Should the Washington Redskins be forced to change their name and if so, what should they change it to???

*****No 7 on 7 high school football going on this week, so we will take time to look at a different football topic today.*****

Is it time for the Washington Redskins to go ahead and change their team nickname from the Redskins to something else???

You know how all of this works, if they force the Redskins hand and they end up having to change their name, then the Cleveland Indians, Atlanta Braves and the Florida State Seminoles will all end up having to come up with new names too….

For the Redskins, it might be time to make the move and be done with it….

It is just a matter of time and they are going to have to make this move and come up with new name for the team…

The government has turned on the ‘Skins and now Washington is in a no-win situation….What can they do?

They have lost their Redskins trademark and so it will be almost impossible to sell their merchandise with the government patents and trademarks going away…How can Washington survive as the Redskins???

Maybe the ‘Skins can force the NFL to pay them a large sum of money to change their name…..When the name is changed, Washington will be forced to start all over again and create a new image and new recognition….Washington will have to come with a whole new identity….

They will be able to sell all new team merchandise, but think about all the changes that they will have to make with stadium appearance, uniforms, just about anything and everything with the current team logo and nickname on it will have to be replaced….

So do you think that the Redskins should go ahead and request a buyout from the NFL or from the US Government Patent Office or even from some of the Native American groups that are complaining, or should the ‘Skins stick it out and not cave in to all of the criticism and just keep their name and not give an inch, or budge one bit on this name-change move?????

What are the Washington Redskins to do?

My theory says go ahead and demand a buyout and be done with it and the new name, after I have given this much thought over this morning and it me while I was on my morning run, the new name should be the Washington Dominos…..

Things are always changing and moving in Washington and like a stack of Dominos, things are always falling and in this case as a new team nickname, to me, the Dominos fit….And you might be able to get a real good pizza deal….

The Washington Dominos with those black and white uniforms and black helmets….Black pants, white jerseys and black helmets….And you have the Washington Dominos….Might make a good challenge for the look of the old Oakland Raiders…..

Bring on the Dominos and watch the other teams fall into place….

Now is as good a time as any to change and maybe Washington could go ahead and make 2014 the ‘Farewell Tour’ of the Washington Redskins and begin looking forward to 2015 and the arrival of the Washington Dominos…And Dominos can also be spelled Dominoes if you like, and Mr. Webster has it all laid out for us…..

Bring on the Dominos, or do you have a better idea for the team name or do you say leave them as the Washington Redskins, until they force the team to change…….

+++++Lots of Domino-related ideas for the team to work with:
Dominos Pizza and maybe adopt the Dominos Pizza’ color scheme for selected home games with the good ‘ole Red, White and Blue…
Derrick and Dominos and a little Layla out front being played prior to and after the games…
That old tune Domino from days gone by, with OHHHHHH Domino, or OHHHHH Dominos….
Bring back Fats Domino and give him a part with the team entertainment section…..
Have some sort of Dominos game going on at each game with prizes to the winners….
More will come, so stay tuned….+++++

One more idea/thought already, that Dominos Pizza box toss for distance at halftime is great/excellent promotions game…Love that game, with the Pizza Box, almost like a Frisbee toss….Who can send the Dominos Pizza box in the air for the longest distance???? HERE WE GO!!!