Basketball in Focus Tonight at the Shane’s Rib Shack on Westover Terrace

We have our ‘Basketball in Focus Show’/’Court Report’ lined up for tonight at the Shane’s Rib Shack on Westover Terrace…We will get rolling at around 6pm and we will open up with former N.C. A&T Aggie guard Corvin Davis….Corvin is currently the J.V boys basketball coach at Grimsley and he has a daughter Raelin, who plays for the Vikings, of Vandalia Christian…

Coach Corvin Davis has been at his trade for many years and he has the Whirlies winning key games again and just read about one of those games this morning, where Grimsley topped Dudley on a last-second shot by, Bruce Davis…..The magic is running around and if we can find him, we will try and get Bruce Davis up there tonight too….We will talk lots of basketball with Coach Corvin Davis and then we will switch gears and talk to his daughter about her team at VCS….

We will find out how Raelin and Vandalia are doing this season and focus much of our converstation on their team from 2013, that won a State Championship…..Also find out how she got her game together to become one of the top female high school players in our area and look at some of the pros and cons of private versus public school education and athletics….

Our last guest of the night will be the kid that hit the final shot for Bishop McGuinness a few weeks back and that means it will be time to hear from Spencer Wilson and find out where all this wild two-week ride has taken him….CBS, ABC, NBC, The Ellen Show site and many other forms of social media have been all over Spencer since he hit that 50-foot shot to win the game, over Mount Airy……We will also talk about his teammates, his coaches and his family and what basketball has meant to him over the years, as he has overcome cancer not once, but twice, and Spencer Wilson is a warrior and the game of basketball is a part of the game of life, for him and his family……

Shane’s Rib Shack on Westover Terrace TONIGHT and you may want to be checking out Shane’s for all, or for portions of your Super Bowl Party…..Ribs, Chicken Tenders, Chicken Wings by the 100’s, BBQ, Brunswick Stew and so much more for you and your family to choose from, at Shane’s Rib Shack….Loads and loads of good healthy vegetables too…..

LIVE tonight here at the site at 6pm and you can follow the show on GreensboroSports Radio, with a link here at the top of the home page…..YouTube Videos of the show will be available no later than Friday afternoon…..

We will see you and you can hear us tonight at 6pm, at the Shane’s Rib Shack on Westover Terrace, just up the street from Grimsley High School…..Just across from the fire station on Westover Terrace…..