The Top 15 Prime Time Girls Playoff Players/”Top Prime Tme Preformances of All Time”

The local area has had some very impressive players whom
have produced at a very high level over time and have been
one of the main reasons as to why their teams have advanced
in the playoffs year in and year out. It shows a high level
of focus,skill set and determination to lead by their work
ethic.Their level of play tend to rise when the higher
stakes are on the line.Some were very consistent and did it
year in and year out throughout their highschool career. As
the years go by more players will be added as new highs
appear.The local area should be proud of the young players
that have set the mark and set the example irregardless of
what ones personal ties may be.

1.Paris Kea:Page:44pts in 73-72 loss to Alexadra Central.2014

2.Miranda Jenkins:Eastern Guilford:41pts,7rebs,6stls,4asst,6blks in loss to Western Harnett (ot)71-60 in overtime:2011

3.Miranda Jenkins: Eastern Guilford:38pts,14rebs,4blks in 54-42 win over Orange: 2011
Amanda Coffer: Northern Guilford:38pts in win over Morehead:2013

4.Paris Kea:Page:37pts,1asst,3rebs,1blk win against Charlotte Harding 70-66:2014

5.Miranda Jenkins:Eastern Guilford:33pts,8rebs,8assts,4stls in 81-73 (2ot) win over Goldsboro:2008
Trumae Lucas:Grimsley:33pts,3assts,4rebs in Championship loss 69-64 to Southview: 2007

6.Samantha Coffer:Northern Guilford:31pts,10rebs in win 70-42 over Oxford Webb:2011
Paris Kea: Page:31 points in loss to Raleigh Milbrook in State Championship game:2013
Capricia Small:Eastern Guilford:31pts,5rebs,4stls in 80-52 win over Norwood: 2010

7.Zena Lovett:Southwest Guilford:30pts,7rebs,5stls in 74-53 win over East Rowan:2009
Lashonda Anderson:Eastern Guilford:30pts,20rebs in 90-69 loss in Sectional Championship to Graham:2008

8.Brittany Clency:Western Guilford:29pts,5rebs,3assts in win over Oxford Webb:2010
Zena Lovett:Southwest Guilford:29pts,6rebs in 66-52 win over West Forsyth:2011
Natasha Huntley:Eastern Guilford:29pts,5rebs,4stls in loss to Whiteville in Regionals:2005
Krystal Moore: Rockingham:29pts,4rebs in 58-50 win over Eastern Alamance:2009
Aliyah Grinage:Northern Guilford:29pts,10rebs in 60-42 win over Overhills:2012
9.Samantha Coffer:Northern Guilford:28pts,15rebs in win over Ashboro 64-49:2011

10.Miranda Jenkins: Eastern Guilford:27pts,8rebs,6assts,6blks in win 64-62 over States#4 Ranked Halifax:2008

11.Megan Buckland: Bishop Mcguiness:26pts, 4rebs,3assts in 56-25 win over Highland Tech:2011
Megan Buckland:Bishop Mcguiness:26pts in 64-57 win overRivermill in Sectional final:2011
Trumae Lucas:Grimsley:26pts,3assts,4rebs in 58-51 West final win over West Charlotte:2007
Samantha Coffer: Northern Guilford:26pts,8rebs in 68-40 win over East Wayne:2010
Alyssa Munson:Northwest Guilford:26pts,14rebs in 73-52 win over Myers Park:2011

12.Helen Terry:Dudley:25pts,3assts,4stls in 81-50 win over Overhill:2010
Zena Lovett:Southwest Guilford:25pts,6rebs in 61-41 win over North Davidson:2012

13.Miranda Jenkins:Eastern Guilford:24pts,5rebs,7asst in 80-52 win over Northwood:2010
Zena Lovett:Southwest Guilford:24pts,6rebs in 61-43 win over Ben L Smith:2010
Aliyah Grinage:Northern Guilford:24pts,11rebs in 72-53 win over Rockingham:2014

14. Miranda Jenkins:Eastern Guilford:23pts,9rebs in 61-56 Sectional Championship loss to Graham:2009
Breonna Patterson:Dudley:23pts,2assts,3stls in 60-58 win over Forrestview:2009
Natasha Huntley:Eastern Guilford:23pts,6rebs,3assts in 65-53 loss to Bunn:2007
October Campbell:Andrews:23pts in 54-40 win over Northside:2014

15.Tyisha Bidges:Southwest Guilford:22pts,4rebs in 58-52 win over West Rowan:2007

16.Miranda Jenkins: Eastern Guilford:21pts,9rebs,7assts,6stls,4 blks in win 66-57 over Western Harnett:2010
Megan Buckland:Bishop Mcguiness:21pts in 79-21 win over Bessemer City:2010
Jessica Pone:Southwest Guilford:21pts,5rebs,2stls in 66-52 win over West Forsyth:2011
Ayshia Mcneil:Southeast Guilford:21pts,5rebs in 43-35 loss to West Forsyth:2011
Tyisha Bridges:Southwest Guilford:21pts,6rebs,2assts in 43-40 win over Sun Valley:2008
Tyisha Bridges:Southwest Guilford:21pts,4rebs in 55-45 loss to Southeast Guilford:2008

17.Zena Lovett:Southwest Guilford:20pts in 73-45 win over Davie County:2011
Zena Lovett:Southwest Guilford:20pts,7rebs in 62-51 win
over Page:2010
Paris Kea:Page:20pts in 54-30 win over Audrey Kell:2011
Caitlyn Harrison:Ragsdale:20 pts in loss 52-38 to Reynolds.2011


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