Jeff Bzdelik out/resigns at Wake Forest

Jeff Bzdelik out/resigns at Wake Forest
We have been saying all week long that a resignation was coming and here it is first up from Dave Glenn and his staff at….Again, we had been saying and reporting this all week long and now Dave/David Glenn and his crew have confirmed it and Dave is saying that Ben Howland at UCLA would be a ‘Top Candidate’….

The news from Dave and his crews…..
Jeff Bzdelik has resigned as Wake Forest’s head coach, multiple sources confirmed to David Glenn on Thursday afternoon.

from Dan Collins at the Winston-Salem Journal:
The announcement will be at 5pm today at the Deacon Towers…..
CLICK HERE to read all from ‘Country’ Dan Collins at the WS Journal


  1. Archie Miller’s name is also being tossed around and his team, the Dayton Flyers got a big win in the NCAA;s today and they and Miller are on the radar….

    I also heard one post talking of bringing in Fran McCaffery from Iowa….

    There are some good choices available out there right now, but they won’t be out there all that long….

    Gregg Marshall could be the new man in town, if the price is right….

  2. This is about a year too late. But maybe Wake will make things interesting again for all of the Big 4.

  3. The only loser around here is adults names Chucky who can’t spell.

    This crap was Ron Wellman’s fault and his arrogance set wake forest basketball back a decade.

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