High School Baseball/Softball Today with the Carolina Acceleration ‘Diamond Cutter’:Round Three of Playoffs and we still have three from GC

Just three Guilford County teams still in the hunt for the NCHSAA baseball and softball titles and let’s give it a huge go and go hard with these key three this evening….
Southeast Guilford(19-6) at RJ Reynolds(21-5) 6pm
Nothern Guilford(17-10) at South Johnston(15-9) 7pm

Northwest Guilford(19-4) at Porter Ridge(24-1) 5:30pm

SEG Falcon Notes:Devin Sweet will be available and ready to go for the SEG Falcons…Sweet has done very well on the field this season, but he has aced his work in the classroom and he will be attending North Carolina Central University in Durham, N.C. this coming Fall…Sweet will be on academic scholarship to NC Central and he will work to play baseball there all four years….He will be entered into a program where he will attend Central for his first two years and then go to Duke for his last two years and still be able to be a part of the NC Central baseball program all four years…Sweet got where he is today and where he will be tomorrow, due to his academic diligence and what he is doing on the baseball field is just a big slab of icing on the cake…Sweet has set a standard of academic excellence that many should try to emulate and follow…Good job Devin Sweet and we will keep an ‘Eagle Eye’ out for your continued work in the classroom…..

NG Nighthawks Notes:Look for the Hawks to go with their ace, Hunter Morgan tonight and if successful, then Kevin Bell would be ready for Northern on Friday…As they say though, you can’t get through to Friday, unless you get past Tuesday, so the Hawks will have to be ready at SJ tonight and South Johnston has been riding a horse/pitcher and that horse has carried them through the first two rounds of the playoffs….Will that same horse be at the gate for SJ this evening? Most observers feel the Nighthorse/Nighthawks will see this same horse, who some have taken to calling SJ/Nighthorse Johnston…Time to hit the window and cast your calls…

NWG Viking Notes:The team that NWG will face tonight has only dropped one game all season long and that loss came to Weddington…Porter Ridge does not have lights and therefore this game will start at 5:30 and it does make one wonder what would happen if the game ran long and darkness set in, even with the early start….Would they have to suspend the game and come back the next day and complete it??? Who knows, but you would think that Porter Ridge ought to be able to get some lights down there at Indian Trail….Might be something to do with the Indian rituals of having to stop all activities at the first sign of sunset, but I am not sure…Am sure of this, it has been a great year for NWG…Now (19-4) overall and the Vikings went (10-0) in the Piedmont Triad 4-A Conference, but there was no decided winner in the conference tournament due to rain, but I think SWG and Glenn were supposed to decide that one…One thing is certain, NWG will be ready tonight and you can count on Coach Fister and her young ladies to give PR/Porter Ridge their personal record/PR performance this evening along the trail, at Indian Trail….


  1. I just want to go on record stating that Devin Sweet has been a pleasure to watch – except for the fact that he was beating us. He is smooth, polished, and respectful – but with a competitor’s fire. Never once have I heard his mouth, but I have been witness to his actions. I am sure the SEG staff is proud to have had him – and I guarantee they are fortunate to be able to run him out on the mound. Competition sometimes prevents a coach from saying these type things about opposing players, but Sweet is an exception. I wish him the best if he toes it tonight and in his future in the game.

    Coach Fowler, Glenn High

  2. Devin Sweet will be a success no matter what life brings him. He put academics and his major first instead of just going to school to play baseball.
    Good advice for any student athlete— Take your age and double it — If you are 18 what will you be doing at age 36 ? Odds are it will not be as a professional athlete.
    Several schools recruited Devin and he studied each offer with the idea of finding his major course of study and finding a community he would enjoy living in even if baseball was not available. Way to go Devin– Coach Charlie

  3. Devin is a great kid from a wonderful family. All the best young man.

    It’s a shame he did not get more run support this year. Seems like he had a couple losses where few or no runs were scored. Sounds like it happened again tonight.

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