Fab Five Girls Basketball Locally

Over the past 5 years from the period of 2009-2014 there have been some tremendous players from this area.

Below are players and their resumes that displays their productivity and accomplishments.

Select your “Five Fab” and reserves.Some names may not appear that you feel are better choices and that’s fine.

Just be sure that when presenting them that you have the proper data to corroborate your reasoning.

In selecting players some things that may help so that the process is one of objectivity versus loyalty are clutch performances. ability to unite players that may have lesser ability and still win ability to play both offense and defense, character on and off the court. Solid statistical performances across the board.

Ability to perform against better competition. Conference or Tournament Championships. Post season awards. etc. This format is used to help educate the fan base when it comes to understanding better about players other than the ones from ones own personal preferences or school.

Starting Five Fab 2009-2014 Be sure to list Five.

PG: Paris Kea: Page 2010-2014: The smooth guard possess the ability to make crowd pleasing passes. Scores from the mid range and three point range. Closes career with just over 1300 points, 400 assists, 300 rebs, 200 stls. Scored 44 pts in final game. Scored 31 pts in State Championship playoff game. Scored 28 pts in North-South All star game. Led Page to One Conference Metro Championship, 2 Conference Tournament Championships and 3 TIMCO Christmas Tournaments. Conference MVP twice. Timco MVP three times. 4 times All Conference. 2 times District player of the year. News and Records Player of the year. North-South All Star three point champion.McDonalds All American Nominee. 3 times Greensborosports Player of the Year. Most outstanding player in State Championship game 2013.On this starting “FAB FIVE” her role would be one of excellence in distibuting to players that are great finishing and the ability to score when she needs too. Headed to Vanderbilt!

SG: Miranda Jenkins 2007-2011: Eastern Guilford: The crafty and gritty guard that uses her work ethic to out work and out smart opponents has the ability to play the one, two or three position and gives a coach several options. Her on the ball defense is superb as she has the ability to shut down opposing scorers. Has a keen understanding of working with gifted players or players with lesser talent and still have winning results. Does not have to have the ball to be effective or have to take a lot of shots to score consistently from any range. Highschool career consisted of 1880 pts, 639 rebs, 607 assts, 358 stls,250 blks. The only player that did not start the first 16 games of her career and amass this type of production.Has the highest playoff average in Guilford County of players that played at least 7 games or more 280 career points in 11 games 25.5 ppg(Her 26.3 ppg in playoffs as a freshmen is a Freshmen county record). 4 time All Conference,4 Time All Conference Academic Team, Courage Award ,Greensborosports Player of year 2011,Conference Runnerup Player of year 2009, Conference Player of year 2011, Conference Tournament MVP 2011, Eastern Guilford MVP Don Amos All Christmas Tournament Team 2009, Eastern Guilford All Tournament Team 2 times, Regional Player of the Year 2011,News and Records Player of the Year 2011 (Led county in scoring and all time record of 24.1 ppg while shooting 50% from field and 54% from 3 point range), North Carolina All State First Team 2011, News and Records Honorable Mention 2009(Led county in scoring 16.4 ppg) and 3rd Team 2010 , Burlington Times 2nd team 2010 and Honorable Mention 2009. Led team to 3 Conference Championships, 2 conference Tournament Championships, 3 State Sectional Finals appearances. Help led Greensboro Galaxy to a AAU National Championship 2009. Scored 41 points in her final highschool game.The first from a girls team in the State of North Carolina.On this team her role would be to serve as the glue to keep everyone together while being very productive from both ends of the court. Starts for Stonybrook University whom just had a record setting year of 24 wins and reached the Championship game and a WNIT selection. Recently received the “Coaches Award” from Stonybrook University. Deans List performer at Stonybrook 2013.

FORWARD: Samantha Coffer 2007-2011: Northern Guilford: The smooth shooting lefty brings a shot that could extend the defense from the post position. Her ability to knock down shots forces players at her position to have to adjust. Has the ability at 6’1 to block shots in the paint. Her resume includes 1812 pts and 1000 rebs. She help led Northern to a Conference Tournament Championship in 2010. A conference Championship in 2011. Runnerup player of the year in 2011. 4 Time All Conference First Team. News and Records First team 2010 and 2011. First Team All State 2011. News and Records second team 2009 and 3rd Team 2008. Northern Guilford All Time leading scorer 1812 points. All District 3 Times. Pizza Hut All Tournament Team 2011 and 2010.United Marine Corps Distinguish Athlete, MVP, Wendy’s Heisman Finalist. 4 time All Academic All Conference Team. North South All Star Selection. Nouth South All Star 3 point shooting champion. Help lead Northern to the State Sectional 2010-2011. A good rebounder and shot blocker that would create fast breaks for this team and her ability to trail and receive passes fron Kea and Jenkins that would allow her to pull up and knock down jumpers. She has the smarts to make good passes because of her ability and understanding of the game. A three year starter at Elon University whom just had her best year at nearly 9 ppg. All Conference Academic performer at Elon.

CENTER: Cheyanne Parker: 2006-2010: Southwest Guilford: The 6’5 imposing center did not have a spectacular highschool carreer but was effective when she did play. Her ability to block shots led to many fast breaks for the Zena Lovetts of the world. A great rebounder and fierce competitor that creates havoc for opponents but could also cause it for teammates as well. If emotions are in check she elevates this team. One of the best players to play at Highpoint University by becoming their All Time shot blocker and averaged a double-double before transferring to Middle Tennessee. She was an All Conference perfomer at Southwest Guilford in 2009. Parker is a good choice here provided the other intangibles are in place that has nothing to do with basketball. Catrina Green from Western Guilford may be the better choice as far as fitting in with the style of players selected.

FORWARD: Kristina Green: 2010-2014: New Hope Academy: The 6’4 forward possess the ability to run the floor and can knock down the three. Well suited for an uptempo type style which this team would be. But can also play from a set position. She has demonstrated her abilities with one of the top teams in the Nation. She averages a career of nearly 10 ppg and nearly 6 rpg. A four year All conference player. She plays well on a private team that has some of the best players from the area. Committed to West Virginia. Great upside.


SG:Brittany Clency:2008-2012: Western Guilford
Center: Catrina Green: 2006-2010: Western Guilford
Guard: Aysha Mcneil: 2007-2011: Southeast Guilford
Center: Autumn Carter: 2008-2012: Rockingham
Forward: Amanda Coffer: 2008-2012: Northern Guilford
Forward: Desiree Drayton: 2007-2011: Dudley
Guard/Forward: Shaylen Burnett: 2010-2014:Southern Alamance
Guard: Capricia Small: 2006-2010: Eastern Guilford
Point Guard: Zena Lovett: 2008-2012: Southwest Guilford
Forward: Melissa Foures: 2006-2010: Northwest Guilford


  1. I would nominate Akela Maize 6’5″ Center New Hope Christian Academy. Great blocker, rebounder and defender! Commited to NC State.

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