LA Logan’s Report On The NC Phenom 150 Boys Basketball Camp

NC Phenom 150 Camp Recap at Prohelific Park by L.A. Logan.

Thanks to Rick Lewis and Prohelific Park for today’s event.

Local Talent to look out for this summer and next season:

6’1 Junior Quayson Williams (Eastern Guilford and the Cobras, a local Showcase team) showed that he was one of the top talents at the camp. This kid is athletic and can shoot it from deep and get to the rack at will. He’ll be a player to look out for this summer and next season in the Triad area.

6’1 Junior Sterling Holland III (New Garden Friends) caught a body today. The super athletic wing should be a go to guy next year for the Bears’.

6’3 Sophomore Jaquar Moorman II (Grimsley) played four different positions today showing his versatility. He’s a natural point guard, but his size and physicality allows him to play multiple positions.

5’4 Eighth Grader Elijah Haynes (Chapel Hill) caught my attention when he hit four three-pointers in a row. I hate to say this because he is so young, but he reminded me of Steff Curry. He actually looks like Curry too. He used the pick-n-roll well and threw incredible dimes to open teammates. We’ll be talking about this kid in a few years.

Other Players that attended the camp from outside the Triad to keep an eye on:

6’3 Junior Zachary Watson (Greenville, SC) was one of the best long-range shooters at the camp. He’s getting looks from Wofford, Furman, Washington and Lee and Columbia U. The most impressive thing about the kid, other than his range, is he’s competing in the classroom just as hard as he is on the basketball court. His mind is his number one weapon.

6’7 Freshman Ian Steere (Overhills High School, NC) already has a D-1 body and has solid feet. He rebounded well and he also caught a body with an explosive two-hand slam over a contesting defender.

6’6 Junior Phillip Haynes (Virginia Episcopal) is a tank at the power forward spot. He’s getting looks in football, but he can take up space and intimidate on the basketball court. He’ll probably end up playing football in college, but I’m thinking Julius Peppers.

6’8 Freshman Connor Arnold (Knoxville, Tenn) has looks from UNCA and ETSU as a freshman. He’s a pick and pop guy with a high skill set and he’s only going to get more skillful and stronger. He’ll end being a Mike Dunleavy/Kyle Singler if he reaches his max potential.

6’3 Sophomore Cameron Campbell (Trinity Christian Fayetteville) an athletic guard that can get to the rack and hit the deep ball. Should play more alongside or behind Dennis Smith Jr. and Kwe Parker next season. This kid is full of potential.

6’0 Junior Tyson Sellers (Carolina Day, Asheville, NC) was fearless, attacking the rim at will. Sellers is another smart student athlete that is competing inside and outside the classroom. Much respect to him and his parents.

6’3 Freshman Alek Baez (Overhills High School, NC) is a super athletic small forward that plays within his game. He
makes rational decisions and he’s only a freshman. Usually at this age, players are irrational decision makers. Very mature, with three more years of school, he’ll be a top player in NC coming out in 2017.

6’3 Freshman Todd Smith (Fayetteville, NC) reminds me of Wilson Chandler. The kid tried to dunk on like five different players. He was fouled on all the attempts, but he kept trying. I loved the aggressiveness. Another young stud to keep and eye on this summer and next season.


  1. Did any of the brand name schools have players at this showcase such as WES, HPC, GDS, Page, Dudley, etc ?

  2. No, but there will be a Phenom Top 80 camp at Proehlific Park this weekend and there should be some players that has been invited. Swing through and check it out

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