Charlotte meets Heat this afternoon in Miami and ‘Big Al’ Jefferson is the key

*****Heat-Bobcats on ABC 45 at 3:30pm today….*****

The Charlotte Bobcats wouldn’t be within 550 miles of Miami today without the help they have received this season from ‘Big Al’ Jefferson…

The Bobcats meet the Heat today in Game One of a best-of-seven NBA playoff series and if ‘Big Al’ doesn’t end up in Charlotte this season, you could call the team the Bobcats, the Hornets, the Lakers, the Pistons or even the 49ers, but they would not be in the playoffs…

Simply said, this in not a playoff team without ‘Big Al’…..Jefferson has put up at least 20 points and 12 rebounds per game all season for the 43-win playoff happy Hornets/Bobcats….

Jefferson’s true numbers are 21 ppg and 10.5 rpg, but night-in/night-out he is going to give you 20 points and at least 12 boards….

They say Jefferson is a throw-back to the NBA centers of the 1980’s and I take that back even a step further to an ABA and then later NBA center who began his career out of high school in the 70’s….

When I see and hear Jefferson play and I have not seen them on TV at all this year, but I have listened to probably 35-40 games, the name that gets recalled is Noses Malone….Jefferson reminds me a young and healthy Moses Malone, with the reason being, that Jefferson is so active on both the scoring end and the rebounding ends of the game….

Like Malone before him, Jefferson also controls the ball…When Malone and now Jefferson get rebounds they don’t grab the ball, they snatch the ball and with their big bodies, they swallow and take total control of the rock….

Let Malone or Jefferson get the rebound, find an outlet man and you go set up….You follow their lead….These two control the game and the ball….The ball and the game revolve around what they did and as in the case of Jefferson, what they now do….

When you watch today’s game on ABC 45 TV, keep an eye on Al Jefferson for the Bobcats/Hornets….If he has a 20 point/12 rebound game, then Charlotte has a good chance to go into Miami and upset the Heat…

The key to Charlotte’s playoff success???

He goes by the name of ‘Big Al’ and he has called up memories of Moses Malone and that could be a very good thing in 2014….

*****Another key will be Kemba Walker at PG, but his value still can not compare to that of ‘Big Al’….Remember what I told you….If no ‘Big Al’ Jefferson, then the Charlotte Bobcats would not be hopping around like a jack rabbit on Easter Sunday….’Big Al’ Jefferson is a proven superstar and that is a fact…I should know, some of my best years were when I was in the post myself back in the fifth grade….I had the game for a center, but my big growth spurt never hit…..******

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  1. Bobcats fall to the Heat and Al Jefferson went down early, but came back later with a foot injury…

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