High School Baseball and Softball for tonight with the Carolina Acceleration ‘Diamond Cutter’

High School Baseball and here’s hoping all of the teams can get their games in….
WS Reagan(16-10) at Northwest Guilford(21-5) 7pm
Porter Ridge(17-8-1) at Southeast Guilford(18-6) 7pm….SEG has an infield tarp should they should be ready to go…Tarp was on the field during Thursday’s rains…
Carson(19-4) at Southern Guilford(22-3) 7pm
Ledford(13-9) at Rockingham County(15-8) 7pm
South Johnston(14-9) at Western Alamance(21-5) 7pm
Northern Guilford(16-9) at Orange(21-3) 12 Noon on Saturday

High School Softball for tonight and let us know, if you know of any time changes….
Bold Shows different times….
West Forsyth(20-7) at Northwest Guilford(18-4) 7pm
Southwest Guilford(14-9-1) at Southern Alamance(19-4) 7pm
Northern Guilford(13-10) at Western Alamance(13-7) 5:30pm
Southern Guilford(12-9) at Eastern Alamance(18-6)….Do we know the answer to this WINNER deal yet??? We will check with MaxPreps….Found It….


  1. Should be another GREAT N Guilford vs. W Alamance (for the 3rd time around). Earlier 3 games this season has only seen 10 runs scored TOTAL! Expect another Rudd vs Lambeth pitching duel.
    Another rematch on the slate with NW Guilford hosting W Forsyth. Teresa Fister has done a great job this season at NW Guilford with a very young group – look for Staunton to battle Perry (Soph vs Soph) tonight in the circle at NWG in this Win or Go Home game.
    Fellow PT4A member SW Guilford, riding a late season surge, travels to S Alamance in what should be another great game with strong bats on both teams here!
    S Guilford also travels to Alamance county to meet E Alamance in a 3 seed versus 3 seed matchup from both of these STRONG conferences.

  2. Some of these games are starting to look on like a ‘Neck Bone’…..per Attorney Jan Pritchett in 2010….And update on the ‘Neck Bone’ from Charlie Pannell in 2014….

  3. Very disappointing!!! After all the hype, I went to watch the local team–no comparison between the 2 teams. Passion and heart won this game. Same old thing @ NWG!!!

  4. Same old story. Forsyth County dominates Guilford County. Every year most Guilford County Schools are defeated by schools from other counties. I would like to hear some opinions as why? I just cant’t imagine that players from other counties are that much better than our local players.

  5. Southern Guilford vs Carson has been rescheduled for Monday at 7:00.
    I spoke with a parent and evidently Carson has their prom tomorrow night. The Carson fan base was upset SG scheduled the game at 6 to allow the field more drying time and called Que Tucker(NCHSAA Director)to intervene on their behalf after Carson parents left several nasty emails and phone messages for the head coach, principal and AD at SG. Could be interesting on Monday!

  6. Food for thought.. Forsyth has an open transfer rule. Need a shortstop? Go get one. Need an catcher? Go find one.Also, if your players can get poached, maybe your program has to do a good job of player development, scouting, and game management or you lose your players. Also, Reagan, for how well they played ( and give them credit, they played well), only had six hits. Northwest struggled again swinging bats. Tough loss.

  7. Knowledge is power makes a good point but, same old thing every year at NW. Great kids each year that just don’t get it done during the month of May. No explanation other than coaching in my humble opinion. They get out coached every year during the playoffs, not just during the game but keeping the young men prepared and motivated. The players look like they don’t even want to be on the field. No excuse year after year.

  8. Southeast 10 Porter Ridge 2
    Bailey Steed Pitched a complete game with great composure
    Several Falcons had multiple hits – 13 total
    Pagano -Triple
    Good team win

  9. NW Guilford and W Forsyth go extra innings — each ace went all 9 innings. Outstand defensive plays kept this game close all night. G Staunton hits a bases loaded, 2 out, walk off single for the win. NW Guilford 4, West Forsyth 3. NW Guilford Lady Vikings now move on to the 3rd Round and visit Porter Ridge on Tuesday at 7PM. Two OUTSTANDING Sophomore pitching performances tonight. WP-G Staunton, LP-B Perry.

  10. Say what you want open transfer is not the reason. Reagan is number two in that conference and should be 3 if West would used pitching right. So bottom line is Forsyth county is way better baseball

  11. No time to be juming off of the ship right now….Even when the team or teams fall you have to stick with your team…

    No time now to be cracking on or trashing the coach or coaches…

    WS Reagan must be a pretty good team and the fact is they might just have been the better team tonight….

    They have already beaten:
    Southeast Guilford 5-0…
    Page 1-0 and they beat one of the best pitchers that Page has had in a long time in Nail…

    Then Reagan takes down NWG tonight 5-2….
    Reagan is now one of the teams to beat….

    Forsyth County with Reagan, Reynolds and West Forsyth has some pretty good teams still out there and the rich get richer in Forsyth County…

  12. Reagan was the 4th seed in CPC going in to their conference tourney.

    Reagan has a catcher that is as good as you will ever see defensively in HS! Completely shuts the running game down and will back pick you at any base if your base runner strays off and gets careless. Got PHS runner at 2nd base and a NW runner at first last night.

    Reagan also has big physical guys who are very athletic and swing hard and absolutely mash the baseball. Their pitchers throw strikes and do not walk many. Defense is really good. But they are beatable. SE can beat them if they play again and Sweet is on the mound and they get him some runs.

  13. Everything has a good comment. The free enrollment makes a huge difference. One school that really benefits from this is North Davidson. It’s only 3-4 miles south of the Forsyth county line. They have drawn a lot of Winston kids over the years. Same for West Forsyth and Reagan. As to the coaches in Guilford County, there are many good ones and most know the game better than 99% of the parents and better than people think. However for some reason there is a pattern where kids just don’t enjoy playing for certain coaches. It’s always been that way. Not saying that is the case at NW but Watching NW last night they did appear flat. The sad part is too many kids look forward to the various summer ball options. Too many kids are not upset when their hs season ends. The question is, why? Your hs seasons should be your most fun sports experiences.

  14. Northern wins over Orange 4-3
    WP: K Bell (pitched full game and went 3 for 4 at the plate)
    LP: Cunningham

  15. Congratulations NW boys on another great baseball season. A really great group of kids, who enjoyed playing with and for each other. The senior class has some really incredible young men (many of whom grew up together playing multiple sports), and the juniors have a bright future ahead of them next year.

    Another poster implied that many kids ‘prefer’ playing in the summer with another team. As that applies to NW, I would disagree. There is something about representing your school, your teammates, and playing in front of your friends and family. The NW team really bought into that feeling the last couple of years, and pushed the idea of the program as family. Hopefully, that continues.

    Heart, desire, and passion are not just reflected in screaming for joy, ridiculous chatter from the dugout, or jumping around…its also seen in intently going about your business, and working to get the job accomplished. Last night Reagan was the better team. That’s it. They hit the ball hard, and their pitcher did a great job. It wasn’t because they were more passionate about the game, or had more heart. They just played better. Anyone questioning heart and desire should have stuck around 45 minutes after the game to see the hurt in the NW kid’s eyes, and how they didn’t want to leave field, knowing it would be the last time they did that as teammates. That’s the look of kids that have vested into something bigger than themselves.

    As for Triad baseball, there are some really great baseball schools in the area, and NW is among them. In the last four years the coaches have lead the team to 75+ wins, a couple of Conference Regular Season Championships, 1 Conference Tournament Championship, have been to the 2nd round of the state playoffs 3 times, and the 3rd round once. More importantly Coach Gann, Coach Everett, and Coach Dezearn, have shown true care for their players on and off the field. It has been a great four year run.

    Lastly… EW, your amusingly ignorant posts continue to provide entertainment for all that check this website for information. Keep up the good work.

  16. Same old thing @NWG. Really. 2011 beat Providence second round when no one believed but NW family. 2012 beat Southern Alamance first round when no one believed but NW family and with four sophomores. Last two years, disappointing second round losses on two tough draws but not before. Anyone who says same old story has no clue about NW baseball the last decade.
    NW starting pitcher had an uncharacteristically bad outing. And anyone who has watched this NW group like I have knows the type of pitcher Reagan threw is an Achilles heel. NW kill fastball type guys. The cerebral off speeders have always give them trouble. Plus Reagan is a good team in a great conference. They played better on a given night — bottom line. With that being said passion, heart,preparedness, being out coached, motivation, or not wanting to play for the coach had nothing to do with the outcome. Do so really discredits Reagan’s talent which is a slap in a good teams face. And speaking on a couple those. Who was at practice to see that the coaches were not preparing there players? Unless at practice an outlandish and reckless accusation. Motivation? If a player needs to be motivated in the second round of the state playoffs, 20some games into the season, they are not much of a player. I would like specifics on how Reagan coaches out coached the NW coaches? For that matter, how were they out coached by HPC in 2013? I have watched interactions at NW and I will assure you most players love playing for that coaching staff.
    Furthermore I didn’t see a flat team or a team that didn’t want to be there but one a little tight — probably because the knew expectations were high and was going to be in a dog fight. Played like they had more to lose than Reagan — almost trying too hard.
    Finally, the NW head coach is a good friend of mine. No one is beating himself up more. Players play but he is a believer in everyone is responsible and it starts from top down. It is a group effort and the coaching staff played a role — but the role played is not the ridiculous statements above by people who apparently know nothing of the ins and outs of NW baseball– the competitiveness of 4A baseball or a good baseball team when they see one for that matter.

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