NCAA has reopened case into academic fraud at North Carolina

This one goes back to I think 2011, but it is now making news in 2014, as the NCAA is looking into academic irregularities at North Carolina again and not sure exactly how deep this new investigation will go, but you can see what the NCAA is up to and what they have done up to this point, when you CLICK HERE and go back to Chapel Hill for some Summer Time research, and nobody is saying yes or no, on whether or not a research paper will due when all of this study work is done/complete, so you better be taking notes and making sure you have all the details in place on this piece…

2 thoughts on “NCAA has reopened case into academic fraud at North Carolina

  1. Just saw this today and bit of a shocker here:

    CHAPEL HILL — The former North Carolina learning specialist who questioned the literacy level of Tar Heels athletes and said that UNC had committed academic misconduct has filed a civil lawsuit against the school.

    Mary Willingham resigned after the spring semester. But according to a lawsuit filed Monday in Wake County, she was demoted and the school retaliated against her after she raised concerns such as low reading levels for athletes and the existence of “paper classes” requiring only one research paper at semester’s end — which she says helped keep athletes eligible.

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