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We will taking these nominations by way of E-mail only and we hope to start the voting on Wednesday afternoon/evening and we’re looking to keep it at one vote per person, on this current voting system….

Send us your nominees for:

Crown Trophy
Guilford County Top Baseball Player
Guilford County Top Softball Player
Baseball Coach of the Year
Softball Coach of the Year
Private School Baseball Player of the Year
Top Baseball Player outside Guilford County
Top Umpire of the Year
Top PA Announcer of the Year

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Hope to get five nominees per category on the ballots…

Send in by 4pm on Wednesday…..E-mail to…


  1. Top announcer has to be Dan Hilton From NW…
    Hands down,best PA man in the business.

  2. I`m showing my partiality alittle here but I think there is no better staff than Dave Beasley and the Gambles arguable in the whole state.

    Devin Sweet Player of the Year – Little run support from this year`s team.

    Our PA plus our facilities game day atmosphere field conditions ect hands down they are the best.

    Tim Whillis was the best umpire that I had seen, his hustle consistency approachability, he is very efficient.

  3. Yep best Port-O-Lets and concession stand around at SEG. Got to pick a little on my friends and the best facilities comment.

    I agree that the Gambles have made the field at SEG the best looking and playable high school field that I have seen.

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