Update on the Wake Forest Basketball Update

Heard just a small part of the Dave Glenn Show today and he was reporting that he was gettig the word that something was going to happen in Wiston-Salem today with Wake Forest and the Jeff Bzdelik situation….By listening to Dave Glenn, he lends the impression that Bzdelik should be gone….

It has been hard to get into Dave Glenn’s ACCSports.com site today…They have a post up there from Jay Bilas that has pushed a lot of buttons and it seems this one from Bilas is a HOT one…

We will keep an ear to ground and if you read our update post yesterday, we were saying that word had come through again, that Thursday might be a ‘moving day’.

We will all watch this one closely together…

Right now, Jay Bilas seems to be the ‘man of the hour’…


  1. Wellman wants to keep him.

    Big boosters want him out.

    Administration tells boosters. Come up with money through donations to buy him out.

    Boosters respond. We will do that if Wellman goes too.

    This might get interesting.

  2. Haven’t been able to connect over there at Dave Glenn’s site….What all is Jay Bilas saying to the Wake fans???

  3. Was finally able to break-through at the very busy Dave Glenn ACCSports.com site….http://www.accsports.com and Dave Glenn also publishes the ACC Sports Journal…

    Dave had this from Jay Bilas(ESPN/CBS/DUKE) and Mr. Bilas is not very happy at all with the behavior of the Wake Forest Demon Deacon fanbase….Does not like the billboard idea or any of the talk of firing current Wake Forest men’s basketball coach Jeff Bzdelik….

    from Jay Bilas at http://www.accsports.com:

    “The fanbase has reacted in such a way that the water may be poisoned,” Bilas said. “Billboards? Really? Jeff Bzdelik and his family have received threats. Really?”

    Bilas also shared his feelings on Bzdelik as a coach.

    “I think Jeff Bzdelik’s an excellent basketball coach and a great guy,” the analyst said.

  4. We have it up now as the top headline here at the site…

    People were asking earlier during the week how we could come up with this ‘Resignation Theory’ like we did and just kept on saying that it was not a matter of if, but when….We were not running with a ‘Resignation Ruse’….

    We had some concrete and let it take shape and settle as we poured it out during this week…

    We have good connections throughtout the area for local sports….And this is very local….

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