High School Baseball Tonight with the Graham Sporting Goods Scoreboard:Playoff Edition

Softball:Southern Guilford 6, Grays Creek 4…Grays Creek was (20-1) on the way in….Western Alamance 5, Lee County 3
Orange 3, Northeast Guilford 1
Northern Guilford 3, Union Pines 2
Very large road win by the Nighthawks and they help keep the Guilford County hopes alive….WP:Hunter Morgan
Southern Guilford 2, West Rowan 1….Tough first round opponent for the Storm…Wish they could change their name back to Indians for the baseball playoffs….Good baseball name….Check out our SG Game Report at separate post…WP:Ryan Hedrick
Porter Ridge 4, High Point Central 3
Trevor Gay, Josh Wilson, Colin Fowler and the Bison boys are done and a good career for them and the other seniors…
WS Reagan 1, Page 0….Brendan Nail pitched his tail off from what we hear…Excellent effort from the Pirates behind Nail…NWG-Reagan on Friday night….Reagan beat Page 1-0 and they topped SEG 5-0 earlier this season…Reagan is for real….
Besides Nail, who were the other pitchers out there tonight?????
Southeast Guilford 9, Southern Alamance 2
WP:Devin Sweet
Western Alamance 4, Western Guilford 2
Not a bad job by Western Guilford…WA is a 20-win team…WA struck for all four of their runs in one inning and all four came with two outs…WP:Breydan Gorham…SV:Blake Deatherage…LP:Andrew King
Southwestern Randolph 6, Eastern Guilford 4
Not trying to show any bias against SWR, but I hate this for Eastern Guilford….They made to the Third Round of the playoffs last year and you hate to see the Wildcats go out in Round One…
More coming…..


  1. Actually Eastern Guilford went to the 4th round last year, they beat WA in the third and lost to Orange in the 4th.

  2. HPC 3, Porter Ridge 4
    (HPC led 2-0 after 1st inning. After PR tied game and went ahead 3-2 in 4th HPC came back & tied it up in top of 6th. PR scored final run in bottom of 6th.) Great season and effort by guys…Congrats Coach Morgan

  3. As did 1000+ plus kids did yesterday all over the country playing high school baseball….did he get a medal or a trophy for throwing 91?

  4. Surprising to me to see that NW is the only team out of 5 playoff teams from the PT conference that made it past the first round. Perhaps the conference was overrated. Baseball is tough in a one game playoff scenario, in that the “better” team doesn’t always win. I believe baseball is much more susceptible to an “upset” in a single game. Maybe a bit of both (overrated/”baseball luck”) involved here.

  5. Baseball in this area is vastly overrated….competitively speaking the PT league is competitive…maybe the teams aren’t that talented….maybe it’s all the websites and “daddy” ball teams that travel everywhere and waste thousands of dollars….maybe it’s just that Johnny isn’t really that good….how many “top tier” guys from this area in the past 5-6 years have really developed into the uber-talented kid they were hyped up to be….not many! Tobias at Florida….not very good! Haack that went to Alabama….now at a juco in NC…..Newton from SEG….not at UNC….the Anderson kid from Ragsdale that was at USC…not there anymore! A part of being talented…is sustaining the talent and making the most of an opportunity….baseball in NC goes through Charlotte, Wilmington, and the Asheville area!

  6. No 1000+ kids threw 91 last night. Give the kid credit 91 is impressive for a high schooler. I don’t even know the kid, but when a kid does that no one should dismiss it.

  7. Dave brings up a good point…Why not promote and talk about kids that do well…Might inspire others to do something positive and we need more of that…The dreams have to remain alive or all that will be left will be the talk…

  8. So, baseball not that good, what is your recommended alternative to the travel teams? Why is it that you believe that this area is lagging others? Kids here are no different than kids in other area of the state, aren’t they? What needs to happent to make it better here? Kids in Charlotte and Raleigh don’t have daddies?

    You’ve noted some kids from this area that have not been successful. Don’t forget Wil Myers….he’s done OK. There are 3 Triad area kids currently on the roster at UNC; I’m sure there are plenty of others at other schools.

  9. How about Northern Guilford’s DC Arenas who has had a great season at USC. Watching him on television this evening as a matter of fact!

  10. Casey Jones(WG) at Elon has been one of the top offensive players in the nation this season and he is up for the Gregg Olson Award for the top turn-around player in the country/NCAA….He has done very good this year…

    Blake Butler(SEG) down at the College of Charleston is having a super year too from the last that I was hearing…

    Down at DII, but Ray Crawford at WSSU has been leading the nation/DII in RBI this season….

    We have some good talent around here, people just don’t talk about them all that often….

  11. A bit smaller level than the top DI’s but Kyle Brandenburg(Ragsdale) has been hitting the ball for HP University and he may not have the same break-away numbers he had last year, but Jaylin Davis is still doing the job up at Appalachian State(NEG)…

    Not all of the guys we are mentioning are the top billing guys/marque men that some are looking for, but often times these secondary kids will out-do those with the top-billing…

  12. Doesn’t sound like baseball fan is dismissing anything….maybe for once….he is calling out the individuality that we as a society now immerse ourselves in…91 for a high schooler is very legit and top notch….however, if the guys behind didn’t make the plays then the 91 doesn’t matter….did his teammate get the bunt down? Did his teammate wear one in a big situation of the game….his thoughts are ultimately not about the kid but about the “promotion” of self or one kid…when all kids should get promoted or receive their cred for helping win the game as a TEAM…..

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