Got all the names and numbers added up and this is what the POY and TOP Awards Ballot will look like

The voting ballot will up and going here later today and you will only be able to vote and have it count at the ballot and Don Moore, our tech man extraordinaire is working it up as we speak or write….

This is what it will look like and we had to add up and add in all the names and numbers and this is what you came up….

Some categories may have more than one candidate, but it due to ties or in some cases we just had a certain number of names come and we went with those….

Long process to get it all hammered out and don’t hammer us too hard on the way back in, but again this is what you should expect to see on the official ballot, due later on today, here at the home page of the site…..

Baseball and Softball in some cases we had tie numbers and we had to go with more than Five Nominees:

Softball Coach of the Year for Guilford County:

John Chambers-Southwest Guilford
Shannon Cowart-Southeast Guilford
Russell Dorrell-Northern Guilford
Teresa Fister-Northwest Guilford
John Funderburk-Southern Guilford

Softball Player of the Year for Guilford County:

Haley Epperson-Northern Guilford
Hannah Fahenstock-Northwest Guilford
Kara Shutt-Southeast Guilford
Gracen Staunton-Northwest Guilford
Emma Strouth-Southeast Guilford
Chelsea Wiggins-Dudley

Baseball Coach of the Year for Guilford County:

Dave Beasley-Southeast Guilford
Jeff Carter-Southern Guilford
Chris Eggers-Grimsley
Larry Farrer-Dudley
Landon Kimery-Northern Guilford

Baseball Player of the Year for Guilford County:

Colson Everett-Northwest Guilford
Elijah Harris-Dudley
Ryan Hedrick-Southern Guilford
Matt Horkey-Ragsdale
Hunter Morgan-Northern Guilford
Brendan Nail-Page
Kyle Smith-Grimsley
Devin Sweet-Southeast Guilford

Baseball Player of the Year outside Guilford County:

Brock Deatherage-Western Alamance
Gauge Gantt-Randleman
Bump Martin-McMichael
Mason Striplin-Glenn
Gavin Taylor-Rockingham County

Private School Player of the Year:

Messiah Henderson-TBD(Looking for his school?)
Adam Kirkman-Westchester
Zach McLean-High Point Christian Acadmey
Justen Olczak-Wesleyan
Troy Pollen-Westchester
Donnie Sellars-Westchester
Clay Young-Caldwell

Top Umpire of the Year:

Wayne Butler
Scott Faglier
Big John Mann
Len Reynolds
Tim Whillis
Tony Wyrick

Top PA Announcer of the Year:

Dudley-Arthur Allen
Northeast Guilford-Eddie Holloman
Northwest Guilford-Dan Hilton
Southeast Guilford-John McDade
Southwest Guilford-TBD(We will have to snag his name.)