Taking the controls of the Softball Polls and this is how they rolls, as we hit the holes

Trying to find the holes in the infield is just about as tough as it is to find a hole to jump into, so you can steal your spot in the high school Softball Polls…

Here are a couple of polls and here is how they rolls for this week…

The first poll we have is actually came out last week, on Sunday March 23 and it is coming in from the North Carolina Softball Coaches Association…

We find the Southeast Guilford Falcons at #6, the Glenn Bobcats are #8 and we also had the North Davidson Knights, from our area, at #3….Those are the 4-A teams and the Northwest Guilford Vikings are chasing them, looking for their spot in the polls….

On the 3-A side, you have Eastern Alamance at #3 and Ledford at #5….Others are looking to come alive….

CLICK HERE to check the complete poll listing from the NC Softball Coaches Association….

*****A new poll should be coming out sometime early on this week…*****

Here is the first-cut on our local Guilford County High School Softball Polls and this is how it is coming in with some help from our softball insiders….See what you think and let us know what is in your wallet…

1. NW Guilford (7-1 Overall/3-0 Conference)
2. SE Guilford (4-2/1-0)
3. Northern Guilford (6-4/5-3)
4. SW Guilford(7-2/2-1)
5. Smith (4-0/2-0)
6. Southern Guilford(3-4/3-2)
7. NE Guilford(3-5/2-5)
8. Page (2-4/1-2)
9. Dudley (3-5/0-2)
10. HP Central (2-3/0-2)
11. Eastern Guilford (2-8/0-7)
12. Western Guilford (0-7/0-3)
13. Ragsdale (0-5/0-2)
14. HP Andrews (0-1/0-0)
15. Grimsley (0-5/0-2)