So you think you are strong??? This kid just bench pressed 515 pounds three times

from See video below…

Braden Smith is really, really powerful.

The 6-foot-6 offensive lineman is perhaps the strongest high school football player in the nation.

In a video published last week by his head coach, Jeff Gourley, Smith bench pressed 515 pounds for three reps.

Three spotters were on hand to assist Smith, who looked like he might have had another rep in him.

Incredibly, 515 pounds is nearly 200 pounds short of the one-rep record. Last spring, a 17-year-old Texas high school student successfully bench pressed 700 pounds.

Smith is set to choose between Texas A&M, Auburn and TCU on National Signing Day on Feb. 5.

CLICK HERE to check out the video from the kid from South High School in Kansas…The kid from Kansas can make it happen…And the kid from Texas??? You tell me…..

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  1. I could bench 515 pds with one arm tied behind my back and blindfolded, and while reading!

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