With the weather factors being taken into consideration, what are the toughest roads in Guilford County???(All-County/All Rough-Roads Team)

Got any suggestions on which roads in Guilford County may be holding up the progress, of trying to get the schools re-opened???

Back in the day and I still hear reports on some of these roads today, Old Oak Ridge Road had some very bad stretches to deal with near the Airport, but with the advent of the FedEx project, those tree-covered hills are long gone…..

I heard of some very dangerous hills out there up and down and around Lewiston Road, headed back toward Fleming Road and that would be in the Northwest School district….

Got to be some road areas in and around Eastern Guilford High School, with that school being deep into the county….Some of the roads, as you get near EG would have to qualify….

Must be some tricky spots out near Northern Guilford….As you get away from town and head further out Church Street and hit some of those side roads you could be in trouble….

Probably a similar scenrio in the Southeast Guilford school district….The lay of the land and road space would have to be considered country….

Several country roads as you get a little deeper and in behind Southwest Guilford….There are still a few old farms back in there and on those old farm roads, you have to be careful…..

Shaping up the landscape you would have to believe it would be an All-County/All Rough-Roads Team….

Northwest Guilford….Old Oak Ridge Road heading up the hill toward Northwest School Road is vicious….
Southeast Guilford….Head back in there on Thacker Dairy Road and get on down Sharon Park Road and Hagen Stone Park Road and you cold be in trouble….
Northern Guilford…..Keep on going way out Church Street, hang a left and it will get slick…..
Eastern Guilford….If you get too far from Gibsonville, you might hit the bad spots…
Southern Guilford….Kind of crazy coming off of Kivett and going down Drake Road can be a challenge….
Southwest Guilford….Clinard Dairy Road is not trecherous, but there are still some other old farm roads back in there too…
Northeast Guilford…..When you back in there in the Northeast territory, it nay not only get rough, you may get lost, if you steer or veer off of Hicone Road….

How do you see it and who has the roughest roads and where are the roughest roads in the county????? Who makes the All Rough Roads Team?????


  1. Saw some icey patches on Creekridge Road this morning and that Blumenthal Road near Piney Lake Camp can be very tricky for the Southeast Guilford bus drivers.

    I nominate Blumenthal Road.

  2. Those are some rough roads in the area of Southern Guilford. A few of them remind me of tobacco trails. Others bring back memories of logging roads. Better keep your eye on the road and keep both eyes on the road after a Snow Storm.

  3. Over the years, I have heard nothing but bad things about Blumenthal Road….Good people down there, but real tough road.

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