We were saying this a month ago and now Joe Ovies and others are saying it too:T.J. Warren(N.C. State) should be POY in ACC

*****Update:First Team All-ACC Announced today with T.J. Warren and Jabari Parker at 231 votes each.*****
We were saying it right here over a month ago, and now others, inculding Joe Ovies from WRALSportsFan.com/99.9 The Fan, are saying it too…..

T.J. Warren(N.C. State) should be named the Player of the Year in the ACC…..

Warren just finished off back-to-back 40 ooint games and he is the hottest to thing to hit Raleigh, since David Thompson back in 1973-1975….

Thompson played for the Baby Wolves, the N.C. State freshman team in 1972 and they went undefeated and then State went undefeated in 1973 and the Pack lost just one game in 1974, on the way to the National Championship….

There has not been anything in Raleigh to compare to DT/David Thompson since Warren came along and Warren can’t even get picked as the ‘ACC Playe of the Week’, let alone the Player of the Year….

Somebody is missing the boat in the Triangle and throughout the Atlantic Coast, as in Atlantic Coast Conference….

State coach Mark Gottfried is speaking out and Joe Ovies has his thoughts on this one too and you can read those and more when you

It is time to say it, not spray it, “T.J. Warren for ACC Player of the Year”……

*****Are you with me on this one? You could have jumped on the boat over month ago, but it is still not too late…..Come on aboard matey, ‘The Time is Now’…….*****


  1. How could it legitimately be anyone else?
    He is number 1 in FG % as well as scoring.
    That means he doesn’t take forced shots trying to pad his own numbers.Wasn’t he 16-22 for the Pitt game?
    He is also high up in the ACC stats for rebounds and steals. He had 3 assists vs BC and all 3 led to key baskets by his teammates.

  2. I didn’t really want to call the Dave Glenn Show today, but I should have….I used to call those shows all day and all night long back in the days….

    Dave is way off the mark and so is the Mark James guy on the afternoon show over on the radio….

    Dave Glenn/David Glenn is calling for Jabari Parker and Mark James is callling for Marcus Paige to win the MVP Award….

    Do this for me:

    Take Jabari Parker off of Duke and what do you have??? Duke is still a very good team and they are still in the Top Five in the ACC if Jabari Parker never set foot on the Duke campus….Duke still has Hood, Cook, Jefferson, Plumlee, Sulaimon, and others that would carry on for Coach K and the Devils….

    Take Marcus Paige off of or away from North Carolina and you have a bigger drop-off, but Roy still has McAdoo, Tokoto, Britt, Johnson, Hubert and others….UNC for sure misses Paige but they can still compete….

    Take T.J. Warren away from N.C. State and what do you have left???? Think about it…..40 points a-game over the last two games and 30-plus points in at least 10 games this season….

    Can you see where I am coming from and where Glenn and James are both out of touch…..

    T.J. Warren is the Most Valuable Player in the league/ACC….Without him, where would N.C. State be? In 2014/2015 mode for sure….

    Read what I am saying here….He is the Most Valuable Player in the league and he is by far the most valuable player on his team and more…..

    T.J. Warren-ACC MVP

    And btw, The MarK James Program has really fallen off since Taylor Zarsour took off….It isn’t easy, that is for sure, but it sure worked better when they had the two guys in there together to play off of each other on the topics and questions….Just a sidebar….

  3. There might be another paralell that we should be looking at and this one will keep me deep in thought for the next day or two….

    What is the correlation, or is there any correlation between Player of the Year for the league/ACC and Player of the Year for your team????

    Is there anything in that stream and do the two streams run side-by-side or is the League MVP a large flowing river and your team MVP a steady but smaller body of work ???

    If you are the lock for team MVP, can you also be more than big enough to make that leap in the river waters and be the ACC League MVP???

    The Body of Work speaks well for T.J. Warren and without him, N.C. State is not a steady stream, they are just a small puddle of water….

    Warren’s legue numbers, scoring, FG% and others need to be enough to carry him to the top….

    Thinking of Warren, but something burning in the back of my mind, says Parker will get it….Too much spotlight on him and Duke….What did he have last game? 30 points and Warren had what 42???

    Still more spotlight on Duke than N.C. State….Warren needs a better PR machine and that machine should have been running all season long…..

  4. One more thought and then I will back off/step away….

    If we combined and put these two players/kids together, T.J. Warren and Jabari Parker, does that meant that the kid from Ragsdale High School, T.J. Parker, would win the award???

    Time to get out….

  5. The winner of the MVP has to be T.J. Warren. If there is any justice at all left in this world, Warren is the winner.

    If not, then Warren is the loser and Parker is part of the group that goes around stealing awards that they don’t deserve.

    There was another Parker group that took a few things that were not theirs and that was a few years ago.

    Go back and look up C. Parker.

  6. I speak for many other Duke fans when I say that this award should go to Jabari Parker. He has led his team to so much success and as just a freshman he is one of the top five players in the entire country.
    How could he not be the ACC Player of the Year? He is going to be First Team All American and I don’t think T.J. Warren will be able to say that!

  7. My daughter goes to Carolina, but I consider myself unbiased. It is obvious to me that T J Warren is the player of the year. Duke has so many other scorers. This frees up Jabari to score. NC State has nothing other than Warren. He is being double and tripled team and he still has the highest field goal percentage in the league. He also leads the league in scoring by more than 5 points. Jabari and Marcus Paige have had great seasons. In most years, either one could have won the award, but this year belongs to TJ.

  8. Parker and Paige are great players but I think they are getting extra credit because of UNC and Duke have better records. If Warren had just 1 or 2 of those extra Duke/UNC players on his team, then State would be a top 20 team with only 5 or 6 losses. Parker is never double teamed because Duke has too much talent. However, Warren is double/triple teamed every night without exception and yet he is still producing against “high level” teams not just the VT or BC teams. Parker is on national TV 1 or 2 times per week with wins but Warren is only on national or regional TV once every 2 to 3 weeks and that makes a difference. Just looking at the #’s and how important the individual is to their team specifically, then the vote must go to Warren.

  9. Warren is the total focus of an opposing team’s defense and yet he still leads the league in FG %.That in itself is the reason he IS the best player in The ACC.This is also an INDIVIDUAL AWARD so a TEAM’s standings in the league is IRRELEVANT.

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