Your chance to win a $100.00 Gift Card from the NEW Texas Roadhouse of Greensboro begins on Tuesday:Super Bowl contest with food from the Texas Roadhouse

The Texas Roadhouse Super Bowl Contest will get rolling on Tuesday morning and it will be your chance to win $100.00 in food, with your very own $100.00 gift cerd from the NEW Texas Roadhouse on Battleground Avenue, here in Greensboro….

Tell your friends and get everybody you know in here and somebody is going to WIN the $100.00 gift certificate from the Texas Roadhouse, on Battleground Avenue….

We will need you to pick your Super Bowl winner, plus we will need your game score and that will give us your total points and you can not go over the game total points to be eligible to win it….Winner(Denver or Seattle), game score and that will give us the total points and you can’t go over if you want to win, and if there is a tie on the points based on your game scores, the contestant that got in/entered first will be the winner….You have a pretty good shot to predict the Game Winner, but nobody knows for sure what that game score will be….

One thing we know for certain/for sure is that the NEW Texas Roadhouse of Greensboro, located on Battleground Avenue, is already a proven winner…Check them out for Dinner any day of the week and they are also open for Lunch and Dinner on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays……

Be thinking about your score and Don Moore will be a contest grid set for us and it will take effect and the contest will begin on Tuesday morning….

The Texas Roadhouse of Greensboro Super Bowl Contest brought to by……

The Contest Does Not Start Until 12 Noon on Tuesday. Entries in the comments are not valid.


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