Starting to build our High School Polls

Here is a start and we will add over the next several days and begin today with a look at the high school baseball poll for the public schools/private schools…

Here is just a look at how it might just be shaping up so far with our teams now right at five weeks into the season, give-or-take a week or two…I don’t know about you, but I have loved studying and looking into rankings for many years…

Would love to see your Top Ten Polls on here too…

Public School Boy’s Baseball
1)Southern Guilford(9-0)
2)High Point Central(8-1)
3)Southeast Guilford(7-2)
5)Northwest Guilford(6-2)
6)Eastern Guilford(8-2)
8)Southwest Guilford(6-3)
9)Northern Guilford(8-3)
10)Northeast Guilford(5-6)

Private School Boy’s Baseball
1)High Point Christian Academy(8-3)
2)Greensboro Day School(5-1)
4)Westchester Country Day(3-4)
5)Caldwell Academy(4-4)
6)Vandalia Christian Academy(3-1)

*****We will be adding others and softball over the next few days…*****