Interview with Coach Chris Eggers on Grimsley High School Baseball and Whiriles’ wins at Metro 4-A Conference Tournament

It has been like the ‘Week of the Whirlies”, as Grimsley just wrapped up the Metro 4-A Conference Tournament Title with a win over the Page Pirates, at Southeast Guilford High School, on Thursday night….

We caught up with Whirlie baseball coach Chris Eggers after the game was complete and talked with him about this ‘Whirlwind Week’ and how the Whirlies’ season came together, during their march to the Title in May….

Click On below to see and hear Coach Chris Eggers…..


  1. Congrats to Coach Eggers finally bringing Grimsley back to glory. Coach Eggers is such a hard worker and his attitude rubbed off on his players. The sign of a good coach is not how you start but how you finish. Making sure the kids are better at the end of the year compared to the beginning. I’m proud to have Coach involved in our Prep Stars program!

  2. Coach Eggers is a class act who just works hard and gets it done. I agree that playing at New Bridge gave them the confidence they needed to turn the season around and win it. It’s a crying shame they were not allowed to play in this tourney last year.

    Good luck to all our Metro brothers in the playoffs…even Page.

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