ACC Baseball Baseball Tournament hits Day Five at NewBridge Bank:Your Saturday primer with all scenarios for the Finals

Today’s action in the 2014 ACC Baseball Tournament at NewBridge Bank Park in beautiful downtown Greensboro….

Game 12:11am #1 Miami(0-2) vs. #4 Duke(1-1)….Duke still has a shot at Sunday’s Title Game….

Game 13:3pm #6 Maryland(2-0) vs. #7 North Carolina(0-2)…Maryland, representing Pool B, is in Sunday’s Title Game…UNC could spoil Maryland’s unbeaten record in the Tournament, but they can’t take away the Terps Title Territory…

Game 14:7pm #2 Florida State(1-1) vs. #3 Virginia(1-1)….Not a lot on the line here, with Maryland already having secured the Pool B spot, but it could enhance the Seminoles and the Cavaliers NCAA seeds to some degree….

Maryland Terrapins already in Sunday’s Title Tilt at 1pm, at NBBP and we will see if they will face Duke or Georgia Tech and that bit of info will be available, as soon as Duke and Miami are done playing this morning/early afternoon….

Maryland vs. either Duke or Georgia Tech in the Championship Game and how many ACC baseball fans had this on their radar or on their prospectus sheet on the way into this Tourney….

Duke-Miami and if Duke wins they and Georgia Tech would be tied with (2-1) records for the tournament, but Duke would go on to the finals based on their higher seed coming into the event, with Duke at #4 and Georgia Tech came in all the way down at #9 and had to play the play-in game just to get into the Pool Play of the Tournament…

If Duke loses to Miami, Georgia Tech and Clemson would both have identical records for the tourney at (2-1), but GA Tech topped Clemson in their head-to-head meeting on Friday, 3-0…..

There you have it for this morning, as you head down to NewBridge Bank Park…


  1. Probably the same folks that had Page vs Grimsley in the Metro Conference game.

    Speaking of the Metro. West Forsyth is now in the final 4. Grimsley lost to them by the closest margin so far (one run) and no one else has scored on them besides the Whirlies. Makes no difference at this point but it is interesting to me. It is an great game.

  2. Some very good points and you are on the money on the Grimsley-Page to Maryland-Duke/Georgia Tech reference and how about that West Forsyth team…Those Titans are tough and they did not find success in their CPC Tournament, but they have really tightened the srews in the playoffs and if remember back to the WF-Grimsley game, Grimsley led that game early 2-0 over West Forsyth…The Whirlies were right there with those guys….

    Maryland trying to steal an ACC Baseball Trophy on the Terps way out to the BIG TEN….Turtles on the Half-Shell, ‘TurtlePower’, I guess, but I don’t like this…They are walking away from us and they are taking OUR trophy????

    The Terps must be stopped….They say they don’t need us any more, but they are willing to rob us(ACC) blind and steal our trophy????


  3. Speaking of ACC baseball, what in the world has happened to Paula at Chapel Hill? He has much better stuff and throws harder than Taylor Cherry. Fox got what he deserved in that game. It’s shame the way Fox has treated this fine young man this year.

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