Wednesday Night Scoring Desk – 02-05-2014

Update #2 – 9:07 PM

Boys Basketball
Greensboro Day – 60
Davidson Day – 43

Southern Alamance – 60
Page – 86

Northeast Guilford – 69
McMichael – 47

Boys JV Basketball
Southern Alamance – 47
Page – 62

Northeast Guilford – 52
McMichael – 43

Girls Basketball
Greensboro Day – 58
Davidson Day – 32

Southern Alamance – 60
Page – 62

Northeast Guilford – 64
McMichael – 30

Girls JV Basketball
Southern Alamance – 42
Page – 43

Northeast Guilford Girls JV defeated McMichael and score not available at this time…

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  1. We will see you soon in Patriot country.
    @ Lady Phoenix- what’s with the the Vanderbilt and Elon references? What are you trying to say? Care to explain?

  2. What is it with this SA thing? Always complaining . Andy not doing this. Polls not showing this,We got POY , we got coach of the year, we own Alamance County , we own the metro,we have a super star, we have a secrete weapon I could go own but starting to say all the dumb things you say ! Care to explain? Let the season play before you pick first place

  3. PatAttack

    You mentioned Valentine’s Day, I guess you must mean the St.Valentines Day Masacre that Kea is about to distribute. You thought 38 pts was something! Wait until we take over that lil gym! Oh Boy! Oh yes, Dudley we have not forgotten about you either coming this Tuesday! PAY BACK is coming Big Time!

  4. @Tim,Lady Phoenix or better yet, coach. Those are some of the same comments coming from Guilford county. When the smoke clears we’ll see who’s left standing, coach.

  5. Don’t want to answer the question as usual. Everybody else does it so can I. Your no Patriot more like a sheep!!!

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