Looking for a couple of coaches??

We need at least two coaches….

They need a new basketball coach at Wake Forest and who should it be?

Gregg Marshall(Wichita State), Chris Mack(Xavier), Ben Howland(Free Agent), and do we have more names that should be on the prospect list???

They need a new football coach at Northern Guilford and who will be the next man in charge of the Nighthawks’ program??

Will the new coach come from within the current coaching staff or will they look outside for their new leader???

Don’t really have a clue, do you? There are probably some assistant coaches on the current staff that would love to run the show and I bet you will see other assistant coaches from teams across Guilford County that will be putting their names in the hat as well….And there will also be names coming in from outside the state of North Carolina, you know that is the case….

But who will be the new man given the keys to the football program at Northern Guilford High School?????

And another footnote, Appalachian State is looking for a new coach and their opening is in the men’s basketball program….

Have been hearing the name of Bobby Lutz(N.C. State assistant) coming up many times for this one and if they can work out the details, he might just be the man at the top of ‘The Mountain’…
*****Give it a little bit of time and APP might be looking for a new football coach and how much time will they allow?????*****


  1. Lutz has removed himself from consideration

    ” Bobby Lutz ?@bobby_lutz 21h
    W/drew name from App State.Charlie Cobb 1st class. All the best. So excited to be with Mark Gottfried and NC State. Future is bright. #wpn”

  2. Shaka Smart has turned down IL, UCLA, and now Marquette.

    But the will the lure of coming to compete with the big boys in the ACC get him from VCU? He’s a WI native but maybe he’s come to like that mid-Atlantic weather.

  3. Wonder who the Wake fans really want???

    Lots of talk about Chris Mack coming back after being at Wake as an assistant under Skip Prosser….

    Maybe Shaka Smart will make that move and I wonder if Pete Gillen is still out there somewhere and if he has any interest in job such as this one???

    I thought Gillen did a real good job at Virginia, but the Cavs let him go and the man they have now is much better, with Tony Bennett on the scene in Charottesville…

    Here is another oldie but goodie for you…

    Cliff Ellis at Coastal Carolina….He knows the ACC and he has proven he can coach….He has taken four different schools to the NCAA tournament…

    And another name I heard the other day from the oldies, but goodies stack was Rick Barnes at Texas…

    Word is he would still like one more crack at coaching in the ACC and you can never satisfy those Longhorn fans….Might be a good time to pull up stakes….

    In looking back, Wake should have never fired Dino Gaudio….Gaudio was doing a decent job and he could have had Wake in the NCAA’s at least every 2 out of 4 years and that ought to be enough to keep the Demon Deacons happy….

    What happens now to Rusty Larue and Randolph Childress and any other of the Wake assistants??? Anybody heard where they might be headed???

    Maybe Rusty and Randolph need to hit Boone and take over at App State in a package deal move…..

  4. Wake alum and Delaney Rudd doing a good job coaching players up and building programs for New Hope and AAU Phoenix.

    Probably too big of a leap right now.

  5. Shaka Smart is a very real possibility for Wake Forest. The only problem is if the program is willing to open up their wallet that far.

  6. For Northern, this is probably way out there but maybe Dudley’s head coach, Coach Davis will take over.

  7. Ellis and Barnes are too old for the Wake program. The only “older” guy that Wake should consider is the Davidson coach but he is not going any where. Delaney Rudd would be perfect coach for the women’s program because he knows every coach and quality player on this half of the US. In fact, any team in the ACC like a VT or Wake could be in the top 4 or 5 each year with his style and potential recruits. On the boys side, Shaka would be perfect (again) because of his style of play but I am not sure if Wake is willing to roll out the red carpet and get him the 3+ years it will take to change the player roster over to fit his program. Wake only has about 4 current players that could sit up to Shaka’s high energy play style. Wake needs to stop trying to recruit the exact same players as UNC and favor the type of players that are coming to Duke or FSU. These programs are playing big guards, with tempo, good shooting, and in your face defense. There are more of these type players out there than there are big men.

  8. Ken Brown,

    Why would Steve want to leave his current situation? It would simply be a lateral move for him. If he goes anywhere it will be to the collegiate ranks. Plus Steve’s coaching style and how he runs his program would not be a good fit at Northern.

  9. Why in the world would Steven Davis want to come to Northern? He has won state titles at Dudley already. Besides he coaches a power game where as Northern is a finesse/speed group of athletes. They could never play his style of football….just don’t have and have never had that type of personnel. Also, don’t think the kids at northern could handle Coach Davis and his staff getting on them…and I’m being nice!

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