Congratulations to Heath Lineberry and the Western Guilford Hornets

Western Guilford 71-48 winners over the Dudley Panthers in boys high school basketball tonight and that should take Western to something like (10-6) on the season and Dudley would fall to say (3-8)…..

The win marks victory #,1000 for Western Guilford scorekeeper, PA man, clock operator, assistant AD and and Heath Lineberry wears a number of other hats, but after the win tonight, in his 22 years spent at Southeast Guilford and at Western Guilford, Heath Lineberry has reached 1,000 wins as of tonight, January 11, 2013….

Twenty-two years on the job helping and volunteering at SEG and at Western and Heath Lineberry reaches the 1,000 win club, a very illustrious group…..

71-48 Hornets over the Panthers tonight and big win for Jim Clontz right-hand man at SEG and WG for many years and now Heath Lineberry is offering a helping hand to the current WG AD Mr. Heide….

Adding info here and it takes time to hit all of the bases and we should add here tonight, that Heath Lineberry to go along with his 1,000 wins, probably has eaten well over 1,000 hot dogs in his time spent with the Falcons and the Hornets….

Game Report from Dudley’s assistant coach Josh Prince:

Dudley 48
Western Guilford 71

Khalil Vance 14 pts 10 reb
Yuau Shol 7
Simeon Gatling 5
Dematus Gilmore 4
Mac McCain 4
Isaac Brunson 4
Mylick Elliot 3
Hendon Hooker 2
Brion Seagraves 2
BJ Pittman 2
David Warren 1

Western Guilford report with Michael McDuffie Hornets’ assistant basketball coach:

Western Guilford – 71
Dudley – 48

1st  2nd  3rd  4th  Final
Western    18   11   28   15    71
Dudley           9    5   23   11    48

Carmoni Marks 16pts, 5assists
Taveon Machen 6pts,
Kaleel Walton 15pts, 10rebs
Michael Scott 4pts
Ce’Darius Dockery 5pts
Jordan Westbrook 2pts
Deshaun Taylor 12pts
Brock Wilhoit 2pts
Justin Evaro 2pts
Steven Gordon 4pts, 4rebs
Jackson Whitley 4pts, 3blocks

Hendon Hooker 2pts
Brion Seagraves 2pts
Dematus Gilmore 4pts
Simeon Gatling 5pts
Mac McCain 4pts
BJ Pittman 2pts
Malik Elliot-Dargan 2pts
Khalil Vance 15pts
David Warren 1point
Yau Shol 7pts
Isaac Brunson 4pts


  1. You might want to look again…This is part of our editing process and we had this up in an earlier post that Don Moore put up…WG-Dudley combo was added as this post was being edited….

    Be patient and explore…Takes a little time to get all of this up here….This is a detailed operation….

  2. Heath is not the asst AD where did you get your information my bad your the same person who thinks a Coach who has been at the school 10 years and has only 3 winning seasons is a great coach SMH

  3. Heath helps the AD and he is not the official assistant AD but it does a person good to give them a boost..That is why we did the post, to get Heath some recognition for his efforts….You don’t understand the psychology of sport…You credit people for their efforts and for their long time of good standing…Most people will only be around their schools until their kids are finished and gone, others make it their life and enjoy serving others, and in many times they don’t even have kids there….

    You are in a way right though, you have to give a lot and take a lot too…

    Good to be here and recognizing those who are giving back and many times doing it for a hot dog and maybe a drink….

    Lots of good people have come through Western Guilford and our Guilford County Schools….Many have chosen to give and we hope to get a chance to give them their due…

    Good topic and you have to have been here for the long haul to understand it all….

  4. What has happened to the once powerful Dudley teams of old? I don’t remember Dudley ever being below .500 this late in the season and I have been in Greensboro since 1992. Even the girls don’t have the feel of a strong team that once casted a shadow across the city. Dudley is going to get killed when they play Page and GDS in the coming weeks. I guess Dudley is for football only these days.

  5. Dudely girls roster got poached by private schools. Maybe happened to the boys too but not 100% sure.

  6. Is this site suppose to update and uplift our local talent, past and present? Western Guilford smack Dudley last night and all you want to talk about is the score keeper? Talk about how Western is undefeated at home (6-0). 4 or 5 wins by double digits. The tide has shifted. Western has a few good Seniors and probably don’t know there name.

  7. I agree, Western is doing good things. That coaching staff has done an amazing job. They do not get the credit they deserve Andy. It’s a shame that after a nice win last night is overshadowed by a scorekeepers 1,000 win (who cares/not important). Its time that blue collar teams turning things around get the recognition that they deserve instead of going off of popularity Andy. That’s a good ball club and they are not getting the ink they need from a site that is supposed to support GREENSBORO schools. C’mon Andy

  8. Dudley is a very very young team…. It will be a lot of growing pains this season.. But those Freshmen and sophomores will be very talented in the years to come

  9. If the Western fans actual care about what is happening at Western, then they need to show up on this site whether you win or lose the big and small games. Win or lose you will always hear from or get attacked if you belong to the Dudley, Northern, GDS and Page fans.

  10. Dudley has been a powerhouse for football and basketball and had some very good baseball teams for a number of years. It is shocking to see them get pounded by little ole 3A Western Guilford. I see why this is news but you must remember that all teams go through ups and downs. Didn’t mighty Duke and UNC also lose in the same day (yesterday) and both have lousy ACC records?

    Is it not a high compliment to be so respected that it is news when you lose or have a rebuilding year?

  11. Excuses, Excuses. The bottom line is Dudley got beat. Them and everybody else at the game last night thought Dudley was going to role all over Western. So I don’t want to hear that rebuilding crap. When u walk around and act like u can’t be touched and you are invisible, this is what happens. WG took it too them bottom line. Now everybody wants make excuses for big bad Dudley

  12. Hey we were pretty much working to give the boost to Heath with this post and wanted to be sure we included Western for the good job they are doing…

    It don’t come easy, you have to earn it and Western is working to do that, but they have been down for a while, so it will take a little while for them to earn everyone’s attention….

    I gave Western a nice boost in my poll last week, while Dudley wasn’t even ranked…Dudley is having an off year with a young team…

    Western is working their way in there and it don’t come over night….I have been doing this sports talk for nearly 30 years and we give lots of kids and teams a good chance to get some pub….

    Good topic and keep it going…..Just be sure to treat the kids and the coaches right and we will try and do the same…..

    Western is laying the ground work and they will have to keep it coming and keep it building…It does take time…..I have seen the building of many teams for many years in this area…..

    Stay with it…

    Talk like this will help get Western on the map and they will have to stick together from the coaches to the team to the scorekeeper to the clock man…

  13. I see, so you only give pub to the fans that cater to your site is what you are basically saying. Western has been down some years yes. But things are turned around. Your 30 years seems like a joke. But I got clarification. You will not get the credit u deserve unless your fans act a fool on his site. Got it. Ridiculous. Here u are making excuses just as Excuses mentioned

  14. You must be new here…People that send us the news will always get it printed the quickest….The WG assistant coach sends us the WG info after each game and we print it quickly…You don’t want that????

    Western Guilford does not have a basketball tradition but they are working on one…Hopefully for their sake all of the key people will stay in place to give them a chance to get there…

    Like I say many of you are new here and don’t understand the history of this site or our efforts….This is where people come to find out about their teams because they know they will get a fair shake….

    Coach MdDuffie is sending us the info on the WG games and the WG people need to support him…

    You can grow but you will need to let us help you…We get all the scores hours before others print them and if are gone, bad news for the area….

    This is the spot, like it or not and I don’t see why you wouldn’t like since you have the top names in sports putting it out here….

    McDuffie, Mullis, Money, Cashwell, Prince, Jones, Vlazny, Scarbrough, Robinson, Reavis, and those are just a few of the names get the info to us….

    Good job gang and keep it coming….

  15. I am probably the biggest Panther fan in Greensboro but I am not pleased with some of the things that are being said from our own camp. That four major college stuff I don’t see. I know that there are some kids walking around campus that were not allowed to try out that could help the program. Somebody tell me the real deal.

  16. Hold up.. at least 4 future major college basketball prospects..ha..ha..ha.. Dudley has not had 4 major college basketball players in the past 5 years combined but some how they have 4 in one year and they suddenly have a losing record – I don’t think so. Dudley may have a few mid/lower D1 players. There isn’t anyone on that team that appears headed to a UNC or Wake type school. A lot of GTCC, Guilford College or maybe a WSSU.

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