High School Baseball Tonight as the Playoffs heat up on the Carolina Acceleration ‘Diamond Cutter’

Today/Wednesday May 14
4-A West:
High Point Central(14-9) at Porter Ridge(16-8) 5:30pm
Page(17-6) at WS Reagan(15-10) 7pm
Southern Alamance(14-12) at Southeast Guilford(16-6) 7pm

3-A East:
Northern Guilford(15-9) at Union Pines(17-10) 7pm
Northeast Guilford(11-14) at Orange(20-3) 7pm
Eastern Guilford(17-7) at Southwestern Randolph(10-10) 7pm
Western Guilford(8-15) at Western Alamance(20-5) 7pm

3-A West:
West Rowan(14-9) at Southern Guilford(21-3)7pm

Teams still in:
Northwest Guilford on to Round Two…
Still in and in Round One:
HP Central

Teams done for the season:
Southwest Guilford
High Point Andrews

*****Why did so many teams wait and play today??? Seems like you would want to play on Tuesday and then if you were going to wait a day, you would then stretch your schedule out and play again on Saturday, thus saving some of your pitching….Any thoughts??? Did coaches want to use last night for scouting? Seems like all of the focus now has to be on Round One and no looking ahead to Round Two…I don’t know, just wondering and maybe wandering into unnecessary territory…..*****


  1. NCHSAA start dates for round 1 and 2 are Wednesday and Saturday. These teams must have gotten permission from state to play.

  2. So it looks like both teams/clubs would have to agree on the early start and then get permission from the NCHSAA to go on Tuesday instead of Wednesday….

    Wednesday was set to be the opening night of the playoffs, but there sure were a lot of teams playing on Tuesday and it seemed more like opening night…

    If it were me, I would love to get the Tuesday/Saturday setup, but you have to do what is best for both teams and all parties involved…

    Tuesday or Wednesday, Friday or Saturday, got to be a lot of thinking and talking going on about this concept…

    Make mine Tuesday and Saturday and that is just my two cents worth…For some though, they might just want to go Tuesday/Friday and use Saturday as an extra day of rest….

    You gotta be good to be planning this far in the future, I guess….But you have to have a plan, right???

  3. Mother Nature looking to play a role in this weeks scheduling as well. Saw where she might bring central NC as mush a 3 inches of rain on Thursday. Might be a washout on Friday!!?!?!?

    Also, not looking ahead and don’t want to jinx anyone but NG prom is Sat night. Baseball or stand up your girlfriend on prom night? You make the call!!!

  4. The setup by the NCHSAA is Wed, Sat this week and Tues, Fri next week. A game every three days. In years past round one was on a Friday (which allowed people to try and pitch the same kid Rd 1 and 2 if they moved it to a Thurs). This year even if you play on a Tues/Sat that is only 3 days rest for a starter, awfully tough to turn around that quickly with effectiveness and not injure somebody. No real advantage to moving it up, might as well play it like its scheduled.

  5. The Wednesday and Saturday dates are when the games have to be completed by. Teams can play before those dates if both agree.

  6. This is all hypothetical and I’m sure it all depends on the number of pitches a kid is throwing, but if I pitch Corey Kimber five innings on Tuesday and then if I could start another pitcher, on Saturday and if he could keep us in the game for four innings and then I could put Corey back in for the last three innings, then I could use that to my advantage…

    We have to get past Tuesday first, but if I start him in the opener and then bring him back for the Saturday game, I may be on to something…

    We will have to have enough offense to get us past Tuesday before we look at Saturday, but we have to be looking ahead and around the corner at all times…

    Eight innings is not too much to ask of a high school senior in one week is it and the three days rest should be enough/sufficent bounce-back time too, right??

    Just bouncing a few ideas off of the fence…If we don’t have enough offense we could bring in Nolan Ryan and we still might get beat, but not by much…….

  7. Pirates lose a close one to Reagan 1-0. Nail pitched outstanding as did Reagan pitcher Hartle. Defense was flawless from both teams but Pirates could not put 2 hits together. Connor Leonard got the big RBI hit for Reagan. Reagan will play at NWG Friday night. Should be another great game.

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