Game Report on Southern Guilford-Trinity as Storm win and go to (7-0) in 2014:Hedrick, Caveness, Sugg and Carter among the leaders

Southern Guilford – 10
Trinity – 4

WP: Noah Carter (5 IP, 4 Hits, 5K’s) LP: Johney Wagner

Leaders: SG – Ryan Hedrick 3-4 (3-4, 2B, 3B, 5 RBI’s, 3 RS), Ryan Caveness 3-4, Taylor Sugg 2-4, 3 RS
Trinity – Gage Powers 2-3, RBI Matt Stanley 2-3, RBI

8 thoughts on “Game Report on Southern Guilford-Trinity as Storm win and go to (7-0) in 2014:Hedrick, Caveness, Sugg and Carter among the leaders

  1. A STORM is brewing! Baseball teams watch out! Fantastic team, however, I can’t help but notice that the same players are always listed. Are these the ONLY players on this team to do anything? Are these guys the ONLY players to hit the ball? Surely not, your record proves that. As a fan, it would be nice to see other players listed instead of the same old song and dance. This is a team effort and apparently a very good one so spread the names and posting around a bit. May give your team moral a boost if they see that being a favorite isn’t really why these names continue to be the only ones listed game after game.

  2. @Storm Fan – it’s really quite simple. This website is an open forum. We all have the ability to post as we see fit… Just as you have so done. Andy reports what he is given. The readers do not always know who gave the information to Andy and his staff. ..Unless it specifically states…”reported by…”. In this case, this info was submitted as a press release. So I would assume that it was provided by the head coach or someone representing the Storm program…and by reading your post, I would think you assumed the same thing.
    I have yet to see the Storm play. So as an alumnus, I would love to get all the info I can on the team. If you have seen them play, please inform me…and others out here who maybe have not seen them play…or maybe have missed a game on a given night. You have the option here at GBOROsports…to add anything you wish…as a fan. If there are other players that you would like to acknowledge or highlight, you can do that. Matter of fact…please do that… and let us know what they have done/did…that you feel is worth noting. They are 7-0, I’m sure some things get lost/unnoticed in the shuffle.
    As a sports fan, I and most other sports fans are well aware that it takes a complete team effort. Especially when looking at a 7-0 start in this case. However, I also know that when I watch ESPNs Sportscenter, and the Yankees win…or the Blue jays win…or The Braves win(yuck) I don’t get reported to me every players details and stat line for the night. I don’t often see much about a player with ‘a’ hit…or ‘a’ run-scored…or ‘a’ base on balls. All of these are important, but we don’t hear about it. Hence…it’s called highlights. And if night after night I see some of the same players listed…it just means they are having a good run at the time. It means nothing more than that. Most everyone is quite aware that highlighted players weren’t the ONLY players to help secure the win.
    While trying to be somewhat “polite”…your labeling players(who happen to be kids) as “favorites”, quite honestly, is anything but polite or that of a Fan. It can be taken very offensive to them and their families. In your disgust with the lack of coverage/promotion/acknowledgement of other players, you inadvertently(I hope) knocked the players highlighted in this release. I would ask why?
    But for a point…Let’s say on any team at any level, that a player(s) are truly favorites. Is it their fault?? I’ll bet the house that they didn’t ask for it…wouldn’t ask for it…nor do they want that label. But you so freely slapped that one on these kids, because of your jealousy…insecurity…and bitterness…thinking that if you congratulated the “team”, your true colors wouldn’t be noticed. You failed.
    Again…no one stops you or any fan from adding to game recaps. If you are a parent of a player on that team, or a player on that team…the attitude and feelings you just posted…are a great way to turn that 7-0 into 7-7 in a hurry.

  3. @StormFan – And i just noticed…that Southern was at Trinity for this game. Typically…but not always…the home team reports the game. Maybe this press release still came from SG…but maybe not. In any event, I stand by my initial response and evaluation of your thoughts. They suck.

  4. @Here we go…..

    Southern was at home against Trinity last night. It was a double header with JV playing as well.
    My thoughts are just that as yours are as well.
    I do not have a dog in this fight…I have no children that play. Just tired of the same old song and dance.
    Southern won’t turn into a 7-7 in a hurry with my opinion, that I can promise you. Great coaching staff, great group of children but with everything there are politics hence the favorite part. I would love nothing more than to see our area high school go undeafted and make State! Just don’t see how the same kids continue to be the same high lights game after game….that is what sucks.

  5. We appreciate the schools sending us the game information and that is one of the most important parts of this site during the baseball season…

    We want the schools to keep us on their E-mail list and I think we can change some of our posting plans in the future that will keep more folks at peace…

    The (7-0) start for SG is huge and that is where the focus should be now…

    Storm Fans should be loving that…

    With game numbers and stats, you have a core group of players at the top of your batting order that are going to be produccing thet key numbers each game for the most part….That is why they are up there at the top of the offensive order…

    You see the same players quite often in many cases because they are your top players and you expect them to be producing game-in/game-out…..

    That is not to take anything away from the other players….They all have been contributing to this outstanding (7-0) start, with their defense and team play….

    Even the players on the bench deserve credit for being there and putting in their work each day….

    But in the end, you will have a core group that is up their expected to get it done on a nightly basis…

    On a quick box score re-cap you don’t have the time or space to mention the kid that made the nice catch in RF, or the kid that had the catch and throw maybe deep in the hole at 2b on defense….

    Your top players show up the most and again, that isn’t menat to take anything away from other players….

    A prime examle of this is T.J. Warren at N.C. State in basketball….It was and is a five-man game, but he got all of the pub this year for N.C. State…Over and over he was the top scorer, but they were very pleased, because they were glad to be winning….

    SG has to very happy with the win-total and the start to their season and rightfully so….

    We will continue to adjust here and let’s hope Southern does not change anything for right now…Keep on doing the same exact thing….

    Just keep up the good work and we need to do a road trip down to Drake Road and Kivett Drive here in the near future and see this Storm Squad for ourselves….Was down there every night for the Easter Tournament last season…..

    Keep up the good work SG…I think we only have two Unbeatens left in the county with Ragsdale at (8-0) and SG at (7-0)…

    Great starts by Coach Carter and team at SG and by Coach Maness and team at Ragsdale…..

  6. Haha… Gotcha Storm Fan. But I’ll say it again. Please let us know who needs to be recognized and why… That hasn’t been. If that’s an issue… Help fix it. So please tell. Because I’m sure there are players playing well up and down that lineup. Stop complaining that certain kids… Who are obviously playing well.. Get recognized… Then Call them favorites… Complain of politics… And then not recognize others when asked to. No dog in the fight huh? Im not buying.

  7. Thanks, Andy…nice article and explanation.

    @Here we go….I don’t know names of players or I would love to post. Maybe I will learn them or at least numbers at the next home game whenever that may be and post them the next time around if they aren’t mentioned. With the scores Southern is putting up, you are correct in saying players are playing well up and down the line up and they all should be very proud of the team that they are establishing this year. Way to go Southern!

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