Graham Sporting Goods High School Baseball Tonight with Grimsley past SEG as Kyle Smith homer seals it for Whirlies/SG,WA, SA, BW, RC and MAC are winners(NG, EG and NEG all fall)

Looking for more scores…
Burlington Williams 4, Northern Guilford 0
Rockingham County 12, Northeast Guilford 0

McMichael 5, Eastern Guilford 4….WP:Blaine Dalton/LP:Stefan Greeson
Grimsley 7, Southeast Guilford 3….See major details below the scores….
Southern Guilford 4, North Forsyth 2…WP:Taylor Sugg
Western Alamance 8 Eden Morehead 6WP:Blake Deathrage/SV:Garber/HR’s Burns, Brock Deathrage, Blake Deathrage

Softball:Southern Alamance 10, Page 0 (5 Innings)WP: Byrd/LP: Lewis….Western Alamance 5, Northern Guilford 2…WP:Rudd/LP:Lambeth…Southeast Guilford 13, Dudley 3….Southwest Randolph 11, Western Guilford 0…LP:Brooke Pegram

Final in the Metro 4-A Baseball Semifinals at Southeast Guilford High School:
Grimsley 7
Southeast Guilford 3

WP:Zach LaBranche(Complete Game)
LP:Bailey Steed
HR(GRIM) Kyle Smith a two-run shot to right field that scored Smith and Sam Chafin in the top of the 7th Inning and SEG had no answers in the bottom of the frame and the Whirlies claim the game and move on to the Finals on Thursday night at 7pm vs. the Page-Southern Alamance winner from tomorrow/Wednesday night…

More numbers on the way and we are looking for more scores…..
Grimsley offense/Grimsley at the plate:
Kyle Smith 2-4/Two-run HR/Two-run Double/4 RBI/Run
Jake Simpson 2-3/2 RBI/HBP/Run….Big two-run single…
Zack Massey 1-4/Run
Sam Chafin 1-4/Run
Cameron Peters 1-4/Appeal Double
Jalen Surgeon 1-2/BB/2 Runs
Clark Yow 1-2/HBP/RBI
Jack Jarvis 1-1/2 BB/Run

Southeast Guilford offense/Falcons at the plate:
DJ Artis 1-4/Run
Devin Sweet 1-3/Run
Ryne Stanley BB/Run
Zack Canada BB/SAC Fly RBI
Tommy Michaels 2 BB/SAC Fly RBI
Justin Guy BB
Forrest Brothers 1-1

*****Pretty much held together on most of our numbers…Questions come in on the appeal Double by Peters, if or not to award a hit after he was take off of the bases on an appeal out, where the ump said he didn’t touch first and the last inning on a pop up to infield by SEG”s number 9 man in the order Forrest Brothers and it was right up at third and short, but if nobody touched the ball and it went straight up in the air and came down and hit the ground you have to award a hit, because you can’t assume that somebody was going to catch it….*****

Good atmosphere at SEG for this semifinal matchup tonight and Grimsley gets the winner of Page-Southern Alamance on Thursday. Grimsley really started coming on this season/year with that win against Southern Alamance and they really seemed to come of age in the Tournament down at NewBridge Bank Park….Whirlies topped Northern Guilford 8-2 and then took SEG to extra innings falling 3-2 in 8…The 1-0 loss to SEG by Grimsley last Thursday night at SEG also had to give the Whirlies added confidence…LaBranch is the real deal and he can dig in and compete. You can lead a horse to water, but you better not try to cross the LaBranche….

Just a few thoughts as we get ready for Day Three of Tournament Week on Wednesday,,,,

16 thoughts on “Graham Sporting Goods High School Baseball Tonight with Grimsley past SEG as Kyle Smith homer seals it for Whirlies/SG,WA, SA, BW, RC and MAC are winners(NG, EG and NEG all fall)

  1. Huge win for Grimsley. Coach Eggers has built a program in his second year. The Whirlies have heart and never give up. Keep it going boys…you ain’t done yet.

    Very strange why SEG did not pitch Canada or Sweet tonight.

  2. @ Gfan not just SE holding pitching others tried that too with same result a first round loss. Not sure how holding pitching helps in a one and done format. I guess those guys that didn’t throw tonight can throw BP in practice tomorrow

  3. Well, this is the same guy who was quoted in the paper saying Dallas Newton was a good 3rd man in the rotation his junior year. That year he was probably one of the top 2-3 pitchers in the state. Maybe he thought he was throwing the right guy.

  4. Hahaha….Now its Beasleys turn! Geeze people…what is wrong with our society? You drop a game…to Grimsley(who is playing good ball right now) and here come the people that know better than you do. I cant help but to just shake my head.

    Coaches – you got no shot. No matter what you do. But most of you have been doing it long enough to know how it is…and you are used to it…it comes with the territory they say…but it shouldnt.

    Parents/Fans – The duggout and the field are sacred places. Only the caoches and players truly know what is going on within the program. No matter what…these two groups(coaches/players) are the only ones in the “know”.

    Parnets – How about you parent…and let the coaches coach. And until you let the coaches have access to the decsions you make in parenting…quit with the redicule of the decisons coaches make in coaching. Im quite certain the coaches arent requesting parent meetings to comment/question how your son or daughter is being raised…what ethics and morals you are teaching them at home. And until that day comes…and you give the coach access and better yet…you give them a “say so” in those matters…leave the caoch alone. Period.

    Sit/Stand…clap…cheer…applaud…buy some snacks…sing the anthem…maybe help pick up some trash…enjoy the game. How about just do those things?

  5. Other than for pride, how important is the conference tournament to a team that finished first in the regular season?

  6. What a great comment. Back in the day, parents dropped their kids off to practice, washed the uniforms, cheered the team and left the coach alone. Here is a news flash. The coach wants to win. He will play the best players and he will try to treat all of them fairly. Parents don’t know better than the coaches. They get paid practically nothing so they are doing this because they enjoy the game and the kids. Let the coaches coach!

  7. Well, they certainly arent coaching for personal glory or “praise”. LOL. But I guess @Sick would maybe not agree. Haha.

    NWGHS baseball…as far as the importance for a team that finshed number one in the league…I guess it really “isnt”. I mean, they get the number one seed they should, due to the body of work in the regualr season. However, the kids and coaches play to win. And any time you can put a trophy in the case its special. On top of that, its always importnat to be playing well in the end..and performing well in a conference tournament would be importnat to the TEAM and the success/momentum(if you beleive in that) going into the state playoffs.

    But dont think for a minute the regular season championship team woudlnt “care” or that they would view the conf tounry as unimportant.

  8. The players need that parental support and the coaches need that parental support too…

    Makes it tough when you have to set your staff over a two to three day period….

    Got to take those games one at time, but you have to win the first one to get to the second one, but a good point was brought up, if you already have the #1 seed from your conference secured, how much bearing does the conference tournament have on the final pairings for the NCHSAA???? Bearing applies more on the teams trying to move up or the ones still trying to get into the states, rather than the team that already has a pretty good idea where they are going and who they will be facing….

    Got to go with your gut-instinct, but still if you are in it, you have to be in-it to win it….

    For sure want some good mojo going into next week…..

  9. First and foremost, I check this site only for Scores for the most part but couldn’t help but notice some comments. “and here we goes” first post may be the greatest thing ever posted on GSO Sports. And another thing I wish parents would understand…..Playing good comp in the summer and spending those hard earned dollars to get your kid in travel ball and/or at a reputable training facility are great. Countless hours taking cage swings that you paid for is great. The dedication you put into baseball out of season….yet again, GREAT! All that stuff will no doubt make you a better player! I wish all my guys had the opportunity/money to make it happen. It helps tremendously and lets face it, local leagues suck now-a-days, other than maybe some game hacks mid-week against a decent-at-best arm. Bottom line is you can spend the hard earned dollar, work your tail off in the weight room, hit till your hands bleed and while that is Awesome that you devote that much time and effort into your game and hopefully your program…….YOU STILL HAVE TO EXECUTE ON GAME DAY! IT BOILS DOWN TO GETTING JOBS DONE! And of course, doing it with a good attitude and being a TEAM GUY!

  10. There are a lot of people that won’t agree. There are also a lot of crazy parents out there. Go to any high school event and listen to some of the stuff that is said in the stands. It is insane.

  11. @Tom – maybe “most people” wont agree, but why wouldnt they? Working hard and bettering your game for any sport, at any level is what you are SUPPOSED to do. That is absoutely the “expectaton”…and its exactly what we all are supposed to do in life. HOWEVER, dont equate working your butt off(at anything…sports or life…but here in our topic…in sports/baseball) to being entiteled to “play”. The “best”(not always most talented kid or kid with the most upside) players…in the eyes of the staff, who again, are the only people with a true feel of the heartbeat of the team, should and will play. The “best” who the staff feels helps the team succeed…are the ones in the lieup on a given day. Simple as that.

    Who are we, to question the coach, and more so, who are we, to ask for a coaches job becasue “we” arent “happy” with results or lineup/game decisions???

  12. @Tom – Im certain the fans in stands provide alot of great commentary. haha!

    This thought isnt originally mine…I stole it from a coach…but its great. (Paraphrased)…Everybody has the right to be mad at times…and there are times they SHOULD be mad…the problem lies in the fact that most times people are mad at the wrong person(somebody else)…when they should mad at themselves.

  13. Yes no one should ever question a coach’s decision and always believe everything anyone tells you. What utter nonsense. Half the fun of baseball is second guessing decisions. Should he have pitched around that guy? Should he bunt in this situation? Should he pitch his 3rd, 4th, and 5th pitchers against a team that is hot to save 1 and 2 for teams you have beaten soundly every game this year? Ah we don’t care…we are resting up for the playoffs.

    It is a thinking man’s game. If your skin is so thin that you can’t stand a little second guessing then you should get out of the game and move on to trying to be the Pope.

    I agree that most parents are insane. I should know…I am one.

  14. Some good points made here. Unfortunately you can’t lump every team, coach, and kid into this model. There are some situations and issues that some teams have had for an extended time that are a problem.

    For the most part I agree with the concept, let coaches coach and parents parent. However when you have some abusive situations then that changes the game. Its usually not smart to assume you know it all and can lump everyone together.

    As far as second guessing coaching decisions, that’s always going to happen and I don’t know why coaches even pay attention to that. Coaches make decisions based on their knowledge and experience. Sometimes it works out, sometimes it doesn’t. This second guessing isn’t going to change. Its part of being a fan. Its when situations become abusive or insulting that cause concern. When you have kids that year after year don’t want to be around a coach for these reasons, you might have a problem.

    Great HS coaches are not just about X’s and O’s and game decisions. The more important factors are leadership, building a team, motivating, promoting values that go beyond the field of play. With the good coaches the game itself is a very small part of coaching. Some do this, including some of the coaches mentioned here, some do not.

  15. The reason SE lost was not because of the pitching. You can’t win if you don’t get on base. Only 2 hits against a team like Grimsley won’t win the game.

    Also I think Coach was wise to give his junior pitchers some “tourey” experience before the playoffs.

    I don’t always agree with the Coach’s choices but I don’t have his experience nor do I want his job! So I keep my mouth shut…

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