Friday Night Scoring Desk – 3rd Round High School Playoffs – February 28, 2014

Update #10 – 9:06 PM

Tonight’s Game from the Mac Morris Gym at Page High School – Watauga vs Page Boys Basketball – Andy Durham and Dennis White with the call on GreensboroSports Radio, you can also listen at the Game on Stadium Radio 97.7 FM.

Boys Basketball
#8 Watauga (19-10) – 64
#1 Page (26-2) – 102

#9 Eastern Alamance (23-5) – 78
#1 Orange (25-5) – 86

Girls Basketball
#5 Ardrey Kell (26-4) – 59
#4 Southwest Guilford (25-3) – 53

#5 Durham Hillside (22-5) – 44
#4 Southern Alamance (23-3) – 43

#9 Northern Guilford (21-6) – 34
#1 Chapel Hill (29-0) – 58

#7 High Point Andrews (22-5) – 54
#2 Northside (22-1) – 40

#5 Wilson Beddingfield (19-4) – 47
#1 Reidsville (24-0) – 52

#11 WS Atkins (19-8) – 43
#2 Bishop McGuinness (25-4) – 45

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  1. Page boys with West Charlotte next:

    Box Score Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4 Final
    Mount Tabor 13 11 5 14 43
    West Charlotte 11 15 17 27 70

    *****Next Thursday at the Greensboro Coliseum…*****

  2. Paris Kea, POY? Are u serious, what would make her that, cause she in greensboro? she finished what, third in the season and beat SE to win tourney. And then what. She doesn’t have any stats or wins that determine that she should even be contending for POY, all she did for page was shoot the ball, no defense, practically no offense either. POY should belong to a player who actually contributed to both sides of the court. Shaylen Burnett should win POY, put Paris against her and see what the outcome is, let me help. You lose by 15. Paris couldn’t stop, no, not one team in this conference, let alone greensboro, can stop Shay Burnett. Ask them for yourself. No one will step up.

  3. @Why

    Paris is going to Vanderbilt because she had over half of Page’s points, had a +5 APG, +2 SPG, and the most rebounds of the whole Page team.

    She deserves POY because she is easily the most important player on both sides of the ball in the county. She runs the floor with excellent speed, can hit about any pull-up shot, stays in front of her man, and she basically plays a PG type of position.

    Shaylen is good, but she isn’t Paris. Paris is a whole different animal.

  4. Paris is a shooter, a volume shooter, Shaylen is a baller, a stat sheet stuffer. Shaylen can be compared to Lebron, Paris to Kobe. They are completely different types of basketball player, the comparisons are ridiculous. It would have been interesting to see who would have been POY with a disinterested third party deciding, at least it would have quoted the debate.

  5. come on man, 5 assist and 2 steal on over half a teams points that’s all you got? That makes her POY, well where was that animal at SA, cause she got ate alive by a beast. You actin like shay didn’t score more than half of southerns points, like she didn’t average 5+ assist a game, let’s not even mention Paris when it comes to rebounds and steal because that’s irrelevant in a conversation about Paris and Shay,. And what does Vanderbilt have anything to do with the metro4a, not a dang thing. All of greensboro feared the day they stepped foot on the same court as shay. The two last POY awards Paris won was a catered by good ole greensboro. I’m pretty sure y’all will devise a plan to help her win again. No biggie though. We know what it really is.

  6. Shay got player of the year last year for getting where – second round of playoffs? Paris helped her team to the State title game. Did anyone from Guilford County complain last year. GROWN UPS??? Let these kids enjoy their accomplishments.

  7. They are both great players. Both seem to be very well grounded and pretty humble. It is a shame that we can not say the same about the adults involved with both teams.

    Next year will be very refreshing on this board when it comes to the Metro 4A girls and the discussion.

  8. Neiters to Harvard (definitely Ivy League)so Ms. Kea isn’t going anywhere that no one else in the area couldn’t go too. So please stop with the Vanderbilt vs Elon comparison’s. Let’s see who plays for four years and have a better overall career. I think Shaylen made a great choice because she is closer to home with hometown fans and will help Elon fill their gym. Elon is a great school, with a renown coach in Charlotte Smith. Why travel miles away from home and put those transportation expenses on your parents when you can play right in your back door and plus she has previous teammates on the same team.

  9. Actually when Shaylen won POY last year the Greensboro fans called it an “embarrassment”…so yes, it has gone both ways. Fans need to worry more about why there are so many local teams out of the playoffs and how their programs are going to be successful without this class of Seniors next year. There are a lot of large gaps to fill.

  10. POY is voted on by the conference coaches in their end of the year conference coaches meeting. Not by the fans or media press. So that should end all arguments on why or why not a kid wins POY. From what I hear SA boys coach won coach of the year and didn’t even make the playoffs so what is your argument now??
    Go PIRATES!!!!

  11. Making the playoffs is irrelevant for “coach of year” ?
    Nah , not buying that one

  12. Voting takes place the day after regular season is finished. So again, COY and POY are determined and based on the regular season.

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