Greensboro Day School wins on Thursday at Montverde Acadmey Invitational Tournament, up next (22-0) Orlando Christian Prep

Thursday afternoon at 3pm at the M.A.I.T.:
Greensboro Day School(23-2) wins over Columbia High School from Decatur, Georgia, 54-44….
Greensboro Day 54
Columbia High School 44

Up next will be Orlando Christian Prep(22-0) the #1 2-A team in the state of Florida vs. Greensboro Day School(23-2) at 6:20pm on Friday/tomorrow January 31 in the Montverde Acadmey Invitational Tournament….

9 thoughts on “Greensboro Day School wins on Thursday at Montverde Acadmey Invitational Tournament, up next (22-0) Orlando Christian Prep

  1. Class of 2014 girls has really turn up this season,with all kind of upsets threw out the metro conference.But the talk has been about the New Hope team with coach Delaney Rudd and their 25-0 record winning games by 40 points.Which goes without saying you can’t put a price tag on good coaching,team play and most of all a second team of starters.Take note metro conference one player scoring 30 points on a team is good in the paper,but does it still matter if you lose the game.New Hope has a second team of starters can Page,Dudley,Southeast,Southern Alamance say that and still compete.I think not.Basketball is a team effort and there’s no I in it only the word win.I vote for coach Delaney Rudd for coach of the year and to let New Hope in the Metro Conference or start a all star team from the Metro conference to play New Hope.I bet that would quiet all the talk about New Hope then.This class of 2014 are very special no matter what school you play and I pray for first a productive college career and a colleg grad with a good education that their parents didn’t have to pay for.God Bless the class of 2014….enough said.

  2. High Point Christian Academy boys faced Orlando Christian Prep earlier this season:

    Orlando Christian Prep (Orlando, FL) 77
    HPCA 69
    This was in the finals of a tournament at Gaston Day…

  3. Coach Dad

    Go post that on a new hope thread. This is for GDS boys. New Hope has a bunch of players from an AAU organization that Delaney Rudd also coaches. Those kids travel to play basketball at that school. Metro teams do it with what they have in the district. So of course New Hope should win you Dummy. Whose your daughter on that Team?

  4. @Coach Dad – Nobody has compared the metro with anything happening at New Hope. The metro is made up of kids attending their home district schools with pride. Many of these kids are in the IB program, taking honors and AP classes with proven track records of previous kids leaving these schools and graduating from college. I know most of those coaches and they have coached most of our kids over the years so I am not going to go postal on the program. However, I will say that each of those kids attending that school are taking a leap of faith with their parents. This school does not have any AP classes and only a select few honors classes. Anyone can enroll into the school regardless of their background (which I am not putting down but it does speak to the educational standards). I know this program has only been around for about 4 years but ask yourself where is the track record of players finishing or even staying at their college of choice. Over 75% of the players in the program over the past 4 years fall into one of these categories – left the team or the US completely before the basketball season ended, quit the team before getting to their junior or senior year in H.S., went to college but left the school for another school within 1 year, or dropped out of college completely within 2 years. So, while you may want to go after the metro and players that can produce on the floor, you need to pay more attention to the league that you are playing in. The metro currently has at least 8-10 girls that will play D1 or at least D2 college basketball. If you look at the history of girls that played in the metro or similar schools coming out of Greensboro, then I think you will find at least 70% of those players not only finished high school still playing for their home team and actually finished college within a 5 year period. 95% of the players at New Hope would have gotten a college offer whether they played at New Hope or their home high school. Metro players like Paris, Shay and Kennedy are going to schools like Vanderbilt, Elon and High Point Univ which are all high education private schools with very good basketball programs. Help me understand how little old conferences and schools from the metro hurt any of these players? These players are playing in front of their hometown fans, full arenas, getting a proven education, and eating dinner at home every night. I hope the New Hope program gives you what you are chasing but for me and my household we will stay with our local program that has proven successful for many decades.

  5. All of this sounds like someone trying to justify making a bad decision. They are trying to put down others to make them self feel better about the decision they made. The New Hope program is built for college recruiting only. Those players are getting the same exposure as they would in AAU. At least in AAU you are getting a fair matchup playing 10 good players against 10 good players. New Hope is playing 10 good players against 3 or 4 good players each night. The coaching is superior but the actual play and classroom may be questionable. Some parents just need to stay off this site and let the play and performance of the kids on the court and in the classroom do the talking. You can’t expect to go after someone else program, league, players or teams and think people are not going to come after you. Nobody cares about the New Hope program other than the same coaches that will recruit kids directly from other programs in Guilford Co. You all need to stop fooling yourself about how superior you are compared to others.

  6. I’m a metro fan and just a basketball fan in general. It’s great what’s going on at New Hope, for the kids, the school and the families. But let’s be realistic, if you were to take the best of the best from the metro and played New Hope, New Hope would have No Hope!

  7. I’m amazed at how many posts there have been on this site in the past 2-3 weeks regarding girls’ basketball compared to posts regarding boys’ basketball.

  8. There have not been many post on boys basketball because there are only a few teams worth talking about – Page, GDS, Wesleyan and HPC. Since no one can challenge Page in the metro, there is nothing left to talk about. WES is down without Harry, HPC has been a little off the radar but amassing an excellent win/lost record and GDS has been a huge surprise this season. The girls are simply more interesting this year in a few case.

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