New Graham Sporting Goods Guilford County/Area High School Basketball Polls

Graham Sporting Goods High School Basketball Polls

Boys Public School Top Ten:
1) Page(15-1)
2) Southwest Guilford(13-3)
3) Northwest Guilford(14-2)
4) Ragsdale(11-4)/Western Guilford(11-6)
6) High Point Central(9-5)
7) Northern Guilford(10-7)
8) Smith(8-7)
9) Eastern Guilford(9-6)
10) Northeast Guilford(8-7)
*****Still looking to get back:Grimsley(7-9), Dudley(4-8), High Ppint Andrews(5-9)….*****

Girls Public School Top Ten:
1)Southwest Guilford(13-2)
2) Page(12-4)
3) Dudley(9-6)
4) Northern Guilford(12-5)/Southeast Guilford(12-5)
6) High Point Andrews(10-5))
7) Northwest Guilford(9-7)
8) Ragsdale(9-6)
9) Eastern Guilford(8-6)
10) Southern Guilford(8-7)
Around the area, Southern Alamance(15-1)…..

Private School Boys Top Ten:
1 Greensboro Day School(21-2)
2) High Point Christian Academy(16-3)
3) Wesleyan(16-8)
4) Bishop McGuinness(15-3)
5) Forsyth Country Day(18-7)
6) New Hope Christian Academy(15-7)
7) New Garden Friends School(12-5)
8) Caldwell Academy(8-11)
9) Westchester Country Day(10-9)
10) Vandalia Christian School(8-7)

Private School Girls Top Ten:
1) New Hope Christian Academy(23-0)
2) Bishop McGuinness(13-3)
3) Greensboro Day School(22-2)
4) Guilford Home Educators(16-1)
5) Wesleyan(10-11)
6) Caldwell Academy(9-7)
7) New Garden Friends(4-5)
8) Vandalia Christian(5-9)
9) Forsyth Country Day(7-12)
10) High Point Christian(1-6)

Boys Combined Top Ten Public and Private School Poll:
1) Greensboro Day School(21-2)
2) Page(15-1)
3) High Point Christian Academy(16-3)
4) Wesleyan(16-8)
5) Bishop McGuinness(15-3)/Southwest Guilford/(13-3)
7) Northwest Guilford(14-2)
8) Forsyth Country Day(18-7)
9) Ragsdale(11-4)/Western Guilford(11-6)


  1. Who is Guilford Home Educators? Who have they played? Can anyone find their schedule listed anywhere? I heard they beat Page but I have never heard of this team before.

  2. They beat Page 52-48 and currently their schedule is sort of out of wack at MaxPreps…Was up and running right for the longest time and just went wacky in the past day or so….

  3. Western cracked the top 5 in GSG Polls. Please explain to the gerneral population who haven’t seen how good they really are this season.

    Or this was a friendly gesture because you had their player and coach on the show last week

  4. Was looking to be a close call with Ragsdale and Western Guilford and in our research we found that they did split in their regular season meetings…We hit the MaxPreps hard working to study the records and if there are any friendly gestures out there, they will have to show up at a later date…The teams that are producing and getting it done, we are doing our best to get them their props….

  5. SW Guilford girls beat Bishop. I know the News and Record had a heart attack. Will you be at the Dudley/Page game Andy?

  6. We will be at the Greensboro Day-Wesleyan boys game this Friday, but we will have Dudley senior Kennedy Currie on our Basketball in Focus Show tonight from Shane’s Rib Shack and we will be talking about that upcoming Page game and we will be at the Page-Southern Alamance girls game next Tuesday night….Trying to cover as many as we can….

  7. Hey Andy, will you be at any other Page games until the playoffs? The remaining Page games at home are all on Tuesday nights so I know the atmosphere will probably be down, and the remaining schedule is pretty easy, but Grimsley is coming up on the 4th! You should definitely try to make it to at least one more game, and bring a camera or two to record some shots. There are several students in the journalism classes that would probably love to record for you.

  8. Also looking at the Dudley at Page game….Was looking at the Page schedule last week and they did not get many favorable dates for Fridays late in season…Got to think that they will get to host the Metro Tournament if the boys stay on track for the rest of the conference season….

  9. Not sure many people thought GDS was be atop the rankings for the area at this point in the season. Those kids have done a great job learning to play together. They have grown up fast. We will see just how good they are or aren’t over the next 10 days. They have Wesleyan, HP Christian, and three games in the Montverde tourney.

  10. I seriously doubt if NW could beat Forsyth Country Day. Page is the only public school even in the conversation of top boys teams.

  11. Has anyone else seen the new Maxpreps rankings? Wesleyan, a 16-8 team, just moved up 35 rankings nationally and they were pushed one spot in the state in front of Page even though they had a blowout lose to Findley Prep. Page just beat the former number #13 in the state and moved down a rank!

    The private school bias is incredible. I’ll give GDS its due and North side too, but Page is every bit as good as High Point Christian and Wesleyan.

  12. Hey Andy

    How come you did not combine the Public school girls team with Private in your rankings? Oh and by the way, stop trying to leave out our Southern Alamance team led by Shay!

  13. Stacy,

    The polls are for GUILFORD COUNTY teams. Andy listed SA as an ‘area honorable mention’ since they are in Alamance County………..Duhhhhhh!!!

  14. How conveinent to use Guilford county schools eventhough our Sothern Alamance team plays in the Metro against Dudley, Page, Smith, Grimsley and Southeast Guilford. I know putting us in the rankings would knock some of the ones they want a notch lower. We understand.

  15. If you understand then shut up about it!!! What conference is WA in how about EA ?You don’t see them on here always complaining . Post your polls for Alamance Counry in the Snow Camp Gazette

  16. @Tim- What is your definition of the word “Area” in the context that its used in the thread title? I know its asking a lot of you to open a book, let alone a dictionary. You know what though, we will be content with the honorable mention at the moment cause we know your G,boro N&R got it right. Lady Patriots are coming!

  17. Hey it’s pat attack again. I knew you would take the bait again. Y’all got the snow off all them dirt roads in Snow Camp yet . I like that word y’all don’t you?

  18. @Tim- Not really, you are definitely special and intent on not commenting on basketball. I understand why, and its okay. Time is running out.

  19. Pat attack if SA doesn’t win it all are you still going to purchase a championship trophy? If so let me know the name of the trophy store in Snow Camp and I’ll buy it for you

  20. Pat attack I might be wrong on this one ,but you can help me out and it’s about basketball. The paper last year since you like what the paper says , picked y’all to go to the 3rd round in the state. There is that word again y’all , but didn’t SA loose in the 2nd round bye double digits? I wouldn’t have a lot of hope on the paper

  21. Pat attack got to go you are getting smarter caught on faster this time. You didn’t hang around as long , but you still my favorite SA fan I like you. Y’all come back you here

  22. Y’all need to grow up and get a life. I pray none of you are parents of any of these kids.

  23. Don’t worry folks – SA will be history for the next couple of years (just like Page) once their only “star” player graduates.

  24. Shay Burnett came to SA her sophomore year. What was their program like before she came? Just wondering why the “team” is getting hyped up like they’re a powerhouse. Beside Burnett, who else do they have?

  25. It’s no hype, look at the box scores, stats and record. Shay has fouled out of two games against quality opponents such as SWG and Williams, both with great records and history. Significant time left in both games with one (SWG) going into OT. Both ended with SA victories. We have a team with multiple weapons on offense, a new attitude on defense, not just size but speed and a new coach with a new philosophy about the game of basketball. Everyone knows their role on this team and they are on a mission that will extend beyond this year. If you were to take the best player off every team in the metro including Shay, SA would challenge for if not win the metro. In other words, we have a TEAM.

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