Names and Numbers from Friday night’s high school basketball games

Girls cut-off at 10 points and the boys at 15 and if we miss any, send them our way….Our intention is get everybody in here….

30:Shaylen Burnett(Southern Alamance)
26:Paris Kea(Page)
23:Imani Watkins(High Point Andrews)
21:Akera McPhaul(Smith)
20:Toni Tucker(Northwest Guilford)
19:Hailey Chandler(Southern Guilford)
18:October Campbell(High Point Andrews)
17:Dinah Neal(Northeast Guilford)
17:Peyton Kadlecek(Caldwell Academy)
16:Cameron Nieters(Bishop McGuinness)
16:Briana Grier(High Point Andrews)
15:Kayla Phifer(Southeast Guilford)
15:Daja Rudison-Williams(Smith)
15:Savanah Neas(Northwest Guilford)
15:Makala Rouse(Dudley)
14:Nokomos Williams(Southern Guilford)
14:Kayla Miller(Southern Guilford)
14:Breanna Hardnett(Southeast Guilford)
14:D. Everett(Western Guilford)
13:T. Davis(Western Guilford)
12:Jenea Rogers(Southwest Guilford)
12:Vivian Polite(Page)
12:Lashonda Monk(Southwest Guilford)
12:Kasey Johnson(Northern Guilford)
12:Meghan Speckman(Caldwell)
11:Essence Abraham(Dudley)
10:Aliyah Grinage(Northern Guilford)
10:Sydney Wilson(Northern Guilford)
10:Julia Brown(Bishop)
10:Jasmine Williams(Ragsdale)
10:Morgan Pointer(Northwest Guilford)
10:Ariel Ellis(Northeast Guilford)

31:Lucas Bouknight(Grimsley)
28:Quan Mims(McMichael)
26:Junior Robinson(Eastern Alamance)
25:Jeremy Harris(Page)
23:Spencer Wilson(Bishop McGuinness)
22:Khalil Vance(Dudley)
21:Tommy Michaels(Southeast Guilford)
19:Ryan Johnson(New Hope Christian Academy)
19:Nick Efird(Bishop)
19:Ethan Willis(Vandalia Christian)
19:Jalen Burnett(Southern Alamance)
18:Anthony Eaves(Page)
17:Kameron Langley(Southwest Guilford)
17:Todd Withers(Northeast Guilford)
16:Tevon Quick(Ragsdale)
16:T.C. Daniels(Vandalia)
16:Dairyon Matkins(Southern Alamance)
16:John Brewer(Caldewell Academy)
15:Carmoni Marks(Western Guilford)
15:Taveon Machen(Western Guilford)
15:B.J. Pittman(Dudley)
15:Darius Moore(Greensboro Day)
15:Carrington Young(Southern Alamance)


  1. October Campbell had 18, Briana Grier had 16 and Imani Watkins had 23 last night for High Point Andrews. It was in the high point enterprise paper.

  2. Are you counting shots or just shots and assist because if your counting assists Jalen Spicer would probably have 10 pts plus 15 assists. Way to go Jalen Spicer @ NW Vikings!! 25 pts!!

  3. Sorry Spice..Just heard you had 13 pts last night and 15 assists. 28pts for Jalen Spicer. Way to go!! Definitely a true point guard!

  4. @ RealBB, what are you talking about? How do you add 13 pts and 15 assists as 28 points? You need to brush up on basketball and addition…Lol.

  5. @ What?? We all know that means he made more pts than that if that’s what your talking about. Just keeping it basic and giving this kid his props. Calm down… lol

  6. Don’t know what you are talking about…he got his props and I am calm. No stress here. Just did not know what the heck you were posting about.

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