Relentless ‘D’ by Southwest Guilford boys and girls in victories over the Ragsdale Tigers:More notes and quotes from Friday night’s other games

The defense was the sticker tonight at the Jim Coggins Gymnasium, on the Southwest Guilford campus….They call it ‘The Ranch’ over there and those ranchhands had their hands and feet moving on Friday night….

Both teams, the Cowgirls and the Cowboys play what I would call relentless ‘D’…They don’t stop playing the defense…..Sideline traps, pressure on the baseline during the inbounds, as you try and get the ball into your halfcourt offense…Fullcourt pressure that does not allow you to get into your offense at all….

For the girls from Ragsdale, it was tough to get into their offensive sets, because they couldn’t get their plays even started…The Southwest girls started out playing relentless and they kept it up all night long…..The final ended up at 65-25 and it was tight by the Cowgirls tonight….Defense pouring in from all of the Cowgirls and Rogers had several real nice offensive moves in the lane/around the basket and Burgins played her usual solid game, Kennedy Porter was on, Mark was on the mark and Monk was like a quick cat out there, all over the place….Shoutouts to Jasmine Williams, Jordan Quick and Miss Byers from Ragsdale from Friday night and Destiny McCullough was very big for the Tigers in the second half, but it was the SWG Cowgirls bringing it all night long at ‘The Ranch’……

For the boys DJ Chamblee got it going with a three to start the game and Ben Ferguson had his share of threes from the outside too and Arjun Patel went to the well and he came back with gold, and he must have struck it rich, ’cause his shots were going down too….Tyrek Brister, Kameron Langley, Olando Smith, Andrew Bullock, Austin Zente, a fairly new kid Kaymon Mitchell, KJ Langely, Mr. Defense himself, Rick Mack and much more was working right for the Cowboys tonight…..81-65 final and Ragsdale could really never get it going, until they made that late run in the 4th quarter……The defense was just relentless…They would not stop, they would not slow down, they just kept coming at you….New Jersey Governor Chris Christie, would have clearly been able to see, “all of the passing lanes were closed down tonight”……

The talk was there was a big crowd over at Page tonight for the Smith game and that is a good Metro 4-A battle for the boys, but the crowd at Southwest Guilford was as big and as loud as any gathering for a basketball game that I have seen in recent years in Guilford County…I had heard talk about this SWG-Ragsdale matchup before and I am glad I went over to the Jim Coggins Gym/’The Ranch’, to see it for myself….

Ragsdale had a huge student section on hand and they were as loud as you can get and still be able to go out in public…The SWG students were as green as they could be….Hard to believe a crowd could top what we saw over there tonight and I saw some real good ones last season over at Northwest Guilford….

Would like to hear more about how large the crowd was and what all was going on tonight over at Page, but I can say I saw in person what a Ragsdale-Southwest Guilford meeting can be like…..As loud as you can possibly get and the fans were getting it done…..

Want to hear more on Page-Smith……Heard that even without Kara Shutt, Southeast Guilford gave Southern Alamance a run for their money in the girls game…..Thought that SA might run away with it, with Shutt done and on the Shutt-Down…..Also heard that Shaylen Burnett hit for 30 for the Pats and that April Kelly was not in the Pats’ lineup…..We heard Paris Kea had a big night for the Page ladies….Good job Paris and a good job by Lamont/Junior Robinson with 26 points/13 assists for Eastern Alamance, as the Eagles topped McMichael……..

Who else had BIG nights??? What about Mims for McMichael??? Heard one of Southern Guilford’s girls pulled down 22 rebounds tonight and that is not bad at all…..Very good for Nokomos Williams and Hailey Chandler had 19 points for SG….

We hope to have our top scorers up here and ready in the morning…..That is about all we have here for late tonight/early this morning…….

Probably gonna keep the girls at a 10 point limit and the boys at 15 for Saturday and that means Marks from WG will get in there for his team and his teammate Macheon too, I think it was/is…..

More in here on Saturday morning or later on this Saturday morning, since we are at 12:50am right now….

We will see you back here later on this morning and again, good job Southwest Guilford, on hosting that BIG game with Ragsdale on Friday night…….


                         1st  2nd  3rd  4th  Final
   HIGH POINT CENTRAL    11   10   11   13    45
   NORTHWEST GUILFORD     8   16    9   14    47

HIGH POINT CENTRAL 9-5; 0-2: M. Seals 12; T. Gay 11; R. Kahny 10; A. Langham 7; T. Bryson 3; T. Gorham 2.

NORTHWEST GUILFORD 14-2; 1-1: Jalen Spicer 13; Nick Powell 13; Jaylen Gore 6; Kevin Henry 4; David Everest 2; Sam Covington 2; Tim Kilpatrick 2; Reggie Davis 2; Hampton Billips 2; Nick Yocum 1.

–Northwest Guilford survived a valiant effort from High Point Central as the Bison controlled the game for three and half quarters. The Vikings finished the last 3 minutes of the game with a flurry to squeeze out a 47-45 conference win.
–The Vikings were led by Jalen Spicer and Nick Powell who both finished with 13 points. Hampton Billips chipped in with 10 rebounds for Northwest.
–M. Seals led the Bison with 12 points while T. Gay and R. Kahny added 11 and 10 points respectively for High Point Central.

Submitted by: Northwest Coaching Staff

2 thoughts on “Relentless ‘D’ by Southwest Guilford boys and girls in victories over the Ragsdale Tigers:More notes and quotes from Friday night’s other games

  1. SW played solid D all night. The Mack frustrated the Ragsdale PG and no one on Ragsdale wanted to bring the ball up with that pressure. They must have forced 25 turnovers! SW just imposed their will and intimidated them. The freshman PG Langley was the best player on the floor. Ragsdale needs a guard that can handle the ball..

  2. Jeremy Harris had a great game for Page with a career high 25 points and 12 blocks (I don’t know the rebounding stats).

    102.1 Jamz was at the Page v. Smith game with several cool promotions so it was pretty easy to fill up the gym (not to mention how small Page’s gym is).
    Page (14-1) clutched the 1st place spot in their conference with the win as they go to 3-0 over Smith, the second strongest team in the conference but certainly not the schedule. Really a shame that Page doesn’t get to play in SWG/RHS/NWG’s conference this year. Playing Dudley, Smith, and Grimsley is always fun, but Page’s conference is pretty weak.

    Page plays Fayetteville Trinity on Monday at 6:00pm in the MLK Classic at the Greensboro Coliseum. You can park away or in the coliseum lot for five dollars and the game tickets should be a little expensive. Still, I mention this because Kylia Sykes, the star freshman who played along with Ty Graves at Page last year, will be in the starting lineup for Trinity. Should be a VERY fun match. Not much bad blood between the teams as I’m not sure if they’ve even played before, but potential for a great rivalry to bud between two premier teams from the East and West.

    Page, as of 1/18/14, is #6 in the state, while Fayetteville Trinity is #13 (I think). The last time Page played a private school they lost but that was against GDS (#2 in the state and undefeated in a STACKED conference) in a very close game.

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