Official Entry To The Texas Roadhouse Big Game Pick Contest

This Sunday, the NFL will hold Super Bowl XLVIII in MetLife Stadium at the Meadowlands Sports Complex in East Rutherford, New Jersey. Folks around the world will be watching.

Texas Roadhouse and GreensboroSports is proud to offer a contest to pick the winner.

Entry to the contest is made by following this link. Rules to the contest are found at the bottom on the entry page.

As a special offer, all readers of GreensboroSports will receive a coupon good for a Free Appetizer with the purchase of 2 entrees (excluding the combo appetizer). The coupon will be presented after entering the contest, or if you do not wish to enter the contest, you can get the coupon here.


  1. When you have a lot of things going on, you will see the need for change and adjustment…

    Glad I got in here though…Trying to get at the News and Record site today and really can’t get in there at all….Happens quite often and I don’t think it is due to heavy traffic load, has to to be another quirk and you find a load of quirks when you are working with these computers, but they are still the best route to go and the N&R does good work, sometimes it is just hard to get to it….

  2. Andy got the “Big Game” contest together in the last minute, we had to verify and get the rules together and approved. Some folks jumped the gun as incorrectly thought they could enter by comments. The Sponsor wanted every contestant to receive a coupon which had to be configured so that contestants as well as non-contestants could get the free appetizer coupon.

    As folks may realize you can not use the words Bowl and Super together in anything related to the NFL Championship game without paying a licensing fee; so it was important that we do this correctly to avoid any legal issues. That is why the contest is from this page and not the other.

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