Top 9 High School Baseball Players for Guilford County for 2014

Who were the Top Nine high school baseball players in Guilford County for the 2014 season???

Some names you might be thinking about and I will let you add in all of the schools and choose your own Top 9 names, but you might have a few of these names on your list….A few names for you and if had to pick, who would be your Top Nine and I’m sure as always, that we have left some names off of this list….We will do softball as soon as their season is complete…The very Top Nine in Guilford County, who are they?????????

Brendan Nail
Matt Horkey
Devin Sweet
Caleb Robinson
Taylor Sugg
Ryan Hedrick
Hunter Morgan
Kevin Bell
Zack Canada
Zach LaBranche
Colson Everett
Jackson Bellenkes
Jesse Juday
Christian Dix
Luke Robinson
Christian Cokely
Camden Williamson
John Iorio
Ryne Stanley
Austin Zente
Trevor Gay
Josh Wilson
Carter Williams
Jacob Brown
Andrew Robinson
Conner Burrows
Carmine Pagano
Zach Saylor
Stanford Shell
Kyle Smith
Jake Simpson
Zach Massey
Randy Norris

Bound to be plenty more and who would be on your Top Nine?


  1. my top nine:
    Brendan Nail
    Kevin Westlake
    Devin Sweet
    Caleb Robinson
    Taylor Sugg
    Zach LaBranche
    Ryne Stanley
    Stanford Shell
    Matt Horkey

  2. Marcus Shoemaker
    Caleb Robinson
    Jesse Juday
    Trevor Gay
    Devin Sweet
    Cesar Trejo
    Ryan Hedrick
    Carter Williams
    Cole Aker

  3. These are very good….Let’s try to get some more of those in here….

    Send us others so we can see what everyone is saying and thinking on this topic….

    Good folks….

  4. Let me guess gcsportsfan, you are a Page parent? The problem with polls like this some not all will never be honest. Can you honestly evaluate some of the kids that you’ve never seen play? How many high school practices have you made gcsportsfan?

  5. You have to put Evan Edwards on there! One of the best hitters and gloves around!

  6. I like the additions of Evan Edwards and Eli Harris…Hard to remember them all and these two, are two very good ones…

    Evan Edwards not to be confused with ‘Die Hard’ Eddie Edwards and if you can place Eddie Ewards and tell us where he is from you deserve and extra feather in your cap today…

    Evan Edwards from Southern Guilford, Eli Harris from Dudley and ‘Die Hard’ Eddie Edwards??? Where is he from?

  7. Might be “easier” and better suited maybe, to create the “best lineup”…listing players with positions…maybe include the DH? In a one game scenario possibly? IDK, just thinking.

  8. When you list your Top 9 feel free to include your DH among your top players and so many of these kids go interchangeable among their positions you have to be flexible with some going at 3b/SS/2b and across the outfield..

    Make it like Burger King or let’s say Steak n Shake and have it your way, but give it some thought, that always helps out the overall cause and any talk about who was the Top Baseball Player in the high school ranks in Guilford County, this past 2014 season?????

  9. Zente-CF
    Bullock-C (not on list; in my opinion best receiver and game caller and accurate arm in the area)

  10. Funny how Everett is not even mentioned yet, and Horkey is. Everett should be pitcher of the year in his conference, which Horkey is in..

  11. To answer baseball fan:
    1. I am not a Page parent
    2. I have not attended practices but I have attended plenty of HS baseball games
    3. I was honest with my evaluation of the kids I did see play!! I thought this was an “opinion” poll. If it were a “voting” poll I am sure the “correct professional” evaluators would compile a more accurate list.
    So in the long run baseball fan I am to assume that neither you nor I would be a part of that particular team! Just saying!

  12. One above average high school year doesn’t mean you get a mention to every list or team….everybody does get a trophy though…..

  13. dude you are either a page parent or you just don’t know the game of baseball if that was really your top nine in guilford county. get it together man

  14. deatherage and gorham are great players but if you read the title of the article it says top nine in guilford county. if we are talking best in the area then I definitely think they should be mentioned.

    PS: it’s artis without a t at the end

  15. What about Camden Williamson? He is a 5 tool ball player, power, speed, arm. Just wondering

  16. Again I am not a page parent! Please do not attach my comments to any school I am just a fan of all GCS sports.
    Lastly… This blog should be about honoring and recognizing players not bashing people about their opinions. It is impossible for ANYONE to see every player thatl steps out onto the field. As I stated earlier this was MY opinion based on the games I was able to see. I am sure there are plenty of kids that deserve to be on the top list but do not and will not make it for some reason or another.

  17. Camden Williamson is on the original list along with Cokely from Dudley….

    Plenty to choose from and we don’t miss much, especially on Wednesdays…Wait a minute, it is Thursday already…We might be a day behind, but we did have a pretty good original list…

    Who has the lead-pipe set sure TOP NINE(9)???

  18. Senior Public School Position Players:
    Caleb Robinson- WCU
    Marcus Shoemaker LRU
    Christian Dix- Football
    Zack Canada- UNCW
    Kyle Smith- Cawtaba
    Ryan Hedrick- Presbyterian

    Senior Pitchers:
    Trevor Gay- UNCC
    Devin Sweet- NCCU
    Matt Horkey- UNCC
    Jesse Juday- UNCA
    Brendan Nail- WCU
    Colson Everette- Pheiffer
    Hunter Morgan- Wingate

    Private School:
    Hansen Butler- UNC
    Hayden Manuel- Presbyterian
    Levi Gessell- Liberty
    Ryan Clinch- ECU
    Stephen Hemrick- LRU
    Zach Mclean

    Cole Aker
    Carmine Pagano
    DJ Artis
    Zach Shoemaker
    Cesaer Trejo
    Luke Robinson- UNC
    Andrew Robinson
    Ryne Stanley
    Taylor Suggs
    Carter Williams
    Jake Moebius
    Evan Edwards
    Kevin Bell

    Did not see SW, HPA, or WG play this year

  19. gcsportsfan, you’re correct this is based on opinion. I apologize. I would like to say that Artis is one of the best in this area. He was a difference maker for SE. Many seem to sleep on Dudley, they will be a force next year, Williamson and Harris are the real deal. All three of the Robinson’s deserve to be mentioned as well. Sweet, Nails, Horky and LaBranche gave their teams a chance to win every time they took the hill. A lot of talent here to try and pick nine. Very impressed with all the kids on the list.

  20. Has any of the Metro 4A or the PT 4A schools held their spring banquets yet? If so, post your school’s all conference selections in baseball.

  21. In the PT 4A conference there were 3 dominant pitchers. Horkey at Ragsdale, Striplin at Glenn and Gay at Central. I see Horkey and Gay as neck and neck. Instead of just looking at Won/loss records you may want to look deeper. ERA, strikeout to walk ratio. Horkey had absolutely no run support this year. You may also want to consider where these kids signed. College scouts probably have a better idea of their skills that we do. Horkey was able to land a UNCC offer over several Big South schools. Gay also is headed to UNCC. Bellenkes headed to unc. Where are the others going?

  22. Look Deeper makes a good point about the pitchers in PT4a. Horkey, Striplin, and Gay all had really strong years. However, that conversation cannot be complete without Colson Everett. He had a great season. Don’t be fooled by the fact that NW was able to score runs, my guess is that Everett’s numbers on the mound were at least the equal of the others.

    I think the real focus should be the talent that the PT4A did have on the mound this year…Horkey, Gay, Everett, Striplin and several others.

  23. Southern Guilfords second base kid, I think his name
    Is Austin Kallam. Seen him play a few games and the kid has a hot glove. Little confused as to why his name isn’t mentioned with the others? May not be a power hitter, however, his glove speaks for itself.
    Southern has four players that should be listed:
    Taylor Sugg for pitching- hits okay
    Evan Edwards- hitting but does well on first
    Ryan Hedrick- all around player
    Austin Kallam- glove

  24. Sports: Sounds like you are a bit partial to Southern’s baseball team. I do have to agree with the four gentlemen you mentioned. Watched their last play off game and several other home games. I was not impressed by the hitting of either four players. Hedrick missed a few plays that I felt he should have been able to make. All around great player though. Sugg struggled on the mound but not every game can be pitched flawlessly.Keeps his cool under pressure. Evan Edwards, in my opinion is a bit over rated. He hits well but isn’t consistant. Let’s face it, first base isn’t that hard of a base to play but he is an okay player- his size helps make him look better than his ablilty really is. Austin Kallem is the smallest starter on the team. He does’t appear to be as cocky and arrogant as his fellow players and may be the reason he isn’t getting all the hype. Wasn’t impressed with his hitting as the others. I do think that the kid deserves mad props on his glove. Play off night in the field he was smooth as he has been most games I have watched. Very talented young man. Think his size hurts him as Edwards size helps him as far as getting attention goes. With my opinion being stated, Southern Guilford had an impressive baseball team this year with many great talents and I look forward to watching more.

  25. There is no way anyone can say Evan Edwards is over rated!! If anything he is under rated by not being put on the top 9 list. Show stats on him! I have been watching him play for a long time and he never ceases to amaze me with some of the plays he makes. Anyone that thinks a 1st baseman doesn’t have to be that good needs to go watch Evan Edwards play. He makes the game fun to watch and as far as hitting, he did his job when you look at the books!! That kid has natural born talent that nobody can teach or coach.

  26. Taylor Sugg is listed for pitching only…good fielder BUT tends to be wild with throws. That will hurt a team. Does not hit the ball. Keep him for pitching-he is great.

  27. Keep in mind folks this is an opinion! No need for everyone to get up tight. There are so many good names on this list- how can anyone pick just 9? Top 25 perhaps? If 99% of these kids were judged on talent alone and not how involved their parents are, this list wouldn’t be so hard to make- just an opinion. Also- Southern Guilford and Southeast would fill the list up- outstanding ball clubs with superior talent. Not a fan of either coach but they were both lucky when they landed the men they did. Best of luck to all becuase ten years from now, no one will care about this list!

  28. When will the “all conference” be announced? That will give us a list of who the coaches think are the top players.

  29. All-Conference should be out soon now, with all of the team’s having completed their seasons…

    And let’s remember all(the players) that are being mentioned here are pretty good and they have something going for them, or otherwise, they wouldn’t be getting the mentions….

  30. @Nolist That was not his parent. I am his parent and have not commented on this site up until now. Unlike you I don’t agree with making comments against kids and I think Andy meant for people to list players who they think would make the top nine. I am sorry you think my son is over-rated. He is not one to boast or ever act like he’s the best. Obviously it is other people who have the opinion that he is good at what he does. I do agree his hitting hasn’t been consistent this year, but I have to disagree with you that first base is an easy base to play. It is easy if the ball is thrown straight to you, but if you have ever watched or really know anything about baseball sometimes balls are thrown in the dirt and have to be scooped up and Evan is pretty good at that. Southern Guilford has an awesome team and I am very proud of everyone of them. @GCS thanks for the nice comments about my son. I think Guilford County is loaded with a lot very talented young men.

  31. No mind I mean NoList obviously you haven’t been to very many SGHS games . Evan has been playing baseball since age 6 and is fortunate to be a natural . You sound like a jealous non fan . SGHS has a lot of great players and a very caring coaching staff of which we are very thankful .As for your comment that first base is a easy base to play well any position is when your good . Evan has made lots of plays on first that you don’t see very often . My suggestion is if you can’t say something nice about a kid keep your mouth shut.

  32. @ Just a List — not a fan of either coach? Are you serious? Both are great men and very good coaches!!!!

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