Names and Numbers from Friday night’s High School Basketball Games

Boys totals will be rounded off at 15 points and we will go with 10 points on the girls roll call…..Feel free to send us names as we add-in throughout the day…Always in building process…

Girls from Friday night:
28:Peyton Kadlecek(Caldwell Acadmey) 28 points
26:Briana Burgins(Southwest Guilford)
23:Hannah Houser(Caldwell Acadmey)
22:Shaylen Burnett(Southern Alamance)
21:Katherine Harris(New Hope Christian Academy)
19:Tamera Thorpe(Greensboro Day School)
17:Aliyah Grinage(Northern Guilford)
17:Sidney Wilson(Northern Guilford)
17:Hayley Barber(Northwest Guilford)
17:Hailey Chandler(Southern Guilford)
16:Katrina King(New Hope Christian Academy)
16:K. Miller(Southern Guilford)
16:Kayla Phifer(Southeast Guilford)
15:Dajah Rudison-Williamson(Smith0
14:Kennedy Currie(Dudley)
14:Lashonda Monk(Southwest Guilford)
14:Akera McPhaul(Smith)
13:Kelly Lomax(Northern Guilford)
13:Caroline Spurr(Greensboro Day)
13:Roxanne Pfenning(Greensboro Day)
11:Mikayla Pettyjohn(Ragsdale)
11:Godwin Dooley(Ragsdale)
10:Jenea Rogers(Southwest Guilford)
10:Sammi Furlough(Northern Guilford)

Boys from Friday night:
43:Kendrick Flomo(North Forsyth) 43 points
33:Todd Withers(Northeast Guilford)
32:Junior Robinson(Eastern Alamance)
23:Xavier Jackson(North Forsyth)
19:KJ Langley(Southwest Guilford)
19:Joey McLean(High Point Christian)
19:John Brewer(Caldwell Academy)
18:Daniel Kanakanui(Ragsdale)
18:Quayson Williams(Eastern Guilford)
18:Anthony Eaves(Page)
17:Lucas Bouknight(Grimsley)
16:James Stepp(Ragsdale)
16:Trevor Mayo(Greensboro Day)
16:J. Hedgecock(Rockingham County)
15:Jeremy Harris(Page)
15:J.J. Watson(Smith)
15:Donnie Sellars(Westchester Country Day)
15:Cayman Bennett(Westchester)
15:J. Davis(Rockingham County)

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  1. Kind of surprised that I don’t see many Page athletes but I guess that’s just indicative of the team.

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