lindgren (Elon), 6-5 (5)
Guthrie/Niquet (W&M) def. Madrid/Kaufman (Elon), 6-3
Sablik/Geaslen (Elon) def. Braig/Davidow (W&M), 6-1