Grady Lawson’s Post 81 Eastern Randolph team off to a great start

[Eastern Randoplph Post 81 at Rowan County tonight/Thursday]….

Tommy Michaels, Zack Canada, Devin Sweet and Cam Gardner are some of the names that you will recall from the Southeast Guilford Falcons baseball team of 2014 and they have now all taken flight and have found a place to roost, with Grady Lawson and the Post 81 American Legion team at Eastern Randolph….

The team is off to a great start having picked up wins the past two evenings(Tuesday and Wednesday) and Michaels got the win for Post 81 on Tuesday and Zack Canada hit a Grand Slam home run on Wednesday…Devin Sweet has been seeing time behind the plate as the ER catcher and Cam Gardner is terrorizing the ball at the plate and taking much of his vengence out on the opposing pitchers from Senior Legion baseball, as he wraps up his career for the most part this Summer….

Gardner on to N.C. State as student in the Fall, Sweet to N.C. Central, Canada to UNC-Wilmington and Michaels back to SEG for his senior season in basketball and baseball….

Good start for Mr. Baseball of Randolph County, Grady Lawson and you need to say thanks to Grady next time you see him for all the hard work he has done over the years, to keep this Legion baseball program going and growing….

Word from Rasheed Sweet and Jim Canada is that they are very impressed with the level of play that they are seeing on the Senior Legion Baseball scene and they wished they could have got signed up sooner for their sons sake, but this could be the year and then all the wait will have been worth it…

Keep the light on down at the NAPA store in Ramseur, Grady Lawson may need a set of jumper cables if one of his pitchers goes on the fritz and he gets in the mood to make a change….

The Summer of Baseball in and around Eastern Randolph is going to be good and it is good to see several Southeast Guilford Falcons pitching in there and helping out with the cause, which is the finding the best baseball that fits your needs….

Colson Everett and Jackson Bellenkes, both out of Northwest Guilford are with the Davidson County team from what are reports are telling us….ER Post 81 knocked off Davidson County this week….

Charles Pannell contributed to this post/article and he will be keeping us up-to-date this season…

*****Will add some more numbers in here as the day moves on.*****
Michaels got the win over Stanley County going 6 Innings and Canada hit a three-run homer vs. Stanley and then the Grand Slam came against Davidson County…Will Hicks got the Save vs. Davdidson County at ER beat DC, 9-8….*****

+++++More names to add-in:
Christian Dix, Marcus Shoemaker, and Jesse Juday from NWG also play on Davidson County Post 8.

Kyle Smith, Zach Labranche, Jalen Surgeon, Cameron Peters from Grimsley, and Clay Young from Caldwell Academy all play on Randolph County Post 45.+++++


  1. christian dix, marcus shoemaker, and jesse juday from nw also play on davidson county post 8.

    kyle smith, zach labranche, jalen surgeon, cameron peters from grimsley, and clay young from caldwell all play on randolph county post 45.

  2. Lots of great talent on post 87 hi-toms senior legend!! Among that talent is Ryan Caveness, Evan Edwards, Ryan Hedrick, and Taylor Sugg from Southern Guilford. Excellent organization!! Would love to see some coverage on the post 87 games. They are currently undefeated!!

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