What high school has the best Baseball Field in Guilford County???(Anybody outside the County got better than Guilford???)

*****Maybe it is time to start hearing from some of the schools outside the County too…How ’bout you East Forsyth, Glenn, WA, SA, McMichael, RC, Morehead, ER, Asheboro, Randleman, Williams and others?????*****

Inquiring minds would like to know and that includes us and most of you too….

Who does have the best high school baseball field in Guilford County?

At some places you see the tractors, at some you see the rakes….But in the end, who has the best field and the best overall playing surface in Guilford County??

Let’s hear from you and we’ll chip in some more nuggets on this one as the day goes by, but what do you say today, is it:

(Random listing above and you have to throw them out there as they roll off of the top of your head.)

Who has the best baseball field in the County???


  1. Ragsdale.

    The have more and better tractors. They hit the field before and after infield with the best field care that I have seen in the whole county.

    Don’t know where that grass came from but it is the best that I have seen.

  2. As far as playing surface for natural grass Southeast Guilford is the best– They use the best fescue to overseed — quality makes the difference.
    Badly needed restrooms and concessions are coming finally and will help. The community and Southeast Junior Legion baseball have supported SEHS Baseball with private funds and donations.
    One of the fotunate HS teams is Asheboro–They play at McCrary Park on Astro Turf.

  3. Western Guilford??? Are you kidding? Lighting is horrible almost unplayable so dark and outfield plays like a game of plinko!! The burgers are great!! I know it is not in county but East Forsyth’s field should be in running!!

  4. Fescue overseed? Why would you overseesd with fescue?? Most people overseed with winter rye. Maybe you guys in Guilford County should take a trip down 85 and see how things are done in Charlotte. Best facilities in the state. I’ve seen many of the fields on the list and they don’t compare

  5. Headline said Guilford County not Charlote. While your on 85 merge onto 77 and update your professional football stadium lol. Couldn’t even host a convention in Charlotte and get things right

  6. Charlotte does have the best stadiums in the state. Great facilities. but the topic is Guilford County.

    SEG is good as is SW. SG is good as is Grimsley. But day in day out its Ragsdale. They get a greens super to over seed. The mound is perfect, field is clean, no weeds. Nice warning track. No infield lips.Viewing area is just average. But the turf is perfect. They even have golf course mowers for maintenance. Plenty of financial support from the community. Great dugouts and probably the best indoor cages and mounds around. Dream hs coaching job. They can practice when it rains, though it doesn’t seem to be helping. Coaches work hard on the field almost every day.

    Some that are over-rated are NWG and WG. NW is hard as a rock and terrible over seeding. With the money in that area there could be a lot of improvements. They do have one of the best viewing areas. WG is a middle school field. they simply ran out of real estate. Its very short down the lines. Most middle schools are bigger.

    All in all, none of the fields are terrible. the kids have it pretty good. Some small college fields are worse.

  7. As far as playing surface goes, Southeast Guilford is the best. East Forsyth now has a nice viewing area, but their playing surface needs work. NW shouldn’t even be In the conversation.

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