High School Softball Playoffs for Today with the Carolina Acceleration ‘Diamond Cutter’:NWG Vikings still in the hunt and who are the Top Softball Players?

*****And another note to think about today among all our questions and topics….Who coined the phrase, the ‘Diamond Cutter’???*****
NCHSAA 4-A Playoffs Round Four:
Northwest Guilford Vikings(20-4) at the North Davidson Black Knights(29-0) 7pm
Time to say GO VIKINGS! and who are the Top Nine Players for Guilford County High School Softball for 2014….Several NWG players including Stauton and Lambeth from Northern and Shutt, Strouth and Hessenthaler from SEG and some from SWG and Southern and Green from Page and somebody from Western Guilford and more and do we have nine or do we have a Top Ten???

Let us know and again, GO NWG VIKINGS! You got your hands full, but as Bobby Beauchea used to say, “You Can Do It!”….But the bottom line is you can’t sit around and talk about doing it, sister, you have to truly get out there and do it…..

Baseball teams from area still trying to ‘Do It’:
Randleman, Southwestern Randolph and I’m going to have to find out who they are playing and you have a big one in Forsyth County tonight with:
West Forsyth vs. WS Reynolds
(Might be playing this one at the old Charlie Teague Field, over behind Wake Forest U.)
Randleman at Dunn
Southwestern Randolph at South Johnston


  1. Top Softball Players at Western Guilford in 2014 – have to consider:

    Jennifer Vitarelli
    Brooke Pegram
    Stephanie Boyd

  2. At SWG, Erin Thompson should get some votes for Pied Triad 4A Conf player of the year. Julia Goodwin with her late season surge (victories over a strong NW Guilford team in the conf tournament and Charlotte Independence in the State playoffs) should be in the discussion as well. As far as the NW team (who we saw 3 times) Stauton who I would assume would be the conf best pitcher and the 2 seniors Fahnestock and Richey with their huge bats and leadership would be on a short list. I would even include Elana Smith from HPC, a solid ball player at the mound and at the plate.

  3. I’m not sure how to limit it to 9-10, but starting at the top of the county teams – as of the last GreensboroSports.com softball poll:

    Northwest-Staunton (spelling?), Fahnestock
    Southwest-Thompson, Goodwin
    Southeast-Strouth, Pegram
    Northern-Barricks, Lambeth

    Oops, I already have 10 … wow, lots of good talent in the area.

  4. Your top 10 should include those that have signed or committed to play college ball with maybe an exception or two.

    Southeast – Shutt (ELON), Strouth (VT), Hessenthaler
    Northern – Epperson (UNCP)

    Someone else will have to fill in the rest for I do not know else has signed or committed.

  5. Good luck to Northwest tonight. I hope you take ND down. ND is a solid team and well coached. They can be beat, their pitching is hittable and they will make errors, just ask SA. I would like to see ND go down two years in row by a Guilford County team. Just don’t let the atmosphere get to you. When they take infield they use like 30 players. Go sit at the baseball field while they take infield. There will be home cooking so be ready for it. SA should have beat them Tuesday night.

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