New Hope Christian Ladies Lose At Buzzer With Controversial Clock Issues And Finish

Watch the game below!

Riverdale Baptist – 59
New Hope – 58

                        1st  2nd  3rd  4th  Total
   Riverdale Baptist     8   11   15   25    59
   New Hope              7   17   12   22    58


  1. Sad game… I can’t believe those time clock people smh new hope was in the lead.

  2. Rematch! Rematch! Rematch! With better refs and time clock person who is awake!

  3. It is amazing how people will blame ref’s and a time clock person for what players clearly did wrong. New Hope had 4 or 5 opportunities to win this game but they made poor decisions down in the final minutes. Bad calls and mistakes clearly happened in this game but New Hope still had full control of the game. There were multiple players that could have made just 1 different decision and this game would have had a different outcome. New Hope PG got picked at least 5 times in the open court, they missed at least 7 free throws if I remember correctly, missed at least 8 layup opportunities, turned the ball over at least 12 times and allowed Riverdale to shoot 7 or 8 shots from the 3 point line without much pressure. This game should not have been close but mistakes are what they are whether by the refs, time clock person or players so blame all parties involved.

  4. @Blame all parties…New hope did have mistakes I don’t think no one said they didn’t in these comments. New hope was in the lead and the clock time person did not help with a close game. 11 sec. To go and the clock wasn’t running they had a plan which got thrown off when they had to take the ball out again. Games like this you have to make sure you have the right people for everything.

  5. Akela Maize and Chloe Jackson NC state signees played together in this game both captains of the their team.

  6. Why Why Why did Nakiah throw that ball to lucky with 2 people on her at the end of the game??? Sad lost…….

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