2013-14 High School Basketball and Coaches of the Year Voting

It is that time again for our 2013-14 High School Basketball and Coaches of the Year Voting.

Due to popular demand, we are using the services of Google to collect votes. Hopefully, this system will handle the voting load that we have become accustomed.

There are Six Categories:
– Public School Boys Player of the Year
– Public School Girls Player of the Year
– Private School Boys Player of the Year
– Private School Girls Player of the Year
– Boys Coach of the Year
– Girls Coach of the Year

Nominees were based upon email submission earlier this month. HOWEVER, thanks to the Google Voting System, we will now allow WRITE-IN Candidates in each category. As with real voting, all ballots are secret, so if you Write-In a player or coach, be sure to tell all your friends because that candidate will not appear on future ballots. They too must write-in the same player or coach to give that person a chance to be recognized.

This Poll is completely anonymous, and as many people have figured out, multiple votes are possible. Just think of it as the American Idol of Guilford County High School Basketball. You and your friends can vote as often as you like for the Players and Coaches of your choice.

Voting is now open and will close on Saturday, April 5, 2014 at Midnight. We will post updates of how the scoring is going; but the running results will not be public until they are final. REMEMBER, this is not scientific, this is a FUN Poll. Have fun voting, be sure to share with your friends.

The LINK to the Voting Ballot is here, and can also be found on the Top of every page on our website in the Tile Bar.


  1. Not sure how Freddy Johnson couldnt be a listed coach for private boys coach of the year. And im not even a gds fan but that guy and his staff did a great job this year

  2. Nominations were open to everyone, the Top 5 in each category were selected. Everyone is free to start a Write-In campaign. We have already received multiple write-in ballots. If you feel that strongly, tell all your friends to use the Write-In option.

  3. Freddy is a great coach but let’s face it, Keith coached circles around Freddy this year by winning 2 out of 3 games and especially the big game. Freddy has lost his touch. He has not won the big game in over a decade. If he does not open up his offense to high end talent, then Keith will continue to get the high end talent. Kids don’t want to get lost in Freddy’s overly burden 1/2 court offense. He absolutely has the best bench coaches in the state but you win championships with players not coaches. Freddy needs to walk away after getting the new building named in his honor. Greensboro Day will continue to have good teams but the “greatest” of Freddy Johnson I believe is over. It is all about his win totals at this point in his career. WES, HPC and New Hope are better options for better players.

  4. “his time is done”

    You are crazy. Ill start by saying i dont like GDS. I dont have a kid that goes there. I dont coach any kids that go there but that might change. But keith had 3-4 division one players this season. Freddy had zero. GDS still won a game and almost won the state championship. They beat HPCA. Beat Page in the timco. Had a very strong showing for greensboro in general at the montverde tournament in flordia. GDS had a very good year with low talent and good coaching. If you think New Hope is a better option your opinion has no weight. New hope has 3 honors classes in the whole school. No AP classes. They wont help a kid get into college. GDS education is far superior and their program has history new hope, weslyan and HPCA dont have combined. I am stating the facts.

  5. Freddy is done? You are nuts. If you want your child to learn how to play all aspects of the game, send him to Freddy. If you want your kid to play glorified AAU ball, send him to one of the other schools. HPCA is a another good choice because they stress the fundamentals as well. I am not sure about New Hope academically either. GDS is a great for college prep. You won’t have any academic questions at GDS.

  6. @crazy… What are you talking about new hope is a great school they have 3 seniors on the girls basketball team going to D1 schools Akela Maize NC State, Kristina King West Virginia and Katherine Harris High Point University. Look like they were helped very well they got FULL RIDES!!!

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